Tuesday, 26 July 2011

e.l.f Radiance Enhancer review

This multi-use highlighter instantly transforms and enhances features with its glowing veil of warmth and luminosity. When used or layered for optimum effect, it reduces the appearance of dullness, dark circles and minimized discoloration. The lightweight, velvety formula provides a fresh and silky finish for a healthy and natural looking lit-from-within glow.  By e.l.f
In Shades "Golden and Sunrise"
Ok i am sure you have hear about these they are new on the US Site.  There are 3 shades available and i managed to get my hands on 2 of thoses shade hehehehe.......they are not yet available on the UK site :( but hopefully soon we will see them arriving on it......But i decided i should tell you all about them so when they are available at least you have some idea of what they are like and you can decide then if you want to try or not :)
ok and i bet you are wondering how how how did she get these like im from Ireland and cant purchase off the US site........well read on and i shall tell you hehe.....
so i will get started shall i ? 
Ok i probably know what you are thinking "they cant be much different to the e.l.f shimmering facial whips" well let me tell you the ARE in more than one way!!!!!!
The Packaging:
This packaging is amazing, it looks like you have paid more than $3/£3.50/€4.  Is a thick black tube which mean a nice bit of product thats going to last like forever.  It also has a little window in it so you can see what shade and product you are using and can i mention when you see the colour you can also see the beautiful shimmer its fab.......this is a click pen with a soft brush applicator something like the e.l.f luscious lipsticks in the regular line .  only fault is that the applicator brush can pick up bacteria so what i do is dab a wee bit on my hand before using it.  
Top is "Golden" and Bottom is "Sunshine" picture taken with flash to show the fab sparkle of these enhancers
 The shades 
Golden:  Well do i really need to explain lol it lives to its name....this is a fabulous shimmery golden shade.........be the goddess of gold with this enhancer you really only the slightest slightest bit to have that beautiful golden glow......At first i thought "wow wow wow that is really gold lol how could you use this is so so pigmented"  but girls when applied its fabulous....

Sunrise:  This one is a favourite......this beautiful strawberry bronze just has the right amount of shimmer to make your bronze look stand out and make you look like a movie star....i mean you know those fab pictures you see of stars modelling their fabulous bronze looks and  they are just glowing??? well this enhancer will surely make you stand out :)  When blended out its very sheer and just has the incredible glow of summer oh i highly recommend this one really girls......

A Generous swatch of the Radiance Enhancers in "Golden & Sunrise"
Before you ask YES they are creamy this is what gives them a + mark against the shimmering facial whips :)  They feel super creamy on the skin and dont dry out whatsoever.....also thats what makes them super easy and manageable to use.   The consistancy of these are a tad bit thinner that the Facial whips and this is why they are more manageable.  
"Golden & Sunrise" in sunlight look at that beautiful shimmer 
My Overall Opinion 
I love them i actually dont think i have any fault with these....If i was to pick a fault it would be that they do wear off at the end of the day, even tough you can see it a little but not as much as when you have applied it!!! The only reason i dont have the third shade is because my good friend i got it from could not get it as it was out of stock in the US.....:( 
I do recommend you get them be it now or whenever its available on the UK site but am sure the UK will get it in soon as its too good of a product not to !!!!!

ok ok i can picture you all asking how and where i got them:  I got them of a ladie who owns a shop (a very good shop on ebay) let me tell you this ladies is an incredible seller, very reliable, kind and extremely generous.....I have purchased off her many many times and she is even getting orders for me... If i see something on the US site i ask her can she get it and she will do everything to get it for me .......now of course you ARE GOING TO BE PAYING A LITTLE EXTRA THAN THE US & UK SITE .....but my advice to you would be if you are buying off her BUY IN BULKS it will save you more......but if you are an e.l.f freak like me you wont mind the few extra cents/pennies.  here is her link so you can have a look at what she has got:  http://stores.ebay.com/Muffs-Everything-and-More-store     she is 100% and the products are 100% always in their packaging and newly ordered:  Ive gotten so much newer products off her that i still have to review all new ones from the US site 

anyways if you have any questions please ask 
hope you enjoyed this review 
keep and eye out for more reviews about the new e.l.f products ive got 
take care 
lots of Irish hugs & Kisses 
Nina c xoxoxoxox


Ashley Tiernan said...

Wow I really want that golden one. I hope it comes to the UK site real soon :) I can't wait to see what else you have.

kristy79s said...

i have seen that elf suggests these for dark circles but they seem way to coloured and shimmery to be used for that unless spotlight might work, seem that they would only be good for a highlight or maybe eyeshadow???

sweetTEA said...

looks very nice! i wonder if the essential line is the same to this one?

Nina said...

no The essential line is not the same these are more thicker in consistency and last longer :)

Nina said...

Kristy hun they definately dont work for dark circles as you said they are way to shimmery for that and they are a highlight for dark circles you want to cover up not highlight :)

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