Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Ebay Costume Jewellery Haul Part 2

Hey Everyone 
How are you all doing :) :) 
Today I am back with my Part 2 Ebay Costume Jewellery Haul yeeeeeee!!!!!
If you havent seen Part 1 already Check it out here 
Most of the items i got are from the same person i got the last haul.
Apart from a couple which i will put links to their Ebay Shop down below 
So on with the pictures :) 

Starting of with my favourite 

 Well as I say in my video im in love with this necklace really I am so pleased i bought this and there is so much to this persons collection in their shop some really stylish ones you gotta check them out.  This necklace is called Heat silver plated Pocket Watch Necklace in the shop and only cost me €2.67 free postage. If you want to check this out Click here to bring you straight to the Ebay shop.  
 These earrings so are so so pretty and simple.  They look really pretty with your hair tied up or your hair down i really like them and got them at a great bargain for €0.98 free postage :) :) no bad eh?
I purchased these off SleepDog1981 which is the same site i purchased my first ebay haul from 

 This necklace was a bargain too.  Its a sort of antique gold type necklace.  As i said in the video i was disappointed with the part that goes around the neck but im really happy with the stone part.  I find it unusual and i love it.  I got this necklace for €0.98 also which is brilliant :) 

 This necklace is a perfect everyday wear.  Its shorter than the rest of my necklaces it fits to just under my collarbone which i like.  I got this necklace off the same site as the Pocket watch necklace and i paid €0.75 free postage bargain bargain bargain 

 This is another of my favourites i have to say it looks so pretty on.  The chain is a slight bit on the cheap looking side close up but it looks lovely far away, you can always change that with another chain.  The stone itself is beautiful i love its design.  I actually paid €4 for this but in my eyes its so worth it :) 

 These earrings are fabulous on.  I was wearing these in my video.  Close up they do look a little cheap but they are very eye catching when not so close up.  Unless your inspecting them about 2 cm away from your eyes no one would notice lol.  I love how they sit straight me.  These earring were so cheap and got them free postage too.  I lost the sheet on were i had the price written but i did mention a price on the video ( i think) but i got the off SleepDog1981 site.  
 I think this bracelet is nice a dainty.  It almost looks like a charm bracelet.  Its really pretty and even though my initials are not D i still like it :).  This cost me €2.29 free postage.  My 10 year old daughter has here eye on this and i was thinking of giving it to her as its a perfect initial to stand for "Daughter" awwwwwww :) 
 These earrings are the ones i was saying i am not sure about.  They are pretty but i suppose i just have to get used to wearing earrings that dont dangle.  These cost me only €0.98 cent free postage bargain once again :) 

I love this necklace.  It goes well with everything.  The chain is really strong and there is no fear of it ever snapping on you.  This cost me only €2.48 free postage which again in my eyes is a bargain.  I love it :) 

That its everyone thats my haul finished.  I got the most amazing pieces of Jewellery for Ebay and i will definitely continue in the future to purchase Costume Jewellery from there.  I found it extremely cheap and the best thing about it is that they are different from the shops around me.  Sometimes its nice to have something different that no-one in the same town has as well if im making sense.  
I did have a couple of not so happy experiences with my 2nd haul as i said in my video but nothing major and i got sorted straight away. 

I really do advise if you do or are thinking of purchasing anything off Ebay always look for either a top rated seller or someone who looks like they have sold a good few items.  Also check out the feedback on their page its good to see what other people have to say about them.  Also if you are unsure about the product or item you are thinking of buying ask questions and dont be afraid to ask as many questions as you want THEY ARE THE SELLER YOU ARE THE BUYER.....if they are not happy with the questions well then take your money elsewhere :) :) 
So i hope you enjoyed this haul 

Until next time take care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C


MissJessibel said...

Hi! Where did you buy the red necklace?

PinkyLorren said...

:O your hair looks GORGEOUS in this video!! xx

Nina said...

MissJessibel I bought it off that site i linked in the blog "Sleepdog1981"

SarahJane said...

Great blog, Ive been wanting one of the pocket watch ones for a while :-)I ordered the black one

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