Friday, 16 March 2012

e.l.f 48pc Eyeshadow Collection Review

Hey everyone 
Hope you are all well
I hope where ever you are you are having some sun because here in Ireland we 
are not getting much at all and when we do get the sun its still cold even though its March 
Ah well hopefully it will change soon before Spring is full over 
Anyway today i am reviewing e.l.f's 48pc Eyeshadow Collection aka The Little Black Book 
This is available at for £3.75/€4.50.  As far as i know this is not available on the US site anymore.  
Now to be honest when i seen this on the site i decided to wait a little while to buy it simply because 
a)  I have lots of the e.l.f palettes and beauty book and figured they wouldnt be much different 
b) I hadnt hear too many people talking about it which in my eyes was not a good sign 
So anyway on with the review :
I was quite surprised with the packaging of this is so cute :) It Literally looks like a little black book.  Its like a false leather material.  It feels so so light and fits really well in your purse :) top marks for that one :) 
So inside this little black book you are getting quite a nice sized mirror, 48 eyeshadows and 2 sponged applicators.  It looks beautiful and i was quite excited to try them out straight away.  
As you can see on the right side you are getting a mixture of bright shades which contain peachs, pinks, creams, off whites etc and on the left side you are getting a mixture of cool tones eyeshadows like purples, blues, greys etc. 
There is no matte shades in this palette they are all shimmery.  90% of these eyeshadows are pigmented which would be the darkers shades the rest i had to swatch a good few times before getting any colour off.  The shades i have to say are very pretty as you have shadows suitable for daytime and night time looks so anyone travels alot would find this little book very suitable.  
 90% of these shadows are quite blendable when using them but alot of them can blend away if you blend too much.  i have done a good few looks with this palette and found myself going for the more darker shade than the lightest as i feel the lightest shades are nearly not worth using because they are less pigmented.

I also noticed these shadows to be very sensitive meaning if you dip your brush too hard on alot of these shadows you will find you will end up breaking them they just crumble so thats another warning just be careful.  
Apart from that for the price of this palette i think this is worth every penny.  Mind you i wouldnt pay any more money than what it cost for this but at the price it is i find that cheap after all you are getting 48 eyeshadows.  This palette is best suited for :
Someone who is new to makeup 
Someone on a tight budget
Someone who travels alot 
who goes to college and doesnt want to bring alot of makeup with them
who wants to play with eyeshadows and try different looks but wants to spare their more expensive products 
perfect for a gift for a teenage girl 
Anyone who is used to a more pigmented, expensive eyeshadow will not like this palette
So thats is it for my review on this Little black book :)
I hope you found it helpful 
Have you got this?
Whats your thoughts on it :) 
Until next time 
Take care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C 


Mateja Mateja said...

Great review! :) I've bought this one for my niece (a teenage girl and new to makeup, so it should be a perfect gift XD) and can't wait to give it to her! :)

Lila said...

Thanks for this review Nina! I was thinking to buy this little palette as a gift to my student, who always makes me compliment about my maquillage, and I was wondering if it is worthy! After what I read from you, I believe it is ok for a young girl to start with.

Dyna said...

great review hun :) love the swatches.. seems like something i wouldn't use that much though.. I like my mattes hehe x

Afterglow Cosmetics said...

I like the earth shades in the left side near the mirror...they really suit my dark skin tone.The browns and the earthy colours.mineral foundation

dunja1988 said...

Great review. I love elf's makeup :)

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