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Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio Review

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio comes in three coordinating shades for the perfect eye look. Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette is designed for convenience application on brow bone, crease and eyelid. Highlight, define and accentuate your eyes with this Wet n Wild eyeshadow trio.

I bought mine @ for $3/£1.90/€2.10 each on this site there are 12 available shades you can also purchase the 8 color pallets in which i got a couple and will be reviewing soon.  At the time when i purchased these the postage was reasonable enough to Ireland but now its so expensive which is unfortunate as there is some great deals on it for all sorts of brand that you cant get.  Wet n Wild is not available in ireland or you can purchase off their own sites i think it is available in the UK and of course to the US as its a US Brand........they are available on ebay click here to have a look.....
From the Left the shades are in "Im Feeling Retro, Silent Treatment, Spoiled Brat &  Sweet as Candy"

Full View in natural light 
Ok your getting a three colour pallet with a shade to suit the brow bone, crease and eyelid but you can mix and match :) :) firstly i will start with:

Im Feeling Retro:  The colours on this pallet is fabulous i love the brightness of these and they are perfect for the summer but i have found these shade very sheer.......The Brow Colour is a Frosty white which i love to use as a highlight for the brow and inner eyelid.  The crease shade is a aqua blue with a slight silver shimmer to it and the Lid shade is a purple/pink colour seemingly the dupe of Mac's stars n rockets eyeshadow.  I love this shade its highly pigmented which means a little goes a long way.

Silent Treatment:  This is a beautiful pallet i love it.....the brow colour is a peachy/pink this is a bit frosty but not as much as the first pallet....the crease shade is a deep, dark brown with a tint of gold shimmer in which you bearly see when applied its perfect for the outter v and crease perfect for a smokey look.  This is highly highly pigment...........the eyelid shade is a nice taupy shade with shimmer you can use this on its own for an everyday look......
Here is a look I created using "Silent Treatment" 

Spoiled Brat:  Oh where do i start with this pallet the picture tells it all isnt it fabbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is especially perfect for a woman of colour :) :) for my skin tone its a little on the harsh side but works will toned down......Brow shade is a metallic silver i love this :) only its a bit on the strong side for a highlight but using it very sparingly and you can make it work........The Crease shade is a matte black with a tint of silver shimmer i love this as you can use this whatever way you please for the outer V, the crease, eyeliner etc... and the Lid is a fantastic fuchsia pink as i said for my skin tone i have to use it sparingly but works well.....but with a woman of colour this would look FANTASTIC 

Sweet as Candy:  Again this is a pallet i love :) :) just look at the swatches........dont they look fab in the pan.......they look super creamy .....The colours are frost all 3 of them i like that but some people dont, the highlight is a lovely but i dont use it on my brow its a little too shimmery but its perfect for the lid and inner corner......the Crease shade is fantastic in the pan it looks like chocolate mmmmmmm chocolate mmmmmm anyhow the shade is almost matte but with a tad of shimmer in it perfect i love it..........the lid shade is a fantastic baby pink not as pigmented as i thought but still applys well :)  This pallet is perfect for someone with brown or hazel eyes 
Here is a look I created using "Sweet as Candy" 

***I have 3 more of these palettes reviewed here*** 

With these pallets yes you will have to build them up to get the look you want but they are more pigmented than some drugstore brands........i love them and for the value of these you are certainly getting more for your money.....these are perfect for anyone who wants to build up their own collection or for people who want to experiment with different colours.   Or for people who are on a budget limit.  

ok thats all for now everyone i hope you enjoyed my review and watch out for more on Wet n Wild 
bye for now 
lots of Irish hugs & Kisses 
Nina xoxoxoxox

One of Irelands Talented Make-up Artists

Hi all i just want to tell you all a little about this very talented Make-up Artist as i feel she deserves to be broad-casted more for her incredible work.   

First of all Sarah is orginally from Portrush and is married with two beautiful boys so you can imagine how busy her life is without mentioning her been self employed :)  She moved to Kells Co Meath where she secided early this year to open up her own Make-up Studio in the town of Kells.  I say fair play to her as anyone opening up a business is taking a risk these days with the tough recession happening.    She has over 10 years experience and boy does it show. 

Her new studio which is called Enhanced Beauty is a beautifully decorated little studio, when you walk in you feel nothing but warmth and a sense of peace.  You are automatically greeted with a huge smile and you feel like you have known this woman all your life.  You feel so comfortable talking to her and she always has something to talk about (which is a great thing) of course.  You literally feel you have only entered when your make-up is finished and your walking out the door.  She is fantastic.  Here is just some of her own work 

Before and After Photo
Sarah Butcher herself busy doing what she loves 

She is also doing Make-up Lessons for such a great deal here is what your getting :

Learn new tricks, tips and techniques for applying everyday Make-Up.                                                            

Bring along your Make-Up bag and brushes so you can be advised on which of your existing products really work for you.
You will learn how to create a professional look with your Make-Up to enhance your natural features.
Lesson covers the following;
1. Skin routine
2. Discuss concerns about your own skin type
3. Demo on cleanse tone and moisturise
4. Brow Shaping
5. Make-Up demo
6. Tea break and chat with the group
7. Recreate demo on yourselves
3hr lesson €30
TIME: 7-10PM

For the price your are getting alot.....She also takes part in alot of charity work which i highly respect her for....she does various competitions in which one of them i won a whole make over for absolutely nothing and all i had to do was enter and sit and wait lol.  This is my make-over by Sarah butcher......

The before and after make over some difference eh? 
She also does Wedding Make-up which is incredible and at amazing prices she surely takes pride in her work....she makes sure every bride does not have to worry about her Makeup on the day !!!!

As you can tell yourself Sarah is extremely Talented so down to earth, so generous, kind and caring also extremely selfless in doing what she loves and i feel she deserves this posting in my opinion ...she has no idea im doing this and im super excited to show her when im finished i can imagine her sitting reading this and not knowing what to say but Sarah your an inspiration to me the fact your are a wife and mother and still going out there showing us mothers that IT CAN BE DONE THAT WE CAN STILL ACHIEVE ARE DREAMS AND AMBITIONS IN LIFE NO MATTER WHAT....Thanks Sarah You have certainly shown me and all i have in life is dreams and I KNOW I CAN ACHIEVE THEM :) 

So girls Thats only a little about Sarah butcher on who and what she is to see more of her fab work click here or on the right hand side of my blog.....
hope you all enjoyed this write up and let me know what you think 

until next time girls 
cya soon lots of Irish kisses 
Nina xoxoxoxoxox

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


First of all id like to thank everyone who took part in this Giveaway and im sorry i dont have anything for you all but hey i will have more giveaways in the future :) 

The winner of the e.l.f cream blush and matte lip colour is............

proof of the number that came out i had 13  entered and number 3 was picked by random generator 
which means Ashley Tiernan you are the winner :) congratulations :) 

The runner up of the 3 Super glossy lip shines is.............

which mean the runner up who wins the 3 Super Glossy lip shines is.......Lizbeth  :)well done 

ok girls thats it for now and dont forget look out for future Giveaways 

bye for now 
nina xoxoxox 

Brands Direct Shop

Supply of genuine branded makeup, skincare and clothing at recession busting prices. These products are sourced from overruns, liquidations and stock clearances.

Have you Every heard Of this incredible store well you dont know what you are missing.  They are based in Ireland......They have a new shop on facebook now that you can automatically purchase Products from that page.....They Sell Top Brand Make-up At Really Affordable Prices.....Brands Like Mac, Dior, Urban Decay, Tarte, Benefit & the list just goes on and on for prices that are super affordable.........

I personally have purchased from this company and have to say its one of my favourite store reason been is that not only am i getting unbelievable value for my money for what im getting but the people you are dealing with are so so friendly and helpful......Thats exactly what you are looking for when you are purchasing from anywhere and no matter what questions you have you will be sure to get an answer almost straight away.........You can be sure your items will arrive at your door in one peace also as they take pride in making their customer happy......
These are only a Preview of What is available at brands direct you will be spoiled for choice when you enter their shop.....They also sell fragrances, Whizzer whitening strips, Xen tan etc.   

IWhy dont you see for yourselves :) You will be amazed just make sure you have you card topped up because i can guarantee you one thing you are not going to leave that page without buying something :) 

thanks for taking your time to read this and let me know what you think.  Click the picture on the right side bar to take you straight to their site on facebook or simply Click Here . 

Take care 
Lots of Irish kisses 
Nina xoxoxoxox

Thursday, 23 June 2011

BH Cosmetics Haul :) review

BH Cosmetics offers high quality makeup for less. Their  line includes a variety of 120 color eyeshadow palettes and more! Visit them at: 

Company Overview
BHCosmetics offers high quality makeup for less. Our line includes a variety of 100% authentic 120 color eyeshadow palettes, 88 color palettes and much more!
We would like to make a difference in the time of recession by providing high quality makeup products at a very low, below wholesale prices! While big companies make big profits, we give the savings we get ourselves back to you - our customers!

My BH Cosmetics little Haul 
I recently visited BH Cosmetics site just to have a browse and at that time there was a deal that if you spent over $10 you get the 24/7 waterproof eyeliner marker for free.  Now me been me i was sceptic about this site,  dont get me wrong i did purchase off this site before about 8 months ago and got an 88 piece eyeshadow pallet and it was in one piece but the likes of the smaller stuff i wasnt so sure........i also noticed there was reductions on the waterproof lip liners and false eyelashes hhhhmmmmmmm will i wont i......obviously i did :) i took the "risk" and went ahead and bought them......

Waterproof lipliners in "Coral, Earth, Rouge, Candy & Blossom" 
Ok i am going to talk about the Lipliners first as you can see from the above picture i got 5 shades of the Waterproof lip liners....On the site there are 6 different shades dont ask me why i got got the 5 instead of the 6 lol now im kicking myself i didnt.........I got these for $2.95/€2.00/£1.85 YES ONLY THAT PRICE and i bet your asking "Whats Wrong With them" and my answer???? "NOT ONE THING"!!!!!!!!

Coral:       This is the darkest pink in the pack very pretty shade 
Earth:       This shade i love its a light brown shade   
Rouge:      The Darkest out of the pack this shade is kind of a burgundy colour with a brown undertone this shade is very dark for me but i would wear it out on the town  as a lippie :) 
Candy:      Oh this shade is fab....its a light baby pink and looks even lighter on darker skin tones now i personally think this is way too pink for me but its a beautiful shade 
Blossom:   I love this shade its another pink with red undertone to it absolutely fab :) 

Im am extremely surprised by these liners....i mean WOW....They are incredible..... They are extremely affordable.  They are really really creamy.  So Easy to apply.  Highly Pigmented.  They are so soft on the lips and the lasting power is about 6 hours this includes eating, drinking & even kissing :) :).  The are 100% matte so you can even wear them on their own which most of the time i will do.......they are not drying but look great with a gloss over them.  These would even be perfect for brides to make their lipsticks last all day long......or for anyone who works long hours and dont want to be topping up all the time...... i have no cons about these whatsoever and thats the truth.....I highly recommend you go and buy these girls i promise you will not be disappointed that is a promise........I even put them to the test with water there is no budging these unless you use makeup remover oh and they are smudge proof.......i love them :) 

Next im Reviewing is the 24/7 Waterproof eyeliner marker/pen:


  • Pure Water
  • Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane
  • Deimthicone
  • hyluronic Acid
  • Dipolyphydroxstearate
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • (May Contain): Black Iron Oxide

This is perfect for people who dont have a steady hand or want the perfect cat eye look.  Its got a very good felt tip like a marker and the tip is very moist which means its not going to dry out anytime soon :) which is what we want.  it can give a thick line or if you apply from the tip it will give a thin line......Its intensely black which is brilliant.......I was amazed with this i thought it was going to be disappointing....maybe because it was part of an offer at the time that if you spent i think over $10 you got this free......I would advise if you are looking to do any sort of line or your are experimenting different looks with this please use an ordinary eyeliner  first draw the line you want then go over it with this because once you use this your not going to get it off unless you use make up remover :)  its definitely waterproof and smudge proof !!!!!!!  I wouldnt however use this on my waterline.  

Last but not least is the False Eyelashes :

 Flirt Retails @ $4.95/£3/€3.50
Luxe Retails @ $3.95/£2.45/€2.75

Absolutely amazing im very shocked with these especially.... Its very hard to find good falsies that are cheap and affordable.....Not anymore these are out of this world......They come with a glue but personally i wouldnt use the glue on these i use duo glue just a person preference really!!!!! Not only that they are flexable, easy to use & soft.  They dont look Cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these im definitely stocking up on them for sure.....They are also reusable which you dont normally find with affordable lashes im in love :) :) and so will the man who spots you these babies on you ;) :) 

So Girls that my review on my little BH Cosmetics Haul..... I am extremely delighted i decided to purchase these and i will definately be restocking on them soon also will be buying more Falsies there is a good selection of those......My Advice ???? Go Now and buy them BH always has some sort of offers today GET 33% OFF SELECTED SUMMER PICKS & A FREE SET OF EYELASHES WITH ANY PURCHASE OVER $10 OFFER EXPIRES 26/6/2011.  Postage is not bad either i paid $4.95 for all of these to Ireland so im quite happy with that not only that i got a shock when the postman knocked on my door with a big box to sign for and i only ordered these.  So they are very careful when it comes to getting your order to you in one piece 

ok girls thats all ive got to say 
if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask 
again these items were purchased out of my own pocket and i just felt like i HAD to tell you about these and the fact your are getting so much for so little 

i hope you enjoyed my review 
please click follow 
lots of Irish hugs & Kisses 
luv Nina xoxoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

e.l.f 2 in 1 conditioning gloss review

This 2 in 1 gloss has shimmering lip color in the inner tube and clear conditioning gloss in the outer tube for ultimate lip satisfaction. Hydrate your lips with key moisturizers and achieve sheer color perfection. Infused with Vitamins A and E, Aloe and Shea Butter for rich hydration. by elf

There are 8 shades available retailing @ £3.50/$3/€3.80 each..
I got 3 out of the 8 shades which are "Love it, Va Va Voom & Supermodel"
When i seen these on the UK e.l.f site (Click here to view them ) i was really excited to try them out they looked amazing on the pictures and me been a gloss-aholic i couldnt resist buying 3 shades.....

From the top: " Fanatic,  Va Va Voom, & Perfect Pink"

Fanatic :   This is a beautiful pink with gold shimmer 
Va Va Voom:  A fantastic shade of red with a slight silver shimmer to it 
Perfect Pink:  This is a deep pink again with silver shimmer to it 

"Fanatic, Va Va Voom & Perfect Pink" 
Ok i know you are probably all waiting to know what my opinion is on these glosses but let me tell you what they are about first:
Ok these glosses are retailing @ £3.50/$3 each.  As you can see by the photo your getting plastic tube contain both a clear gloss and shaded gloss.  The clear gloss is on the outside and the shaded gloss on the inside, this is what attracted me the most i loved the idea it......The have a doe tipped applicator which is incredibly soft on the lip.  These glosses as you can see are sparkly but extremely sheer...

A light Swatch of all 3 and blended out
Now these glosses are tricky when i applied them first i squeezed the tube from the middle like you would and all that seemed to come out was the clear gloss i tried a few times and each time the same result.  Until i realised "try squeezing from the bottom " and BAM it worked both the clear and coloured gloss came out at the same time Exciting?? NO 
Although each shade is fantastic to look at and so pretty in the sunlight these glosses are over the top sticky now i my lips were totally stuck together i actually never ever came across a gloss as stick as these......its like you know the way you eat an extremely sticky sweet and your lips are stick afterwards its lip that..... I was so disappointed with this as they look amazing on the lip and really make you lips look plumper but i couldnt wear these.....I have given these to my 9 year old to have in her little collection......believe me i tried dabbing them a little i tried a very small amount on my lips i tried everything but still sticky...... even washing it off still left stickiness on my lips....
The good thing was that they did actually condition my lips felt extremely soft even after taking the gloss off but e.l.f has other glosses that is wearable and do the same job.

"Fanatic" on my lips in natural light
Lip swatch of "Va Va Voom" in natural light 

Lip Swatch of "Perfect Pink" in natural light 

ok i think ive said enough lol but if you are into really sticky lipgloss by all means these are definately ideal for you and they are so so pretty but they just dont do anything for me.......

again this is just my own opinion im in no way telling you not to buy them i just want to paint a picture of what you are getting before buying the product i really hope this was helpful to you .

ok girls until next time
cya soon 
Lots of Irish kisses 
luv nina xoxoxoxox

Monday, 20 June 2011

e.l.f Shimmering facial whip review **Updated**

Multipurpose, on-the-go whipped colorant is vitamin B, C and E packed to instantly brighten and soothe skin with no greasy after-feel.Squeeze a pearl-sized amount onto finger and blend into cheeks, eyes, or lips. by e.l.f

3 additional shades i got starting from top left "Camilla, Spotlight & Toasted "

These Facial whips are available on all the e.l.f sites @ £1.50/$1/€1.70 each to have a look Click Here.  There are 8 different types and you are getting Net weight: 0.34oz (9.5g) from each tube :) :) 
The back of the packet reads: “Naturally illuminates for a dewy finish. Soothes and conditions skin. No sticky, greasy feel”. ‘Hypoallergenic, wont clog pores”.  You get an orange scent off each one which i love :) 

Shimmering  Facial whip in "Pink Lemonade, Citrus & Lilac Petal"
"Camilla, Spotlight & Toasted"

Pink Lemonade:  This is suck a pretty colour......Its highly shimmer....frozen pink shade.....if blended out properly you get a fantastic can over do it with this one tho as i find it a little over shimmery but you can work with it.......i use only the slightest bit even half a pea size is enough to highlight your cheeks and brow bone......i find putting it directly to those areas is too much what i do is blend it onto my hand first then take it from my hand and apply to the areas i want to highlight............i hope that makes sense :)

in this picture i put a pea sized amount on my hand(left) and to do a blended out swatch (right) i lightly dipped my finger into the blob(left) and blended out on a different part of my hand (again i hope that makes sense) 

Citrus:  In my opinion i think this would suit all skin tones....... this soft pink shade with a touch of beige and lilac so idealy this is suitable for all skin tones as there is both warm and cool shades in too comes with lots of shimmer........i wouldnt be too pushed about this one but i would put just a tad into my moisturiser and it gives my face a nice dewy look :) i have tried wearing this on my eyes but it doesnt last i like it but it wouldnt be a favourite 

ive done the same in this photo as before 

Lilac Petal:  Ok to be honest when i seen this in its package it thought wow that colour is a bit on the off side especially when i heard good reviews about this i was thinking the other two looked so much prettier in their package than this one....i was judging the book by its cover obviously because boy was i shocked when i actually tried this out............THIS IS 100% SIMULAR THE BENEFITS HIGH BEAM........the only difference in my opinion between this and benefits is this one is more shimmery.......I dont mind tho for like €20 in the difference im going with the e.l.f facial whip in lilac petal hehehe i love this one love it im so stocking up on this 

Camilla:  This is a lovely pink with a sort of lilac undertone with frosty shimmer.....this is another of my top highlighters a little goes a long long way this is perfect for cheeks, and also for a base for your eyeshadow :) 

Spotlight:  I think this would have to be the strongest on out of all of them......only fault i would have about this one is that it is very watery you have to give this a good shake to mix it up......but i still love it this is perfect for the browbone, cheekbones. inner corner of eyes and also adding a little with your foundation gives you a perfect dewy look.....but i would wear this more when going out because its extremely bright and shimmery 

Toasted:  This is my least favourite one out of the lot for 2 reasons: 1.  its extremely watery more watery than spotlight which makes it more messy and a pain in the butt to be honest ok you can work with it if you have a good strong arm to shake it well to mix but serious would you be bothered 2.  its more suitable in my opinion for someone who is darker skin toned as its very pigmented and just does not look well on fair skin or even medium toned skin.......

So thats my update on these Facial whips........Over all these little mights are great not only are they affordable they really work.....the formula is nice and creamy  apart from the two i have mentioned that are watery and believe me when i say a little goes a long long you can tell my favourite out of these 6 is Lilac Petal.......i have yet to try the other 2........if you use them correctly they work really well.....i have come across alot of reviews that automatically people say no they dont like them they are to strong etc. but in my opinion its very easy to use too much as i said above a half a pea size would do everywhere you need to do.........i just think alot of people dont know how to use them properly, i didnt at first i used way to much and it just made a mess it looked to oily i looked like someone who was going on stage more than just out and please experiment more before making your final decision on them.  Try them out for the price your not going to lose out on much and you might actually surprise yourself :) :) 

well thats me finished girlies 
until next time 
take care 
lots of Irish kisses 
nina xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
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