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Essence Fruity Blush Sorbet & Lip Balm Review

Hey my beauties how are you all doing today?
Its finally summer break for the kiddies from school boy does time fly 
Its already the 1st of July and that means 5 months counting til christmas!!
oh lordy Santa is going to need these 5 months just to make toys for my house lol 
Anyways this is Final review on the Essences Trend "Fruity" Edition items I purchased.  If you have not seen PART 1 and PART 2  I have already reviewed the nail polishes and eye sorbets :) 
Next up is this only and only blush in this edition and its the Fruity Blush Sorbet in "Smoothie Operator" :) :) 
The packaging of this blush is nothing amazing, its a simple plastic tub with a white lid.  Some would say its cheap looking but well it was cheap.  The tub will definitely keep the blush intact and fresh and clean so what more would we want in the packaging really :) 
We are getting 8.2g of blush for the total of 2.79 euro which in my eyes is more than a bargain :) 
As you can see by the photo this is certainly a "Sorbet" texture.  It feel more water based than oily which is a bonus :) The shade is a a beautiful rosey pink with gold specks and believe me the gold speck will only give a beautiful glow on the cheeks you will not notice gold specks.  The scent is AMAZING :) its hard to place the exact scent but all i can say is that it smells like strawberries and cream or strawberry smoothie mmmmmmmmmmmm its not overly sweet but boy its smells good enough to eat.  The scent doesnt last as strong you will notice it disappearing after 10 minutes but i have asked my kiddies while wearing it to give me a kiss on the cheek and my son replied to me "mmmmmm mammy you smell like berries" that was 5 hours after applying.  :) 
I found this blush lasted a good 5 to 6 hours without moving which is good enough for me for and everyday use :) :) even with it wearing off you can still notice it on your cheeks.  The colour payoff is very good and very buildable.  I apply with my finger tips as i find its the best way and easier.  It applies smoothly and you have enough time to blend it out to your liking either with your fingers or with a brush :).  I found the first layer to be sheer but once i applied a 2nd layer i was happy with that.  The shade gives a nice healthy flush look almost like a childs cheeks when they have been outside running a beautiful healthy rosey glow :) 
My overall opinion on this blush is IF YOU CAN GET IT BEFORE IT SELLS OUT GET IT!!!!! for less than 3 euro its a lovely blush and i have no faults whatsoever with it :) :) 
My beautiful daughter wanted to be a model wearing the blush so i did a little look on her she is also wearing it on her lips :) :) 
Next up is the Fruity Lip Balm 
There are 2 shades available in the Fruity Lip Balms and i decided i would just buy the one for now to see what they are like.  These lip balms cost 1.99 euro each for 3.9g and i got mine in shade 02 Very Cherry 
So the packaging looks like any normal lip balm packaging nothing different there 
But the product looks more lip a lipstick than a usual flat top lip balm. 
The fact that this balm is shaped lip a lipstick makes it easier than some balms to apply which is a bonus already.  Essence state that you will get a little tint from these when you apply it but to be honest there was no difference in shade to my lips but my lips are very pigmented on their own as it is so I concealed my lips and tried again just to see if it did and it does !!!! A very very sheer balm but does this balm actually keep your lips moisturised thats the big question.  The texture of this is brilliant its soft and creamy and does last a couple of hours before i have to apply again and I absolutely love the cherry scent each time I apply it :) :)  There was no point in me including a picture of the lip balm on my lips but i will included a swatch on my hand for you 
For less than 2 euro this is worth trying out but as its only a limited edition there is no point rushing out there to get it to me its not really any different to other lip balms out there from other brands 

Well thats it everyone thats my review for the day :) 
I really hope you enjoys my reviews on each of the Essence Fruity Edition 
Have you tried any of them 
What is your thoughts on them 
Until next time
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Maria Sparkle said...

This blush looks gorgeous!!!! We cant get hold off essence here in the UK, grrrrr hehe. Thanks for sharing!!!xx

miraj said...

Thanks for your nice article. I am empress. I am thing your summer past with written story. Your’s story are so nice. I am happy and waiting for more news publish in the site about quad.

Lavender said...

I also got that lip balm and I love it because of this smell, but I haven't decided for this blush and now I'm really sorry.. :)

Shona said...

Hey! Love that blush, wish we had essence in england! (ps emailed you about the MAC blush ) :) xx

Nina said...

@maria yes hunny its gorgeous for the price :) :) Hopefully it will arrive in the UK soon thanks for your lovely comment

@miraj hunny im confused about what quad your are talking about :) :) and thanks so much i am glad you enjoy reading my blog i reall appreciate you supporting me :)

@lavender its not too late to get the blush hunny its still available as its not long on sale in stores :)

@shona i have it sorted hunny thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Oh I love these reviews! Looks great and your daughter is beautiful!:)

Nina said...

Thank you Makeupmonster she is delighted you said that lol :) :)

Anonymous said...

that blusher looks soooo goood!!!


fluff and fripperies said...

I really want that lip balm!

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