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e.l.f Liquid Eyeliner Review

No more tugging or pulling on your eyelids with this easy glide liquid eyeliner. The smudge-proof liner is rich in color, creating a long lasting defined look. The fine tip brush creates easy and precise definition for natural or dramatic effects. By e.l.f 

e.l.f Liquid Eyeliners in " Ash, Plum, Midnight, Stardust, Coffee & Copper
Hey Hey everyone im back today to review e.l.f Liquid eyeliners which you can get in the Regular line on and  There is currently 9 shades available for £1.50/$1/€1.70 .  I own 6 different shade in which i shall get right down to talking about :) :) 

Ok i have to admit to you all i was extremely sceptic about these, as me and drugstore/pharmacy liquid eyeliners dont go well together lol......i dont know what it is maybe im pick all the bad ones but there is always something wrong with them......anyways i decided i would go ahead and buy these on the 25% off sale a while back as they are extremely cheap as it is anyway what had i to lose.

e.l.f Liquid Eyeliners in " Ash, Plum, Midnight, Stardust, Coffee & Copper picture taken in sunlight 
Ash:  This is a Dark greyish shade, but when applied you get a kind of gone of black shade.  This is ok for everyday wear it wouldnt be one of my favourites but i have to say you get plenty of pigmentation off this one.....

Plum:  ok i have to point out that on the US site this shade looks lighter and sparkly (which is NOT what this looks like at all) and on the UK site its exactly what this shade looks if you are buying from the US site take a look at the UK site first for the true colour look before buying...... Anyway this shade is a Brownish Plum in a way i was a wee bit disappointed with this one as its not really what i was looking for, plus it streaks and doesnt apply as well as some of the liners........your best bet is to use this with your own liner brush to get a proper effect from it....this too would be near bottom of my list.....

Midnight:  Again on the US site this looks lighter and sparkly.......I love this shade its one of my favourites.......This is more like a gone off black with blue undertones even tough on my swatch picture it looks purple believe me its not......I still like this liner its beautiful on the eye and the pigmentation is good not great but good you can work with it :)

Stardust:  This is a wee bit disappointing looks like it has lots of glitter in the bottle but when using it you have to keep dipping the brush into the product to get a proper does look pretty and eventually when you have you look finished it looks good but i cant be bothered with the hassle of dipping the brush the whole time i have other Glitter eyeliners that has more pigmentation than this one........

Coffee:  This i like its perfect for when you are wearing a brown smokey eye......Its a medium matte brown....but i find if you are not careful and learn to work with this first you will end up with it everywhere its quite watery i find using my own liner brush better and detting it with a brown eyeshadow but again it sound like alot of work eh?? 

Copper:  Ok this is a bit more pigmented than "Stardust".......nice goldy glitter liner........this is lovely for nights out i dont really understand why they call it "Copper" tough as its gold but hey im not complaining hahaha

Picture taken with flash
My over all opinion on these is that they are not the worst product i have bought from e.l.f but not the best either.  If i was to rate them id give them 5/10 which isnt bad....The pigmentation on these are not too bad but you have to work on them.....most of the time i just use my own liner brush.....Dont get me wrong the brush on this liner is easy to use but when you are used to using your own brush its sort of a habit plus the brush on the liner is stiff whereas your own is softer.....If i was asked would i buy them again id say probably no simply my preference tough as i love gel there is better liquid liners out there....... I wouldnt say not to buy them but dont have high expectations for them 

well takes it from me my ladies....i hope you found this useful and please comment and follow if you like what you see so far...........can i also add all of these liners were bought out of my own pocket and im under no obligation to review these this is simply to let you know what they are like and give you my own opinion on them.......

lots of Irish hugs and Kisses 
Nina C xoxoxox

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sweetTEA said...

oh nice im looking for a pearl swatch. i know how you feel about getting the even amount of glitter for stardust! i have a feeling that usuing stardust it will fall out in an hour?

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