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e.l.f Studio Blush Review Part 1

The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow! by e.l.f

I heard so so much great reviews about these e.l.f Studio Blushes and of course i had to try for myself.  At the start i had picked just 2 of the blushes to try which was the most popular "Peachy Keen"& "Candid coral".  I got these off the UK site for £3.50/$3/€4 each.  They come in 9 different shades and are Net weight: 0.168oz (4.75g)...

Starting From the Top Left "Peachy keen,  Candid Coral, Tickled Pink. Pink Passion & Blushing Rose"

About the Packaging :)
As you can see if you are familar to Nars Blushes you will notice that e.l.f packaging for their blush is almost identical to Nars Packaging only few differences between Nars and e.l.f is that e.l.f has a little window in the front so you can see the blush, also when you open the package you have a little mirror in it and a plastic covering over the blush so that the blush is nice a secure from dust etc and also keeps your little mirror clean.  Also with Nars blush package even tho it looks nearly like e.l.f when you touch the Nars package you can literally see every finger print and blush mark on it whereas with e.l.f package you cant i love that love it.  I hate carrying around make up that looks messy inside and out......I feel like with e.l.f blushes the packaging makes it look like you have paid alot more for it than £3.50 lol sssshhhhhhh dont tell anyone :) :) 

Starting From the Top Left "Peachy keen,  Candid Coral, Tickled Pink. Pink Passion & Blushing Rose"

About the Blushes 
Peachy Keen:  This is a Fantastic shade one of my top favourites......its a kind of dark peachy with little gold sparkles you can really only see in the package....when applied you dont notice the gold shimmer just the beautiful glow it pays off on your skin absolutely fab!!!!!!!! This is so natural and can be used everyday.  I actually use this to contour my cheek bones a little this is a perfect everyday bronzer too :)

Candid Coral: This sort of reminds me of Peachy Keen only this is more of a peachy pink with gold shimmer again the gold shimmer is not noticable on your cheeks it just gives you that fab glow you want!!!!! this is my 2nd favourite!!!!!!! This too is a perfect everyday wear blush i use this with Peachy Keen 

Tickled Pink:   This is the Suitable pink blush for those who are a wee bit on the shy side of any bright pink blushes. Its not so highly pigmented that when you apply you look like a clown lol but its buildable i love that! this gives you the natural flushed look that make you look super healthy. so if your a gal like me who doesnt normal have a flushed look you will love this shade

Pink Passion: I thought at first wow this is not going to work for me!!!! But i was Wrong Dont let the shade put you out girls.....This is a Matte blush a beautiful shade of pink when lightly applied.
Blushing Rose:   This is a Beautiful Blush i Love this one i would only use this going out as it is quite on the strong side.  This is a fab pinky/mauve shade with gold shimmer which again does not show on the cheeks. i really like this :)


 "Peachy keen,  Candid Coral, Tickled Pink. Pink Passion & Blushing Rose" in Normal Light 

 "Peachy keen,  Candid Coral, Tickled Pink. Pink Passion & Blushing Rose" in Sunlight 

My Overall Opinion 
If you are looking for light to sheer blushes these are your answer.  The best thing about these is your can build up the colour YOU want.  You get alot of product for your money and these are going to last you a while.. They are not powdery, not too much fall out & finely milled.  They dont fade at all which is excellent as i have bought quite a few drug store brand blushes that wear off and you would need to top up all the time.  Each shade is incredibly wearable and they are not to shimmery so each one could also be used during the day........ I couldnt recommend these enough your simply cant bypass these and i promise you, you wont be disappointed......

well thats it ladies oh and also check out my part 2 e.l.f Studio Blush review & Swatches and of course if you have any questions please please ask 

until next time 
smile & be happy 
lots of Irish hugs & Kisses 
nina xoxoxoxoxox


innerbeauty said...

Thanks for following and giving me some suggestions on my blog! I think you're super gorgeous and I love reading your reviews! Definitely a fan =D

xo stay pretty!

Nina said...

awwwww thanks so much and its my pleasure i hope you will go far with you blog its such a great thing to get into i enjoy every minute of writing on mine :)

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