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Catrice Limited Edition "Nymphelia" Review/Swatches Part 2

Hey my beauties 
Welcome back to part 2 of my Catrice Limited Edition "Nymphelia" Haul/Review/Swatches 
If you have missed my video and Part 1 of my Haul Click here to see them 
So without further ado i shall continue with my review and swatches 
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Catrice state: The handmade marbled Baked Eye Shadows each consist of three colors for a particularly luminous and multi-dimensional look. The interaction of brown and green shades ensures a sensual look with a powerful touch. The Intensif'eye Wet&Dry Shadows can be applied dry or moist. Applied dry, they create subtle effects and when moist, the Eye Shadows have a more intense color application and a brighter effect. 
These eyeshadows cost me €4.29 each :) 
When i seen these eyeshadows I was in awwwwwwwww. They look so beautiful in the package. Might i add that the packaging on these are so sturdy i will not be worrying about these breaking on me.  I did say in my video that the normal range eyeshadows are a little flimzy and if you are not careful with them they will break if you dont store them properly.  
Black or white Swan?!  This eyeshadow is beautiful.  A lovely combination of black, silver and gold........this is a shimmery eyeshadow and very pigmented :) You can create a fabulous black and gold smokey eye with this little beauty I love it :) 
Charly's Chocolate Factory This is a well suited name for this eyeshadow :) This shadow as i can best describe it is a lovely orange-brown with golden shimmer.  When swatched this has a sort of rusty brown effect its beautiful :) :) 
Vanilla Sky Ride This is definitely a highlight eyeshadow.  Its a creamy yellowy shade with a bit of gold shimmer going through it :)  It does work well for a highlight in the inner corner of the eyes or can be used as a highlight for under the brow.  I have actually used this to highlight my cheek bones a little :) 
Have you seen Alice Now this eyeshadow is fantastic just look at it isnt it beautiful :) :) it looks like your looking from space down at earth lol.  Anyways......There is 3 different shades mixed up in this a light medium and dark green but when swirled together it comes out a sort of mossy green with black undertones its fantastic i love it and wear it with black for a fab smokey eye :) :) 
There are 6 of these eyeshadows available altogether.  My wet swatches were made with a slightly damp brush and the swatches are made with no primer.  So you can imagine how intense they are with primer underneath.  In my opinion these eyeshadows show their true potential when applied wet as they are not as pigmented dry as you can see by the photos but i love them.  They are very good for a drugstore eyeshadow :) 


Black Green This was a little on the disappointing side to be honest as its not hugely pigment but it is buildable.  What i love about these pens is that they have a click lid which means they are guaranteed to stay moist.  They also have a good tip on them which leaves it easier for you to get a precise line you want.  
They also last all day and do not smudge or budge.  I even found it hard to scrub the lines off my hand when i was finished with the photos :) :) 
The black liner is not intensely black but is buildable :) :) These liners cost me €3.49 each

So that is it everyone i will be reviewing the Smokey eye palette in a separate post as i want to show you all of the smokey eye palettes together 
I hope you enjoyed this review 
If you have any questions please ask 
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Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C 

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Emer said...

Really have to try out Catrice cosmetics,are they anything like Essence? The products look amazing would love to get my hands on the Gel Eyeliner and the Primer :)


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