Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Lush Swap with Beauty bits & bobs

So Mary From Beauty bits & bobs and I were writing to each other on Facebook one day and she was telling me she spotted a lipstick from Catrice that she would love to get in time for her prom, that it would be so suitable for the type of make-up she was going to do.  Unfortunately Catrice is not available in England where she is from and i suggested to her as we are friends for a while now that i would get it for her and send it over :)  Thats where she suggested we do a swap and i thought YES id love to.  So i would send her over some goodies from Catrice and she would send me over items i cant get my hands on easily and the first thing i though of was LUSH :) because I only ever tried lush once (Shock) as The nearest Lush to me is about 40 miles away 
So we agreed to spend £20 each and this is literally what i got :) :) 
I told Mary i wasnt fussy about what she got me as i haven't really tried anything from there so i was curious to try anything :) 
She chose to send me the Very Berry Gift Box which contained 5 items :) :) Oh the Scent of the package when it was handed to me by the postman was out of this world and i asked him was his van all smelly and nice he replied "yeah it smells girly lol" 
Soooooooo what did i get in this box i hear you ask me :) 
Lush state:
Very Berry is a rock star among our gifts; it seems all we have to say is ‘sweet blackberry fragrance’ and everyone has to get their mitts on one! Every product in this fruity box can be layered with the other; hop in the bath with fizzy Blackberry Bath Bomb, cherry infused Happy Blooming bath melt and The Comforter bubble bar. Wash with a slice of Sultana and soften with our hibiscus infused Strawberry Feels Forever. Voila! You’ll smell like freshly picked blackberries and cream. 

In this little box of joy you are getting:
Blackberry Bath Bomb:  This is supposed to be the 1st ever bath bomb to be invented in 1989. Its the most bought bath bomb from Lush :) 
So you will believe me when i say i loved every moment of my bath when i used this oh my goodness the beautiful fruity scent was amazing while it fizzed away in the water i could not wait to jump in.  My bath water had turn a lovely shade of purple My Favourite Colour :) I was actually expecting bubble but go none :( ah well :) Awww it was just heaven lying in fruity goodness i was so darn relaxed :) I slept like a baby that night :) and imagine i could still get the scent of blackberry in my bathroom the next morning :) :) 
The Comforter:  Oh boy for the last 3 weeks especially i have been suffering alot with bad tension neck pain some days it gets so bad i end up getting migraine.  One of them days i needed a bath just to wind down and calm down and i had nothing for muscle pain.  So i thought i would give this little baby a go.  I wasnt expecting it to get rid of the tension pain but i expected it would do something for me as the name "The Comforter" had to stand for something eh? Or did it? 
Well i threw this into the bath while it was running a low and behold i seen bubbles :) yeeeeeee Now i only used half of this as it was a good sized bar 200g to be precise and im so glad i did now.  The scent of this reminded me of my kiddies blackcurrant fruit juice :) :) the shade of the bath water was a lilac shade and well when i dived into the bath it was one of those moments where i literally slid down into "Comfort" oh my goodness the softness of the bubbles felt amazing and it literally felt like i was floating on clouds to tell you the truth i fell asleep in the bath for 20 minutes lol 
I gave me such relief i actually felt like i had a full body massage and the tension had almost disappeared :) :) I am going the keep the other half until i have tension pains again and im looking forward to using it again :) 
Strawberry Feels Forever:  Ok please do not laugh at me when i say this ok, you promise? But i actually thought that this was a soap and was actually planning on using it as a soap when i looked again at my card i got with the box a realised it said massage bar.  Now you can imagine how silly i felt lol ( well i am practically a Lush Virgin you know :)  Anyways this IS a massage bar mainly for dry skin but anyone can use this.  I dont think i have to tell you what scent you get from it :) :) 
Lush state:  Massage bars serve double-duty as luxurious massage oil or after-shower body moisturizer. Glide the massage bar directly over dry skin; it will melt upon contact. Massage or rub the oils into the skin. As massage bars are made with natural butters and oils, take care to ensure they absorb completely before putting on your best silk pj’s. Massage bars melt at body temperature, so be sure to keep yours somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.
Oh my goodness the first time i used this i was amazed :)  I used this straight after coming out of my shower i rubbed this between my hands and indeed within second the heat from my hand melted enough from the bar to moisturise both my arms :) :)  This is so super moisturising that it take a little longer than my normal moisturiser to absorb actually it took about 10 minutes to completely absorb enough for me to get dressed :)  I liked how soft my skin felt after i used it and how sweet i smelled.  To be honest the only downfall i would have is that its kind of awkward to find somewhere to put it after using it but if you were a regular buyer of the massage bars you could buy a little container to store them in :) 
Happy Blooming Bath Melt:   Now Guess what i actually figured out on my own that you get 3 baths for the price of one with this one (awww i bet you are all so proud of me hehehe)  lol 
I havent actually got to use this yet but plan soon so i will let you all know how i get on :) 
Sultana of soap:  It looks like a slice of cake doesnt it :) I wish :) or soft cheese :) 
Anyway there is Dried apricots, Dried currants, cranberries & coconut oil along with other ingredients in this soap.  Apricots are rich in beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, minerals and potassium,  Cranberries are known to contain anti-aging properties which is what we all like yes?  So you will understand it when i tell you that i love this soap.  Oh my goodness such a pleasure to wash with this little beauty everyday.  This is not like any ordinary soap you buy in your local store no way it gives the most incredible creamy lather and leaves your skin silky smooth mmmmm and the fruity scent is incredible this is definitely perfect for anyone who suffers dry skin as the coconut oil which is in this soap acts like a moisturiser so you will have no fear of feeling that horrible tightness when you jump out of your shower :) 
Oh dear words cant even explain the enjoyment i have had in the last few weeks in my bathroom ;) lol But sure enough my enjoyment will soon be coming to an end as i am nearly finished my Lush adventure.  *Sniff*
I truth enjoyed every one of the products from this gift set.  If you are a fruity/sweet scent lover you will love these too :) 
Thanks so much to Mary for doing this swap with me I really enjoyed trying all my new items :) 
If you have a moment go check out her blog.  She took a little break away from it but planning on hitting back at it with a review on the items i sent her :) :) 
Whats your favourite Lush product? I might get some ideas for when ever i do get to go there :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Catrice Made to Stay Highlighter Pen

Hey my Beauties.  I hope you are all well.  
I hope you are getting some sunshine where-ever you are :)
Here in Ireland we are not getting much of a summer one day its sunny and the next few days with thundery showers.  I love to take pictures in the sunshine as they cant be more perfect but with out weather its so bloomin' hard.  If you saw me some mornings at 6 am if the sun is out im out taking pictures.  I was actually caught one morning in my nightie by the postman sitting on the ground outside organising items to take photos.  He looked at me like i had 50 heads lol ah well it has to be done and i love it :) :) 
Anyways had a little ramble there back to business :) :)
Today's review is on the Catrice Made to Stay Highligher Pen.  This was first release here around May of this year :) 

Catrice claims :
This Highlighter Pen is the ultimate must-have for every eye make-up look. The long-lasting creamy and powdery formula sets radiant highlights under your eyebrows or the outer and inner corners of your eyes. Application is totally easy and practical thanks to the retractable pen mechanism. A new highlight for highlights!

I can safely say this pen is AMAZING!!!! Just to ease the suspense :) but read on to find out more about it :) 
Now the reason i got this in the first place was i wanted a highlighter for the inner corner of my eyes something quick and easy especially for the hot days and when im doing my "no makeup days". 
This little beauty cost me the sum total of 3.75 euro which was darn cheap.  Now correct me if im wrong but i immediately thought to myself "why would they call it a pen???" like its more os a stick than a pen in my eyes but anyhuuuuu thats not an issue just thought id put that out there.  
The packaging is pretty straight forward....a plastic pen with a good sturdy lid that clicks shut so no fear of it coming off in your bag.  To use you simply twist it so that the product twists up for usage :) 
As i said very simply :) 
What i love is that this is so so handy for travel or even placing in your purse :) :) 
The product itself is a sort of pearly cream shade.  I thought it would come out darker on the skin as it looks dark in the package but i was wrong.  As you can see in the photo it turns out to be a lovely light creamy shade this photo is taken in natural sunlight.  I absolutely love this as i use it in my inner corner of my eyes, under my brow and sometimes even as a base for my eyeshadows.  I have even tried this on the tops of my cheek bones and it gives such a fabulous glow.  
The texture feels pretty nice on the skin its creamy and soft and so easy to apply.  I use a brush to apply this then spread it out with my finger tips.  A little of this goes a long long way.  
I also found that when this dries it lasts all day long when they stated the name "made to stay" it really does stay.  
Now I dont have a problem with this but some people might but there is a little shimmer to this product.  I find i dont even notice it but i have been told by some people that they dislike the fact that there is shimmer in the highlight but i think that's what makes this product work :) 
the above picture is the highlight completely blended out and taken in direct sunlight to show you how it looks on the skin :) :) 
I am so happy i got this and i literally use it everyday mostly for the inner corner of my eyes it makes me look fresh and wide awake :)
Would i recommend this?  100% if you are looking for a good drug-store highlighter that lasts all day I definitely recommend trying this one :) 
In this photo im wearing it in the inner corner of my eyes do you see how wide awake i look and believe me everyone i dont look like this without some help lol (well i do have 5 kiddies among and i roughly only get about 4 hours sleep a night)  :)   I actually dabbed a little on the middle on my lips to make them pop :) 
Well I hope you enjoyed this review everyone 
Hope you are all well 
Leave me some comments even if its just to say hello :) 
I love when you all write to me :) 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

Friday, 27 July 2012

George (Asda) Nail Polish

Hey my Beauties 
How are you all :) 
Well today I am going to show you a little collection of nail polishes from George (Asda) 
Some of you will ask What or Where is Asda .
Well Asda is a British supermarket who sell food, clothing, toys literally everything its not only based in Britain but also in Northern Ireland.  
Asda would be something like Walmart in America 
It would also be like Aldi, Woolworths anyway you get the jist. 
To tell you a little tail first :) My sister and i traditionally go to the North and do a huge food shop enough to do 2 months as we find it amazingly cheap there.  I mean yes we travel about 1 and half hours to shop there but its soooooo worth it.  The stores where we live is ridiculously expensive sometimes and when my twinnies were born there was no way i could afford to keep them fed and afford nappies/diapers etc for them with Asda 
Put it this way i would get 3 packs of nappies/diapers in Asda for the same price as 1 pack where i live.  So now you know why i do this as i have 5 kiddies to feed and also parties etc to have so i stock up for so much less there :) 
Anyway it takes my sister and I at least 3 hours to get around Asda its soooooo big :) :) 
I love it :) 
Along with everything Asda has they have their own little tiny makeup stand :) not to be honest the makeup i am not fussed about it would be good for little teens starting out but i am not one who would try it.  They do sell nail polishes which i have tried before and they are actually quite good 
The last time i was there i came across new released polishes from there and very nearly passed them until my sister pointed out there was a new selection she showed me one and i was in awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
I ended up putting 4 shades in my trolley :) :) Well for £1 each I couldn't resist
So enough chit chat lets show you the shades :) 
Unfortunately this one doesn't have a name :( i hate when that happens i like my products to have names i don't know why it is maybe i feel there is more thought put into it or something or maybe its just when someone asks me about it i like to say brand and name of product (sorry I'm babbling again lol) 
This was the one my sister showed me first and i fell in love with it.  This is an amazingly summery pink.  It has the tiniest specks of silver shimmer in it which makes it more noticeable.  It took 3 coats and a top coat to last 5 days before it started to chip.  Its such a bright cheerful shade and one of my favourites :) 
Now this one has a name :) :)
"U the Sea" hmmmm the name is not exactly original but hey its a name :) 
This is more of a jewel toned polish and a fabulous teal/green shade this is very flattering and very noticeable.  It took 3 coats and with a topcoat lasted a week before chipping not bad eh?
"Hoax" well what can i say purple i just love purples even though this was more cool toned on my hands i still loved how it looked :) this took again 3 coats and a good top coat to last a full week on my nails.  This was actually hard to get a good photo of as when i would take the photo it would come out different to what it really looked like for instance this one above is with flash and the one below is in natural sunlight 
 This picture is more like it as you can see this too have teeny tiny specks of silver in it :) 
"Trick"  This is a beautiful Fuchsia Pink Oh boy is this beautiful in person.  This photo is taken in direct sunlight you would get away with only 2 coats of this but i put 3 just because i want it to last a good while :) :) I think this is really pretty and compliments my tanned hands.  Instead of putting a clear top coat on it i decided as it was such a beautiful sunny day i would jazz it up a little :) 
So i used a nail polish i got this week in fact i won it in a little giveaway and couldn't wait to use it as i never tried it before. 

Oh I Just Love it i will review the Topcoat soon But doesn't it look FAB!!!!
Now for my overall opinion of these nail polishes is if you can get your hands on them don't pass them.  For £1 they do more than their moneys worth to be honest.  No they are not perfect but they are great for budget priced.  The shades are exciting and up to date :)   You only need 2 to 3 coats to get good colour payoff.  The brush is quite thin and a little flimzy but you actually get used to it fairly quickly.  They dry very quick too even after 3rd coat which i love as i don't have time to sit around for an hour while my nails dry lol 

Well that's it for now my beauties 
I am sure i will have future post on more polishes from this brand so keep an eye out for that 
Have you tried Asda's own brand nail polishes 
If so which is your favourite 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nina's Wednesday Whispers Week 1

Hey my beauties I hope you are all well 
Today is the First of my Wednesday Whisper's Advice Blog Post 
Thank you all so much for the great response of my idea to do this 
I am so excited to take this new journey and even more excited to get to know you all a little more through this.  
So far i have got 2 emails sent to me and of course I'm happy with this as i know alot of you out there find it hard to open up and trust someone you dont even know in person but its true what they say ITS ALOT EASIER TO OPEN UP TO THE PEOPLE YOUR DONT KNOW THAN THE PEOPLE YOU DO.  Hopefully as this blog post moves on a week or two you will see that i am only here to listen and give my advice.  
So time for my first email 
This person wishes for no personal details (in which i would never do anyway i would only released first name) to be mentioned 

Dear Nina My problem involves two men. One is the father of my little daughter the other is an ex i went out with when i was 17 long time ago. Well a few weeks ago me and my long term partner of 5 years broke up as things werent the same between us we were constantly arguing and ever since i had our daughter almost 3 yeas ago our relationship was going down hill.He stopped sleeping in the same bed as me and left me do everything he basically did nothing just played his xbox day in day out. I felt like i had to stay with him if only for the sake of our daughter but finally got the courage to leave him.This is were the ex comes in. I started talking to him on Facebook and from there we really hit if off he came to see me and we went from there.But now my daughters daddy has been calling alot and we seem to be getting on so well that im now actually starting to get feeling fo him all over again. I really dont know what to do. I know that if i stay with the fella im with now i will be happy but at the same time i want the other fella. Aggghhhhh its so confusing. HELP...

Oh my goodness girl i can only imagine what you are going through at the moment. CONFUSED.COM eh?  Well hunny this is a very sensitive situation you are in not only are you confused but you to see that your daughter will also be very confused.  Even though kiddies never say anything they feel and see everything.  
Ok first of all YOUR EX is YOUR EX FOR A REASON i dont know if he was your first love but obviously you will get yourself caught up in the time you had with him all those years ago and as you are in a confused situation you will let you mind and heart wonder simply because you at the moment are lonely as you have got used to having a man in your life.   You will be remembering the all the good times you had with your ex and in your own way want to go back to that time and this is why you are confused about him. 
As for the father of your child HUNNY HAVING A CHILD WITH ANYONE PUTS PRESSURE ON A RELATIONSHIP BELIEVE ME I KNOW THIS.  So whatever problems you had before you had your baby was pushed aside and not dealt with and that added onto more stress when your little girl was born.  Having a new baby changes everything in a relationship and if you are not open with each other of course things will get worse.  Maybe he feel a little pushed aside since baby was born which is not yours or his fault some men and women do feel this.  
What you need to do is take a little break from both men and sit down and actually think about what you want in the future.  
Dont feel you should go back to the father of your child for the sake of your child as that will leave things worse for all three of you.  Personally i think it would be no harm giving it another try but both of you need to WANT TO MAKE THIS WORK.  
THE KEY TO EVERY SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP IS TALKING TO EACH OTHER.  Dont shut each other out be truthful and honest and make sure when you have your chats cover everything.  
SPEND MORE TIME TOGETHER:  This is healthy for you both as having kiddies makes us forget to take a break from them.  When with a partner we tend not to go out as much we find it easier to stay at home which in fact puts more of a downer in the relationship.  Im not saying go out every weekend but maybe a little more than you do :)  This also helps you communicate with each other more
If you decided to go back to the father of your child and it doesnt work out well at least you know your tried and that you worked hard on making a go of it and move on without any regrets 
I hope this bit of advice helps you along your way hunny I hope this is not too long to read lol i do find i get carried away talking :) 
The best of luck to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S: Please let me know what you decide and how things are :) :) 

Hi Nina 
I've a really great friend who I've known for years and we get on like a house on fire but she takes absolutely everything to heart. I always have to be so careful with what I say she gets very easily offended. I understand that is a part of her personality but it is difficult to deal with sometimes. The other night I had her over and she spent most of the night complaining, mostly about her bodily functions aka bowel movement etc.!, which I find pretty gross and just TMI. (She is convinced there is a medical reason behind it whereas I think a lot of it is stress and that she needs to just chill out.) I like that she feels comfortable to talk to me about anything..and I mean anything..but at the same time I don't need or want to know that level of detail. I'm totally open to discussing my friends problems but for me there is a cut off point when it gets a bit inappropriate. How can I tell her that without her feeling like I'm attacking her or being rude? 

Hey hunny I complete understand where your coming from here.  I think everyone has at lease one friend who annoys them in some way but to be honest no one is perfect.  You two sound like you are more sister like friends than normal friends which is great to have but sometimes not so great when it comes to issues like this.  
First of all you friends situation does sound like a stress issue.  I myself have that issue and its called IBS Irritable Bowl Syndrome (now im no doctor and i could be wrong) but by the way you explained in your email she maybe be suffering it which is caused by stress and diet mostly.  IBS is set off if you eat the wrong foods such as too much fibre, white bread etc.  There is lots of information on the net about it if you google it.  You should tell her that you been the great friend you are looking this up for her  and this is what may be causing her problems.  Then you should advice her to visit the doctor to either get this confirmed or check out what really is the issue.  
She really needs to know how you feel hunny and honesty is the best policy.  If she is as good a friend as you say she is and you are both as close well then she will understand how you feel.  If she decides to take this as an insult (in which you cant help) there is really nothing you can do about it.
At the end of the day if you continue to be annoyed about this and not say anything she will continue talking about it and continue to make you feel uncomfortable and that will eventually cause you annoyance to build up and some day you will BURST and maybe say things you dont mean and that could cause bigger issues or even an end to your friendship which is not worth it is it?? 
If i were you i would 100% just say it to her the next time she talks about that issue just tell her that you understand she is having a hard time going through but could she keep the details to a minimum (you are not asking for much) 
You Could even tell her if she is wants to chat to someone about it THAT NINA WILL LISTEN TO HER AND GIVE HER ADVICE :) :) 
I hope this helps you hunny and makes sense to you please let me know how you get on :) 

Now my beauties thats the last of this weeks Wednesday Whispers.  It ended up i only got 2 emails this week but it is the first week after all.  So that is the reason i wrote more in my answers this week :) :) 
I hope you enjoyed this weeks advice post.  I would love some feedback from you all about it :) :) 
If you feel you have an opinion about my answers feel free to express them :) 
Until the next Wednesday Whispers 
See you soon 
Dont forget email me with you questions 

Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 22 July 2012

My First China Glaze Experience :)

China Glaze Logo
Hey my beauties how are you all doing?
Today I am happy to announce that i am no longer a China Glaze Virgin Wahoooo :) 
You might find this hard to believe but i have never until now tried China Glaze Nail Polishes 
I dont know why to be honest as i have seen so many reviews , pictures, site etc with china glaze nail polishes.  I loved every picture i seen and heard so many great things about the polish.  They have been on my wish list for such a long time now these and O.P.I in which i have yet to try out.  
I think maybe the reason i havent tried these is because of the cost.  To be honest i got that used to buying cheaper branded nail polishes that i found it hard to spend up to 9 euro even more for one bottle from china glaze etc.  
Until one day i just took the plunge when i seen Beauty Emporium was doing a sale on some China Glaze and O.P.I Nail Polishes I just had to see what all the hype was about :) So i ended up buying 2 bottles from the site :) 
Blue Year's Eve was part of the 2011 collection :) Beauty Emporium had this on sale(in which they have ran out of stock) for 5 euro well i couldn't say no could I ? To be honest I am glad I didnt just look at that colour :) This is a very deep glassflecked blue.  In the sunlight you can almost catch the tiny speckle of purple in the bottle and if you are lucky you will see it on the nail too. I applied 3 thin coats and it turned out very opaque.  Absolutely amazing shade and i couldn't believe the amount of people that commented on my nails while i wore this.  They actually thought i got my nails done professionally :) Thanks China Glaze :) :) 
Sweet Hook:   I got this also on Beauty Emporium website on sale for 6.50 euro.  Now normally i dont go for a creme type nail polish but this caught my eye on the site as i was browsing i passed it a few time but i found myself going back to it and wondering will I or wont I.  Well you can see i did and i am glad i did!!!! This is part of the 2012 Spring collection and it looks amazing on the nail.  Its a pastel lilac.  Two coats is plenty as its a little thicker in consistency but not overly thick.  This shade would be lovely to wear if going to a wedding or an a family party or something like that.  
Lastly is CG in the City:  I got this little beauty on Ebay for 3.75 including shipping it was a bid sale happy days !! :)  I found out this was part of the Metro Collection in 2011
Just look at this nail polish in the bottle doesnt it look fab fab fab.  This is a clear nail polish with little gold, lavender, black and silver glitter.  I tried wearing this on its own and to be honest i thought it just didnt look right now dont get me wrong some people would like it on its own its just my person preference but i prefer it over a nail polish.   I have yet to try it over black nail polish in which I would say will look amazing :) I love this polish its great to have to jazz up you boring polish you might have in your collection.  :) 

Ok I can Safely say after my experience with these 3 polishes that im am LOVVVVINNNGGGG China Glaze polishes i mean wow.....
They lasted over a week on my nails which is pretty darn good as my hand are constantly in water.  Its crazy :) i put a cheaper nail polish on my nails in between wearing these polishes and all i wanted was the China Glaze on me :) :) I think i may possibly be starting to become a tad bit addicted lol.  Of course i will only buy China Glaze on offer as thats the sort of person i am....I'm a bargain hunter hehehehe  So keep an eye out for more nail swatches in the future from my blog as i have already ordered 2 more (i may be starting to build a little collection for myself ;) ) 
Another brilliant thing i love about these polishes is that there is Hardeners in them which is ideal for me as sometimes my nails become brittle and weak and i do find my nails feeling stronger while wearing these polishes 

Is there anyone else out there who hasn't tried China Glaze?  If you have tried them what are your Favourite shades....I have seen so many shades i want to try.  Have you tried O.P.I Is it any better or the same as China Glaze 
Well until Next Time 
Lots Of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sleek MakeUp Ultra Matte i-Divine Palette V2 Darks Review

Well hello there Beautiful's :) :) 
I hope you are all well 
Now as you can see by the title I am reviewing 
Sleek MakeUp Ultra Matte i-Divine Palette V2 Darks :) :) 
Now you can imagine the excitement I was in when I first found out Sleek was bringing out 2 new all matte eyeshadow palettes in May this year :) 
I have always wanted to add more Matte eyeshadows to my collection as they are hard to find especially good ones :) 
Now if you have been following my blog for a while you will know i have 3 sleek eyeshadow palettes already to my collection and i absolutely adore them.  I think they are amazing for the value and the pigmentation of them are super amazing :) 
So this made me even more excited i just couldnt wait to try these to see if they were as good 
I purchased my Palette from Beauty Emporium  which is an Irish based company who sell different brands of beauty products including Sleek Makeup There was free shipping for the month of June so i took advantage and went CRAAAAZZZYYY shopping :) :) As you do.  
This palette cost me 8.50 euro which is a great price.  Beauty Emporium Ship World Wide which is excellent.  I love shopping there as you can get alot of products you would not be able to find elsewhere.  
The packaging is exactly the same as the rest of the palettes.  It comes with a nice sized mirror inside and a dual eye-shadow applicator which i always get rid on.  There is a plastic covering over the eye-shadows on which has the name of each eye-shadow printed it.  
The moment i seen this palette i fell in love with it.  If you are a matte eye-shadow lover you will love it too.  As i mentioned before in my other sleek palette reviews these eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented.  They are beautiful smooth and creamy and go on like a dream I literally have nothing bad to say about this palette if i had to pick out one flaw it would maybe be that the white shade is not as pigmented as the rest but thats about it :) 
So starting with each shade 
Orbit:  A beautiful deep teal i love this shade especially as an eyeliner its great for a pop of colour on a "no makeup day"
Ink:  A Fab Royal Blue even though i am not a huge fan of blue's i love this shade and it works for me 
Highness:  Well now this has to be one of my fav's :) a fab fab Purple i find myself using this alot lately it makes my hazel eyes pop
Thunder:  A mid tone Grey 
Maple:  A beautiful burgundy brown I love this shade especially when creating a smokey eye :) 
Flesh:  Well the name speaks for itself i think :) a tan shade great for blending out harsh lines or under the brow or on its own if you were doing a no makeup look 
Noir:  A simple black....whahooo i love getting black eyeshadows in palettes but to be honest it could be a little more pigmented in my eyes :) 
Dune:  A true sand shade another blending eyeshadow i use alot 
Pillow Talk:  This is the white i was talking about its not hugely pigmented but works 
Paper Bag:  A lovely chocolate brown i sometimes use this on my brows and as a eyeliner 
Villan:  Another beautiful violet purple hehehe im been spoiled in this palette :) :) 
Fern:  A lovely deep green i love this as a pop of colour on a "no makeup day" also :) 
Row 1 
Row 2 All swatches are made with no primer :) 

My overall opinion is some of these shades would not satisfy everyone.  Especially people who like to play it safe when it comes to eyeshadows.  People who like to play around with shades will love this :)  Personally i would not wear all matte on my eyes but i love the fact i finally have a true matte palette.  With a primer these will last a good 6 + hours depending on how oily your lids are.  As i do not suffer to very oily eyelids i found these lasted all day on me but i did do a look on someone with very oily lids and i have to admit they didnt last as long.  
For the price i think this palette is well worth its money but if you are someone who like to play it safe with eyeshadows or if mattes are not for you i think give this palette a miss.  

So have you tried this palette or have you tried the other one V1 or V2  ?
What do you think of it :) 
This palette is also available in Superdrug for around £7 and on the Sleek Website for 10 euro 
Well as i said above i kind of went a little CRAAAZZZY Shopping on Beauty Emporium mostly buying Sleek Makeup so keep an eye out for more reviews on that :) :) 
Until next time i hope you are all well 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

P.S  I thought bigger pictures would be better let me know in the comments what you think :) are they too big or just right :) Thanks everyone for reading :) 
***Update*** Since posting this review up a couple of people messaged me saying they could not find the palette on Beauty Emporium.  So i emailed them and as always i got an instant reply stating that they have ordered more but that Sleek has ran out of them and expecting restock within the month Stephanie the lady who runs Beauty Emporium said she will contact me when they are back in :) so i will let you all know on facebook when they are available again :) 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nina's Wednesday Whispers

Hey my beauties how are you all doing :) 
If you follow me on facebook you will know what this blog post is about as i put the idea of this up on facebook and asked you all what you thought of my new blog post for Wednesdays.  I got great reception from alot of you saying you thought it was a great idea.  

Well incase you missed that i will tell you now. 
Since starting up my facebook and blog page i have got to know alot of lovely people and to be honest ended up having heart to heart chats about life in general as well as what i blog about of course and i have found people coming back to me thanking me for advice i have given them etc.  I have had suggestions to start up some sort of advice thing (as it was stated) I sort of put it off as i thought it might not work out but its been on my mind alot.  

I am at the age now that i can safely say i have experienced alot in my life and i mean ALOT.  Alot of good and alot bad but to be honest instead of wishing i never went through the bad i am sort of thankful after all i have learned alot from experience bad experiences and feel i have become a stronger and better person.  Now im in no way saying im a professional councilor but i can safely say that i have been told by many that i give good advice and that i make alot of sense.  

So here i am today announcing that i am official starting up an advice blog post especially for you all out there.  This advice post can be about anything at all beauty related, boy troubles, advice about children, basically anything at all ANYTHING.  All you gotta do is email me at
I will pick out some emails every week and post them here with my advice/answers.  If your email is not chosen please do not be disheartened simply email me again and i will surely answer the following week.  I was even thinking if it gets to a stage where i get alot of emails every week i will this up on my youtube channel once a week so i can get round all of them.  We will see :) 
Now please be reassured that every email to me is private and confidential and if you do not wish for me to post your questions up on my blog just let me know in your email and i will simple just write back to you via email with my advice if i can answer you :) :) If you are happy with me posting your question but wish to keep your name ssshhhhhhh i will happily do that too.  I was never going to put your full name up but only your first name thats why i want you to let me know if thats ok or not.  

So starting today i hope this will be a hit as i love chatting and giving advice to people.  I love to offer my shoulder to people to cry on or simply be there to listen and I am for all of you :) 
I hope to hear from you all soon 
Dont forget email me on 
This email is set up just for this blog post :) 
I am really looking forward to hearing from you all and looking forward to my 1st official Wednesday Whispers next week :) 

Thanks to everyone on facebook who participated of voting the name of this all important new blog post for me 
The winning vote was obviously 
Nina's Wednesday Whispers :) I love it 

See and hear from you soon 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

My BH Cosmetics Gift Card Giveaway


Make sure you enter my Youtube Giveaway 
You only have 1 week :) 
Watch the video to find out how to enter :) 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner Review

Hey my beauties I hope you are all well :) 
Today's review is on the Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner that i have been meaning to get and try for a very long time but never got round to it until a few weeks ago.  Actually i totally forgot all about it until someone asked me had i tried it yet and i replied no and they stated they were wondering had i tried it to find out what i thought of it before they got it awwwww its so sweet that they trust my word enough to wait and see what i thought :) :) 
Anyway on with the review 
Catrice state:
the new range of professional products for an excellent foundation. Ideal preparation: the Smoothing Refiner. The oil-free silicone-based primer practically makes pores disappear and fills out wrinkles for a smooth, refined complexion. Now you’re ready for your grand entry! Comes in a high-quality jar.
You are getting 14g of product for 4.99 euros which in my eyes is a bargain straight away as like any other primer going in the market you only need the slightest bit to do your whole face :)
The Packaging is alot different to some primers i have used.  The ones i own have a pump applicator whereas this on is a plastic jar.  To be honest i would have much preferred a pump applicator due to hygienic reasons but hey we are never happy eh? But when buying this product (the fact that it has such a wide opening) make sure it is sealed as you don't know who has put their fingers to the product if the seal is broken.  
The jar is small enough for your kit or handbag that's what i do like about it :) 
Now for the product itself :) :) Well when you see it in its package it looks a sort of pale pinky shade (which spreads out clear once applied) and also looks a little on the greasy side.  It looks creamy in the pot and it certainly feels creamy to touch and to apply on face skin.  You do feel the silicone in it but the fact that its oil free this will suit most skin types :).  The Fact that you can feel the silicone might alarm some of you but believe me it doesn't create any problems. 
Now i do suffer with open pores around my nose area and i do have a few "laughing lines" ;) so I was ready willing a able to put this baby to the test first on its own it certainly shows signs of reducing pores and lines for sure you could literally see the difference straight away not a huge huge difference but some but to put it to even more of a test i put this on before a certain foundation i found to sink into my pores especially and OMG girlies its made such a huge difference i am actually in love with this product !!!! The foundation a stayed away from i have been wearing on a regular basis now thanks to Catrice Prime and Refine (as i hate wasting anything and now i can use this foundation up).  
I highly recommend this primer to everyone but especially to people who suffer with dry skin, big pores, fine lines etc you will see a difference i promise and whats more is it even makes BB creams last all day long even in the warmest days :) 
One word of advice is if you suffer with very oily eyelids do not apply this on your eyelids as i have found that it made my eyeshadow crease even with using an eye primer.  
That's the only downfall i have with it. 
Have you tried this product?
What are your views on it :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

16 Random Questions Tag :)

Hey my beauties i hope you are all well :) 
Well as you can see by the title this is a 16 Random Questions Tag 
& Seeing as this is Random i decided to put a Random picture in my blog post lol with a bit of humour haha as thats just who i am both Random and Humorous (well most of the time anyway) 
So i first seen this blog post on Marians blog called The high life of Mars whom i love reading she too is an Irish blogger Check her blog out you will love it :) 

Well i love tag videos and blog post and when i commented on hers she tagged me lol :) so its only now im getting round to doing it so here goes :) 

16 Random Questions

1.What was the last concert you went to?
Shakira and boy was it the best concert I have went to.  My dad bought me and my sister tickets to go and i thought "ok i like her but would she be any good live???" Well i can tell you now she is better live :) absolutely amazing concert and lasted and hour and half AMAZING 

2.When did you last drink champagne?
IOk you might find this hard to believe but i have never tasted it :O not even the cheap stuff no......I want to wait until i have a huge occasion to celebrate and then i will crack open that all expensive bottle of champers :) 

3.Have you been dancing recently?
I dance all the time :) I dance in my kitchen while im cooking, dance while cleaning my windows, dance with my sweeping brush, dance while applying makeup etc.......most of all i dance all the time with my kiddies i feel dancing is a great way to churp yourself up, exercise and most of all have fun :) 

4.Put your iPod on shuffle (alternatively pick the closet CD/cassette/LP/turn on the radio) – what’s the first track?
Bat out of hell------Meatloaf     you gotta love a bit of meatloaf :) 

5.If you could compete in any event in the London 2012 Olympics, what would it be?
The first to finish a smokey eye look :) :) :) :) :) Sports is too much for me hahaha 

6.What is your favourite children’s book?
Roll of Thunder hear my cry........By Mildred D Taylor Amazing book 

7.How did you choose the title of your blog?
It took me two days to decide what to call my blog........I wanted to be Original but it sort of didnt work out that way.....but i knew i would be literally reviewing items that i either got on bargain or literally at bargain prices as I am and always have been a bargain hunter in everything lol so thats what i called it :) Nina's Bargain Beauty as most of what i review is to do with beauty....Not every original but its my own :) 

8.How much time do you spend on blogs and Twitter each week?
Oh man if i am not blogging myself im reading them, if im not making videos im watching them blogging is my life along with been a full-time mum and i love been a mum more but blogging is a whole different part of my life without it i would be lost :) 

9.What would you regard as your biggest achievement?
Wow thats is an amazingly hard question.........I suppose everything in my life that i have been through i have achieved to pull through it :) i suppose my biggest achievement is been a mum......Its the hardest job in the world and thats no word of a lie but when i see my kiddies doing something new everyday or doing something i thought them to do....THATS MY BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT.....Along with that i achieved a degree in IT in college :) 

10.Who are you inspired by?
My Dad....He is a big inspiration to be he has the most biggest heart anyone could ever have......yes he has a few little faults i would love to change but who doesnt lol 
He has always shown me that family is most important in life and he would literally give his last penny/cent away just to see someone happy.  I feel i have taken after him and i hope i rub that off to my kids :) :) Love you Dad :) 

11.Who stole the cookies from the cookies jar?
ME!!!! Well i did make them so why shouldnt I hehehehehe

12.If you could introduce one new law what would it be?
I have to agree with Marian in this one...........It would be to legalise same sex marriage in Ireland.  Absolutely everyone has the right to get married and it shouldnt make a difference if they are male and female or same sex what business has anyone got to tell anyone they shouldnt be together for the rest of their lives !!!!!!! That and who should or shouldnt have kids !!!!!

13.What book do think everyone should read at least once, you know the one you read, fell in love with and have since taken to recommending it to people at every opportunity?
To be honest? I am not a huge book reader never was really but one book i did read (when i was in secondary school) was written by the author Joan Lindgard. It describes the way both Catholic and Protestant children in Belfast think about each other. The title is also the date the Protestants march to celebrate king William of Orange’s defeat over the Catholics in the late 16th century.  It was made into a series i found them so interest and never forgot them :) 

14.If you could wake up tomorrow anywhere in the world, where would you be?
Oh wow i suppose New York Id love it :) I always wanted to go to America :) Maybe some day :) 

15.When was the last time you did something that was scared you?
Ok im going to be a little serious in this one but the last time i done something that scared me was bringing my 2nd oldest son up to get check out in hospital as you have probably seen on my blog i done a post about a rare cancer my oldest boy had call Retinoblastoma and even though the doctors told me it was not genetic there is still a possibility after all you dont know these day but anyways the doctors told me i am better off getting the rest of my children check out one by one to rule it out well my boy was up there 3 weeks ago for tests and it petrified me but thankfully he was ruled out phewwwww.  Thats the only recent scary thing i have went through 

16.Are you a believer in always telling the truth, no matter what the consequences, or are there times when it’s best to keep your mouth shut?
Ok nobody in this world is a saint!!!!! Not one person has went through life without telling some sort of lie.  I am a great believer in telling the truth about big things for sure and i always always teach my kids to tell the truth no matter how bad it is as you wont get into as much trouble as you would if you were caught out lying but i do believe we have to tell little lies sometimes in a bid to save someone from been hurt badly.  If someone want my utmost honest opinion i would give it.  If i felt that the truth would hurt the person but save them at the same time i would 100% tell the truth without a doubt.

So thats it everyone awwww I thought i would be forever answering these but did not take me long at all 
Well anyone who wants to be tagged YOUR TAGGED :) :) 
I love reading these posts as you get to know who your are following more :) 
I hope you enjoyed this 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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