Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My Ebay Costume Jewellery Haul

Hey everyone I have my 1st Ebay Costume Jewellery Haul To show you all.  
I have done a video on these beauties and i am going to post up closer pictures of what i got.  
I will also include some links to the trusted ebay shops i got them from so hopefully you might see something you like.  I was super excited when i got these i couldnt believe i got these for such a low price and im extremely happy with everything.  Im especially in love with my new watch like for €5 that was nothing for what i got.  
So on with the pictures :) 
Starting with this fab watch 

I got this watch for the total of €5.09 and I love it.  Whats more is that i got a spare battery with it :) :) what more could you ask for.  Here is the link to the ebay shop i bought it from:  My.Time.Zone

These hair pins are so stylish i love them.  They are great for jazzing up you fab hairdo.  I won these for €1 each plus free postage 
To check these out on the ebay shop i got them from click underneath:
The rest of the jewellery i got from the same seller :) 

 This is one of my favourites :) This is a Vintage Retro Elephant Necklace and it cost me €1.58 plus free postage 

This pearl bracelet is fantastic a perfect piece to wear with a dress or whatever you like.  This cost me €2.26 free postage.

I love this headband its so so pretty and livens up your hair even on a bad hair day lol.  This is the best picture i could get with it on me.  I love it and want more of this kind.  This is called a pearl lace hairband.  It cost me only €2.26 free postage

This is Vintage too and it cost me €1.58 plus free postage 

This is another of my Favourites i love it.  This is a Vintage Red Flower Necklace its fantastic and so dressy.  This cost me €3.17 plus free postage and it was a battle to get this one i was outbidded 3 times and lost it but eventually won it the forth time there is a big hype for this one and no wonder. 

These beautiful earrings only cost me €1.50 plus free postage.  I love these they are actually very sturdy and sort of heavy enough to be unbreakable and they are so dressy :) 

Isnt that ring fab.  I know its only costume jewellery but i love the purple stone in the middle.
This only cost me €0.78 plus free postage isnt that amazing :) :) 

So thats it everyone thats my Haul for today.  As i said in my video i have Part two coming.  As i couldnt just leave it at that could I.  Im just waiting for it to arrive in the post any day now and cant wait :) :) 

So until my next review i hope you enjoyed this one 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C 


Lara said...

nice haul Nina!! gonna check out the seller shop now!

katie. said...

The binoculars are so sweet :) What cute jewellery xox

adoreabubbles said...

That watch is FAB!!

Nina said...

@adoreabubbles I LOVE THIS WATCH hun its fantastic and i know i will have it a while as its good and sturdy :)

@Katie yes that what attracted me to shop on the ebay site in the first place i seen these very same binoculars on someone blog and had to get them

@Lara be warned hunny you might go crazy shopping lol i did hahaha

What Larry Loves! said...

You got some FAB pieces! I love the elephant! :)

sumon islam said...

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Anonymous said...

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