Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sleek Ink Pot Gel Eyeliner Review

Hello My beauties I hope you are all well :) 
Todays review is on the Sleek Ink Pot Gel Liner 
I got this a good few months ago and was waiting until my favourite Gel liner was finished before I tried this.  My favourite you are wondering well it has to be of course the Inglot Gel Liner which is super black super matte and super budge and smudge proof.  I just could not tear myself away for the Inglot one because it was just perfect !!! Well of course it had to run out at some stage and instead of buying another in replace I did what every blogger does and tried another.  To be honest I was super sceptic of this eyeliner because nothing has ever matched up to my favourite but I kept an open mind and will always when it comes  to trying out new eyeliners :) 
Sleep Ink Pot Gel Eyeliner only costs €6.99 for 3.9g product which is about half of what it costs to buy the Inglot Gel Eyeliner.  I have to admit it saves alot to buy this one but I never once complained about paying €15 for the Inglot Eyeliner which contains 5.5gs of product because it never let me down.  

Sleek have almost every claim that Inglot makes apart from stating that this liner is a matte finish so you can only imagine my curiosity in trying this little beauty 
Sleek claim:  Line and define with Ink Pot Eyeliner’s intense black gel formula. This innovative eyeliner glides on smoothly without flaking, smudging or budging, making it crease proof for a guaranteed look that lasts all day.

  • Smudge-resistant
  • Intense black, highly pigmented formula
  • Weightless gel texture dries smoothly and quickly

  • There is only one shade of this eyeliner available at the moment which is "Dominatrix" aka Black.  I dont know if Sleek are planning on adding more shades but there is no mention of that at the moment.
    The packing is straight forward the gel liner comes in a nice little box and inside the box you will see your little frosty glass pot of liner.  Not only that.......... but a teeny tiny liner brush ...... I am telling you I was not expecting this I couldnt help but saw awwwwww 

    The brush that does come with the liner is actually quite handy and works well for travelling :) :)  I still prefer my normal liner brush but if I didnt want to bring my brushes with me I have this little mite to do the job :) 

    I am well impressed with this eyeliner and use it every single day I also have one in my kit.  The consistency is not to wet or too dry but wet enough not to dip the brush in and have too much on there to work with.  The liner is easy to work with as you have control of how much product gets on the brush.   
    So for all of you Gel liner beginners out there who havent found the right liner this could be the one.  I love the fact that you have control of how much liner goes on the brush as sometimes when you pick up too much liner it can be a nightmare when trying to get the perfect line.  Having control means you can create not only the perfect line but also how pigmented you want it too.  
    As for pigmentation this little beauty is highly pigmented and very very black.  The swatch below is made with one swipe :) 

    Even though the eyeliner is creamy and applies like a dream I do have to say it sets very quickly so you need to work fast with it.  Otherwise if you go over it again and again it will appear lumpy and flaky.  Apart from that I absolutely adore this liner and it is a great cheaper alternative to my Favourite Inglot Gel Liner.  I have to also add that it you use this on the waterline you will need to set it (if you have sensitive eyes that water alot) with a black shadow to make sure that it does stay put all day long.  The question is has it made me replace my favourite Inglot Gel Liner?  Well yes and no .  Yes because it does everything it says lasts all day and also is alot more affordable and no because I just cant help but love everything about the Inglot Gel Liner from the matte jet black finish to the long lasting even on the waterline finish until you take it off.  But Sleek Ink Pot is now my Favourite affordable liner and Inglot is still my favourite higher end Gel liner :) :) 

    Here is some photos below where I have used the liner and I can confirm my clients said the liner never budged until they removed it themselves :) :) So you have not only got the thumbs up from me but from my clients to xxxxx

    So there you have it a big thumbs up from all of us for the Sleek Ink Pot Gel Eyeliner 
    Have you tried this eyeliner yet 
    What is your thoughts on it :) 

    **** I have just spotted on the Sleek Website that there is 15% off all orders this weekend which is available worldwide and ends Monday so if you want to try this liner out grab it at an even cheaper price ;) The Code is "SLEEK15" ***

    Until Next Time 
    Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

    I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Friday, 19 September 2014

    The New Nivea Sensitive Face Care Line Review :)

    Hello my beauties I hope you are all well :) 
    Todays review is on some new skin care I have been using for the past month :) 
    Its the new Nivea Sensitive Face Care Line.  You may already know that I am a long time fan of Nivea and no matter how many times I try out new face products I always seem to go back to Nivea when I am done with other face products.  
    I have never ever found fault with Nivea and to be honest even with the fact that Nivea is around a long time and is very popular they still made their products very afforable and perfect for any skin type :) 
    Over about 2 months ago I was walking along Tesco's Supermarket beauty aisle when I seen these on a seperate stand on a special introductory price so of course I grabbed all three and was super excited to try them out straight away.  
    So Starting with 

    Even though I love Nivea I found it hard to veer away from my favourite Garnier Micellar Water but I did to give this a tester and see does it do the same or near enough the same as the Popular Garnier one.  

    Nivea claims:  
    It helps protect against the 3 main signs of sensitive skin when used together with a NIVEA Sensitive care product:

    1. Redness
    2. Tightness
    3. Dryness
    The caring formula with Dexpanthenol & Grape Seed Oil:

    Cleanses deeply thanks to its extra effective yet mild cleansing complex
    Moisturises and refreshes the skin
    Is free of parabens, colours and perfume

    You are getting 200mls for €5.49 which is have the amount of the Garnier Micellar Water which offers us 400mls for only €6.69.  To be honest I liked this very much it did do what is says on the bottle but to be honest I found I used this bottle up very quickly.  I found it didnt remove waterproof mascara as well as the Garnier Micellar Water.  I did find my skin smooth soft and did not sting which is always great especially when you have sensitive skin.  If you have super sensitive skin you will love this as there is no scent, perfume, or parabens in there to annoy your skin.  Overall I am happy to stick with the Garnier as its more value for money but I do know that if Nivea does offers on this in the future I will stock up on it too :) :) 

    Next up is 

    Nivea Claims: 
    The caring formula enriched with Licorice Extract - known for its anti-inflammatory properties - and precious Grape Seed Oil:
    Helps calm the skin Instantly relieves the skin of feelings of tightness Provides intensive moisture and supports the skin's natural barrier of resistance against irritants The formula with SPF 15 helps protects from sun-induced premature ageing The especially mild formula is pH-neutral and free of parabens, colours and perfume
    I adore this and have one in my kit too.  This is a perfect day cream for everyone and the fact it will no cause irritation makes it a blessing for anyone who has sensitive skin.  I adore the soft feeling my skin has after using this in the mornings and how soft my skin still feels throughout the day.  I skin feels moisturised all day long and whats more is it does not leave an oily feeling or oily residue.  What more could we ask for :)  Another plus is it comes in a squeezy tube which is perfect because previous Nivea creams came in pots which I didnt really enjoy I find the tube is alot more hygienic :)  This cream costs €5.99 from boots and at the moment boots are doing an offer on these get 2 for €6.50 ;)  I highly recommend this day cream especially if you wear makeup and dont like oily moisturisers seeming through or you suffer with sensitive skin of course :) 

    • Helps calm the skin at night
    • Instantly relieves the skin of unpleasant feelings of tightness
    • Provides intensive moisture and helps strengthen the skin barrier
    • Supports the skin's regeneration process at night and provides a relaxed skin feeling in the morning
    • The especially mild formula is pH-neutral and free of parabens, colours and perfume

    Again another squeezable tube which I love :) :) And again a great cream for night time.  I did find this cream a little thicker than the day cream which is to be expected as it is giving us the extra moisture after washing cleansing and toning our skin and also we lose alot of moisture while we sleep doing to our body temperature rising 
    I feel satisfied with this cream because when I wake up every morning my skin feels smooth moisturised and soft just like it did when I first applied the cream on my face :)  Again this cream costs €5.99 so if you are interested in trying this out for yourself make sure to avail of the current offer in boots :) 
    Again Nivea has not let me down :) I love it :) 
    Have you tried their new range yet ?
    Until Next time 
    Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

    I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Tuesday, 16 September 2014

    Makeup Revolution's Pure Pigment Review

    Hello My beauties I hope you are all well :) 
    Todays review is a long time coming and I could not wait to get this up and out there for you all to read.  I think I have fallen in love not only with Makeup Revolutions eyeshadow palettes but now with their amazing Pure Pigments.  
    I know I know Pigments mean mess to some of you out there but oh my goodness this "mess" creates some beautiful looks :) :) 

    Some of you might not be familiar with pigments and are wondering what is the different in pigments and eyeshadows.  
    Well Pigments come in powder form instead of compressed like most eyeshadows.  Pigments are also alot more pigmented because of the fact that they are not compressed.  Some people find pigments very hard to work with because of the fact that they are dusty and can create a bit of a mess while using them both to your desk and of course to your face while applying them.  I have to admit I have been staying clear of pigments because they can be messy but I also have to admit once you start using them you cant resist them.  
    Pigments can be multi tasking for instance you can use them as eyeshadows, you can use them on you face aka highlighters blush etc.  You can use them on your lips to jazz up your lipsticks.  You can also use them on your nails over your nail polishes.  Another great thing about pigments is that they last a long long time.  

    So now that you get it and are more interested in them lets get started on showing you the shades as I have quite a few as you can see :)  Oh and I have more ordered haha.  There are 25 shades to choose from and to be honest for £1 each you are not breaking the bank with these little beauties 
    I have swatched all of these dry and also over glitter glue just to show you how amazingly pigmented these are :) 

    First up is :) 

    Supreme:  This is absolutely stunning.  A bright shimmery champagne near white shade perfect for using as a highlight everywhere.  There is also a tough of gold going through this pigment.  I adore this and highly recommend it :) 

    Indirect:  This beautiful shade is almost like a duo chrome pigment.  You will see alot of pink in it but also a tint of violet absolutely amazing I love using this on the lid as it makes my eyes look more wide awake.  This has silver shimmer going through it love it 

    Cautious:  I love this shade and find I reach for it on a regular basis especially for a day time look.  This shade shocked me and you can actually get away with wearing only this on the lid.  This to is a type of duo chrome shadow.  When I first swatched this I thought it was a simple light coppery shade with silver & purple shimmers going through then when I blended it out there as also a touch of purple going through it.  I would wear this by dabbing it on the lid and blending in the crease looking like I have two shades on instead of one :) 

    Allure:  A light Purple with silver shimmer again perfect for a day time look and also perfect for anyone with hazel eyes :)  This also has a hint of pink going it such a fun shade to play with 

    Virtuous:  This is somewhat like Allure only a little deeper This also has a slight bronze undertone to it.  Another fun shade to play with as the more you blend this shade the more bronze it looks :) 

    Etiquette:  I am in love with this shade :)  A Deep Copper Brown with silver and red shimmers.  This is absolutely stunning for someone with hazel eyes :) I love it 

    Frenzy:  Yes a crazy colour indeed but stunning all at the same time :) :) A stunning bright blue toned pink shade with silver shimmer :) This can be used to mix in with your gloss, can be used on the cheeks and even on the eyes love it :) :) 

    Angelic:  Again I love this shade A Bright baby pink and one I have not got in my collection.  A perfect shade :) :) I loe and adore this for the inner corners of my eyes especially when using pinks and purples on my eyes this also works as a great highlight for the cheek bones.  
    Grandeur:  Awww my goodness do I really need to tell you that I love this shade too :) :) I am in heaven with all of them to be honest but anyway back to this shade A very deep copper with gold and red shimmers :) :) Beautiful Just Beautiful :) 

    Panic:  A deep Charcoal with silver shimmer :) wow a little goes a long long way with this beauty :)  A Perfect pigment for a deep smokey eye on a night out or even during the day :)  :) 

    Flighty:  A simple but pigmented shimmery blue toned silver :) another perfect shade for a smokey eyed look :) :) What I like about this shade in particular is that it is nearly as pigmented with no base as it is with a base :) :) 

    Vitality:  This is a lighter silver shade compared to Flighty which is perfect if you are using silvers and charcoals and blacks for a going out look.  I place this in the inner corner and it gives a great eye opening effect :)  This is not too pigmented if used on its own but with a base its beautiful 

    Frolic:  a Deeper pink than Angelic but lighter than Frenzy and this gives a frosty finish :) I love to mix this in with a clear gloss or simply on the lids with some different shades of purples :) Beautiful :) 

      So what do you think?  Do you like what you see :) I bet you do :)  I absolutely adore these and am having so much fun playing with these.  I love the fact you can multi task with these.  I do find sometimes its messy and this is why I always do my eyes before my foundation while using these.  Very simple :) :) 
    Honestly for only £1 each how could you not have fun with these :) 
    Here is a look I created with Cautious on the lid I just love the effect :)  The only other eyeshadow I used was a matte brown to blend into the crease and a matte cream for under the brow 

    I do not know how many times people asked me each time I wore this look what eyeshadows I was wearing and also will never forget their faces when I told them It was only a £1 eyeshadow :) :) 
    One question I know you will all ask is what I use as a base and at the moment I use the e.l.f Glitter glue which is brilliant (if you would like a full review on that let me know) or a simple cream eyeshadow base to help the pigment stick to my lid.  As far as lasting power is concerned these guys are not going to let you down :) :) they last all day long and all night long no budging these babies once you use a good base :) :) 
    As you can tell I have nothing but great things to say about these and I really would like to hear from you what you think of pigments.  Dont be afraid to try them it took me this long to take the step and now I can not get enough of them :) :) 
    Keep an eye out for the rest of the shade as soon as I get them I will be showing them off 
    I hope you enjoyed this review :) 
    Until Next time
    Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

    I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Monday, 15 September 2014

    Irish Beauty Bloggers Meetup in Dublin 2014 :) :)

    Hello My Beauties 
    I thought it was about time I shared with you all what we got up to at the Beauty Bloggers Meetup in Dublin.  
    The lovely Anita from Anita Beauty Spot Organised and Hosted this brilliant day for us and I have to say well done girl.  Anita is expecting a baby and that wouldnt even stop her organising this day for us all :) 
    After a 2 hour bus trip I was absolutely thrilled to get to our destination which was downstairs in Costa Coffee on Dame Street in Dublin (a lovely place might I add)  
    This event was planned for months and I couldnt wait to catch up with everyone again :) :) 

    We were told that there was going to be a few companies there to give talks on some of thier products which is always exciting for us beauty bloggers :) :) 
    First up was the adorable Sarah aka Adoreabubbles Irish youtuber/blogger who has set up her own little business.  She is a true beauty fanatic and she has really thought of us ladies and how we can store our favourite beauty products, plus take pride in showing them off by creating amazing Storage units.  I want every last one of them and will surely be buying them as soon as I finish redecorating :) 
    Her website is called Bubbles Bowtique 

    The moment I seen this next brand I was delighted as I wanted to learn more about them plus I never tried any of their cosmetics before :)  Paese is a brand available to Ireland.  All of our products contain ingredients like Vitamin C, A, PP, B and E complexes, oils, waxes, minerals, natural UV filters. About 85% of cosmetic ingredients are natural.  They have a huge range of products that are high quality and low priced.  They supplied us with 3 nail polishes on the day to try in which one of them I am currently wearing on my nails and have to say I am pretty impressed already.  Keep and eye out for my review on them soon :) 

    The Beautiful Jane Founder of Mondss was there personally to share with us her creation :) :)   She was telling us about an experience in particular she will always remember one day meeting her friend on a warm day.  She was wearing a bright coloured top.  She knew as we all know that wearing a bright top of a warm day leads to sweat marks on our beautiful tops dresses etc can be extremely embarrassing so she rushed to stick tissue paper under her arms to stop that from happening.  This worked for a short while but obviously tissue will move as it doesnt stick to the skin.  Thats where she came up with the Mondss Underarm Wear.  A patch that adheres to the skin and protects your clothing :)  I am really looking forward to trying this out and Of course letting you all know how I find them :)  I know for a fact I could have done with these that day spending 2 hours in an overheated bus with no air conditioning oh my goodness I used a whole pack of tissues 

    The lovely representive of Green Angel gave us a talk and demo on some of the companies most popular products to date.  GREEN ANGEL is an exclusive range of seaweed and essential oil based beauty products, sourced and hand-made in Ireland. This unique collection of fresh and innovative beauty essentials were developed by husband and wife team Mary and Chris Mitchell.
    She showed us some of their amazing moisturisers and some of their amazing smelling body smoothers which I have to admit felt amazing on the skin I am hooked already and will surely be buying one or two of my own :) :) 

    There was also a raffle in aid of Console (The National Suicide Charity)  which I was delighted to particapate in as its a cause very close to everyones hearts at this stage in life and I feel it the more money raised for this charity the more lives will be saved.  There was some amazing gifts to win and everyone who won seemed absolutely thrilled with their prizes.  

    Of course one of the best stages of the day was catching up with all the beautiful bloggers I have previously met, some I have been following for a long time but never met and some new bloggers.  We had so much fun chatting about literally everything we could and of course everything we had seen that day.  Its great to chat to people who have exactly the same interests as you.  
    Here are some of the bloggers who were at the meetup

    Anita James – Anita’s Beauty Spot
    Aisling Rose – Total Makeup Addict
    Cat Mac Liam – Big Blonde Girl
    Eimear - Eimear Byrne 
    Filomena Kaguako – Enhance What’s Yours
    Girl Friday – GirlFridays Beauty Blog
    Kathleen O’Rourke – Squidgy Moments
    Marina Bergman – Beautiful Me Plus You
    Megan-Rose Core – A Little Bit of Makeup & Beauty
     Nirina - Killer Fashion 
    Nadine Stephens – The Parma Violet
    Robyn Morton – Robyn Rants & Raves
    Sarah Guildea – Adoreabubbles
    Sarah Ellen Reiter – The Contouring Chronicles
    Yaz O’Connor – Glitter Mama Wishes & Glitter Mama Shop
    I know there is more but if you are a blogger reading this and who was at the meetup please add you link in the comments and I will add them to this post :) :) 
     The time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go :( boooooooo.  We were presented with lovely filled gift bags and I was amazing with the bunch of gifts that were inside.  Wow I was not expecting that at all 

    This is just some of the items we got to try out and here is a list of the companies who sponsored our meetup and gave us such lovely gives and vouchers on the day 

    Overall the day was very enjoyable and unforgettable I really hope its not too long before we meetup again
    Thanks again to Anita for organising the day 
    So keep an eye out for some future reviews on the products we got on the day and of course find out what each one of us got with our discount codes and believe me we will be using them.  I have already bought from one site haha 
    Until next time 
    Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

    I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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