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e.l.f Custom Eyeshadows (refills) review

 Luxuriously smooth and silky mineral formula provides eyes with a neutral base and an awakened brightness for a long-lasting wear. Choose your favorite colors that best compliment your unique and beautiful look.
Compact Sold Separately  By e.l.f

Click on photo for a close up view :)
Let me tell you a little about these before i start reviewing incase some of you never seen these on the site before or are new to e.l.f........ 
e.l.f came up with a great idea for us women who want to make up our own little compact full of either eyeshadows, lip colours or blushes.....
e.l.f says: e.l.f. Elements compact is designed for the girl on the go! This magnetic lock-in system has four compartments created to offer the ability to switch out your favourite eyes, lips, and face shades. The compact includes a mirror so you can always be sure that you look your best! Choose your favourite colors that best compliment your unique, beautiful look and personal style. 
e.l.f. Elements makeup are sold separately for a totally custom cosmetic compact all your own! 
This is what the compact looks like 
I have one of these filled with the custom blushes but wanted to buy the eyeshadows as e.l.f was having a 1/2 price sale on all essential eye products so thats what i did hehehe......There are 10 shades available to buy for £1.50/$1/€1.70 each.  The Compact Costs the same.  So altogether to buy the compact and fill it, it will cost £7.50 which is not bad for what you are getting as the compact is reusable.  

Starting from left to right i got shades " Moondust, Dusk, Ivory, Wisteria, Pink Ice , Sage, Periwinkle and Truly Pink" again click on the picture for a close up view this is taken with Flash  
This Picture is taken in Normal light
Moondust:  This is a highly pigmented dark brown......This shade is almost identical to the Mac Satin Taupe eyeshadow......I Love Love Love this shade its perfect for a Brown smokey eye or just on its own.....

Dusk:  This is a Gunmetal Black with silver shimmer....Its fantastic and highly pigmented....i literally just lightly rubbed my finger over this to make the swatch below!!!! a little of this goes a long long way!!!!!!

Ivory:  Oh my this shade is incredible to use as a highlight......its a beautiful satin matte white....not as highly pigmented as the first two but you only need a little of this anyway if using it for a highlight.....and its perfect for a base colour too 

Wisteria:  This shade is a beautiful light lilac.....It appears a bit darker in its little pan but applys lighter....its fantastically pigmented and perfect for everyday wear 

Pink Ice:  This is a light baby pink shade with goldy shimmer ....This is beautiful only its very can over do it if your not careful luckily its light in colour or you would have alot of fallout but once you get used to using it its perfect for highlight or base....

Sage:  This is a highly pigment khaki green with goldy shimmer to looks sheer but is buildable....i love this shade its fantastic for my shade of eyes and really makes them pop ........

Periwinkle:  This purple is a fab shimmery light frosted purple.....Its fantastic i love my purples and for 1.50 this shadow is highly pigmented and smooth so soft on my eyes... this is on of my reminds me of the Mac Parfait Armour not an exact dupe but has the same idea :) this is definately one for your compact :)

Truly Pink:  This is a beautiful pastel pink with slight sheen.  Can i just say this goes fantastic with Moondust :) i done a look with (Pink ice as a base, inner bottom lash line and Moondust in the crease & on the lower lash-line i thought they worked great together :) truly pink also goes well with periwinkle for a light smokey eye during the day this really made my hazel eyes pop.  

Swatches of them in normal light :) with no primer 
Swatches of them with flash of camera again no Primer used

My Over all Opinion
You are not going to regret buying these if you buy them.......i am amazed my them they are not 100% perfect of course you will find so fault with them but they are 98% perfect to me .......the only faults i have with them is you will find some of them quite powdery and that will lead to some fall out and the other fault is there isn't enough shades :).......I only hope e.l.f brings in more shades of these........For the price you are paying its well worth every penny....the pigmentation off these are amazing.....i was half expecting to be digging my my brush into them before getting some colour but that is not the case in fact you will be getting too much on your brush so only lightly sweep every time.........all i can advise to you is if you are selecting for your compact please keep eye-shadows together don't mix eye-shadow with some blush or lip colour etc.  At least that way when there is a little fallout out it doesn't end up in you blush :) 
I will definately be buying these again :) 

Take it from me for today.. I hope you found this helpful...again these were bought out of my own pocket the same as everything i own or unless stated purpose of this blog is to show you what you are getting for you money as its quite hard to decide by just guessing 

until next time 
lots of Irish Kisses & Hugs 
Nina xoxoxox


Christine said...

How come you don't have the shade called Golden *something* ? :) It's gorgeous, and I love it!

Nina said...

for some reason i missed clicking it but do plan to buy it on my next haul :)

E.L.F. Lover said...

This is a great blog with great reviews! I mean it! (: I was wondering if you could give me some tips, I'm also doing an e.l.f. blog like this. I love the design of your blog!!

Thanks for any and all help (:

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