Thursday, 7 July 2011

e.l.f Liquid Eyeshadow Review

The pigment rich Liquid Eyeshadow dries to a water tight finish to give endless staying power so you can take your look from day to night without looking faded. The colors won't crease or smear, and they won't budge until you take them off. An alternative to traditional eye shadows, these lightweight colors are exceptionally gentle for a silky smooth finish. The quick dry formula allows for fast and easy application. By e.l.f 

This is 6/9 shades that are available 
Now let me start off my saying that i was 110% sceptic about these shadows.....every time i came across them i would bypass purchasing them simply because i didnt hear too many people talking about them and i read a couple of reviews about them which werent really reassuring.......but anyway i went against my negative thoughts and purchased 6 of them as they were part of my 50% off collection i didnt mind getting them.....not only that they usually only cost £1.50/€1.70/$1 each anyway so what can you lose ok back to the review lol here i am rambling on again....

Starting from the top in shades "Sultry Satin, Coco Loco, Misty Mauve, Mocha Madness, Berrylicious & Cream Dream"

Sultry Satin:  This is very thin liquid, Its a light taupy champagne.....this is a perfect highlight for the brow and sometime i even use it on my cheek bone :) it reminds me a little of benefits high beam,  its very light on the eye.

Coco Loco:  This shade is a metallic bronze very pigmented and has a gold shimmer to it.  

Misty Mauve :  This shade is a lilac pink.....very light almost like a highlight too 

Mocha Madness:  This shade is the darkest of darkest liquid eyeshadow......its a dark brown with bronzy gold going through it 

Berrylicious:  This is a really pretty pink shade 

Cream Dream:  This too would pass for a highlight color its more of an ivory/white shade 

In Natural Light 

In Sunlight 
Oh Where do i start maybe i should put pros and cons on this but unfortunitly i would have more cons :( :( 
I will start with the pros:

  • Prices of these are really good 
  • The dome brush on this makes it easy to apply 
  • The colours are fabulous 
  • eh the highlight shades are really pretty 
The cons
Im not going to put pointers on this one because i want to explain each con.  Starting off with applying these oh my god its a race against time when applying these you literally apply and rush to blend before it dries or you are going to have one messy eye.......
You can not use these as a base no way if you do expect your eyeshadow to crease within an hour even with primer they are no good for that!!!!!!!!!
I dont know i just really cant warm to these which is a complete shame as they are fantastic shades and the metallic payoff from these is incredible.   
I found the minute they are dry my eyelid felt heavy when i blinked my eyelid felt sort of like cardboard its hard to explain but the eyeshadow just hardened up....and when i rubbed my finger along the shadow it began to flake..... 
Even before i ran my finger along my eyelid i noticed the shadow all blotchy.  Even after waiting a good 5 minutes for it to dry and putting another layer on it still made no difference.  

anyway i think you all get the picture about what i think of these haha..i think i will be passing these down to my daughter :) but one thing i will say is the darker shades are good for eyeliner i just use a eyeliner brush and use it on my top lash line its got good staying power and doesnt smudge.  

Picture of "Berrylicious" on my eyelid see how its all blotchy just 5 minutes after applying this is what all of them look like 
This is a picture of  5 of the shadows i swatched, left dry and rubbed on my you see the flakes 
Well thats my option out there everyone and as i said before this is just my opinion and experiences of this product and i just wanted to share what i experienced with these..
I hope this was helpful to you all and if you have any questions please ask away 

Until next time 
cya soon 
lots of Irish hugs and Kisses 
Nina xxxxx


Alv said...

I bought Misty mauve a couple of months ago and I felt like I have to learn all over from the beginning with that one... I use mine when I want a very discreet makeup, I dab a little on the eyelids and blend it out with my fingers and then just add some eyeliner and mascara.

But it's sad that one can't get all of that metallic goodness from the colours.. :/

Nina said...

yes i know its disappointing that you have to work hard on a product to make it work its nearly not worth your time as i say the shades are fabulous but i just find i can not use them

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