Thursday, 21 July 2011

e.l.f French Manicure set Review

Get party perfect nails with this french manicure set. It includes all the colors you need to create that beautiful french manicure.

Our formula is FREE of: Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) by e.l.f

I got this e.l.f French Manicure Set from click here it will bring you straight to the page.  There are 2 different sets available on the UK site.  The sets are in "Nude" & "Pink" as you can see i got the "Nude" they cost £4/$3/€4.50 each.  On the US site there are 6 Sets available 2 of those are the French Manicures the rest are Coloured sets.........

I was in 2 minds either to buy or not to buy but as i got this one when e.l.f had the 50% off i just had to try them out.........Im Glad I Did!!!!!!!!!

In this set you are getting:
  • A clear polish - top coat 
  • A White Polish - for tips 
  • A Nude Polish -  apply first over clear base 
I find these polishes very easy to use, they are not too thick and not watery like some polishes can be........with these you get the stickers to put on your nail to get an even white tip which is useful but i find that if you dont have the time to wait for each of your polishes to dry and use the stickers, the stickers can make a mess when taking them back off.....

I found the polishes fairly quick to dry...... i also found that after a few days of applying this manicure on my nails the tip stayed as white as the day i applied it....which was surprising because i have bought more expensive french manicures before that the tip ends up cracking or crease or going off white......e.l.fs white tips stays white until the day you take it off.......I have put this set to the ultimate ultimate test this week :) been a mother of 5 i am constantly washing and cleaning always near water and drying my hands alot not only that using cleaning products can damage your nails and polish imagine the manicure never budged it only started chipping after day 5 which in my eyes is incredible 

So thats its from me everyone as you can guess....i will be purchasing this again in the future for the price is absolutely worth every penny/cent and more 

thanks for reading my review and i hope it was helpful to you.....if you have any questions please ask i will be more than happy to answer you 

Have a great day where ever you are 
cya soon 
Irish hugs and Kisses 
Nina C xoxoxoxoxox


Sílvia said...

Let me ask just to be sure, these include the stickers so that you can do the tip withou messing it up? As elf doen't mention that on their page I thought these only came with the 3 nail polishes.

Nina said...

oh yes hun they come with stickers but make sure you stick the stickers onto your hand or something before putting onto the nail as they are very very sticky and might ruin the nail polish you have already applied

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