Monday, 12 March 2012

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio Review Part 2

Hey everyone this is part 2 of my Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trios review
If you havent seen part 1 of my review on these palettes please click here to have a look :) :) Part one i have 4 of the trios reviewed and on this page i will show you the remains 3 palettes i own :) 
I own 7 of these fab palettes and there is 12 available so i might be getting the rest to add to my collection hehehehehe.  
So as i stated in my video and last review you are getting 3 shades in each palette.  Which i wont go on about lol im sure the picture shows it all :) :) 
Cool As Cucumber
Cool as Cucumber:  As i said in my video This palette wouldnt be my favourite but i do like it.  I love the 2nd and 3rd shade the 1st shade wouldnt be a shade i would go for all the time.  
The browbone shade is a light lime green shade a little chalky but soft in texture 
The Crease is a lovely dark burgundy shade i love this shade.  Its highly pigmented and a little goes a long way 
The eyelid shade is a Dark Green with tiny specks of purple shimmer 
This palette is beautiful only the first shade is the chalkiest out of the lot.  I absolutely love the purple it works so well.  
Knock on Wood 
Knock on Wood:  This is a fab palette another of my favourites :)  This is a fab palette for everyday use.  The only thing i found was that this whole palette is chalky so be careful a little goes a long way and i find if you dip your brush instead of swiping it you wont have too much fall out.  
The crease colour is a beautiful light purple/pink shade 
The eyelid shade is a fabulous chocolate brown and very pigmented 
The crease shade is a lovely medium burgundy shade and is also very pigmented 
All shades give a nice frosty finish 
Dont Steal my Thunder 
Dont Steal my Thunder:  Now this is a perfect palette for anyone.  Anyone who likes a good smokey eye will love this.   
The Browbone shade is a little on the chalky side but with a good brush this shadow works well for a highlight :) This is a frosty white 
The crease shade is a good pigmented black with silver shimmer.  Its not highly shimmery which is a bonus. 
The eyelid shade is a typical silver shade 
All eyeshadows in this palette blend well together and you need very little of each to achieve a good smokey eye.  

With a good primer these trios will last literally all day long.  I have no fault with them and think that they are an amazing value for what you are getting.  I on the other hand prefer if WNW brought out more colour ranges in the 8 pan palettes rather than the trios as the 8 pan palettes cost $5 and the trios cost $3 you would be getting alot more value out of the 8 pans.  I still think everyone would benefit out of buying the trios as there is alot to choose from and they are so handy for travel 
Look out for future updates on this page as i do plan on buying the remaining trios (not that i need them lol but hey they are great value) 
I hope you enjoyed this review if you have any questions ask away :) 
until next time 
Take care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C


adoreabubbles said...

I really love their shadows and they are so affordable! If I ever get to the states again ill be stocking up on them!

мιѕѕ.ℓαяα said...

dont steal my thunder <3

Kerri_Jane said...

Ive given you the versatile blogger award, check my blog to find out more

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