Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nina's Wednesday Whispers

Hey my beauties how are you all doing :) 
If you follow me on facebook you will know what this blog post is about as i put the idea of this up on facebook and asked you all what you thought of my new blog post for Wednesdays.  I got great reception from alot of you saying you thought it was a great idea.  

Well incase you missed that i will tell you now. 
Since starting up my facebook and blog page i have got to know alot of lovely people and to be honest ended up having heart to heart chats about life in general as well as what i blog about of course and i have found people coming back to me thanking me for advice i have given them etc.  I have had suggestions to start up some sort of advice thing (as it was stated) I sort of put it off as i thought it might not work out but its been on my mind alot.  

I am at the age now that i can safely say i have experienced alot in my life and i mean ALOT.  Alot of good and alot bad but to be honest instead of wishing i never went through the bad i am sort of thankful after all i have learned alot from experience bad experiences and feel i have become a stronger and better person.  Now im in no way saying im a professional councilor but i can safely say that i have been told by many that i give good advice and that i make alot of sense.  

So here i am today announcing that i am official starting up an advice blog post especially for you all out there.  This advice post can be about anything at all beauty related, boy troubles, advice about children, basically anything at all ANYTHING.  All you gotta do is email me at
I will pick out some emails every week and post them here with my advice/answers.  If your email is not chosen please do not be disheartened simply email me again and i will surely answer the following week.  I was even thinking if it gets to a stage where i get alot of emails every week i will this up on my youtube channel once a week so i can get round all of them.  We will see :) 
Now please be reassured that every email to me is private and confidential and if you do not wish for me to post your questions up on my blog just let me know in your email and i will simple just write back to you via email with my advice if i can answer you :) :) If you are happy with me posting your question but wish to keep your name ssshhhhhhh i will happily do that too.  I was never going to put your full name up but only your first name thats why i want you to let me know if thats ok or not.  

So starting today i hope this will be a hit as i love chatting and giving advice to people.  I love to offer my shoulder to people to cry on or simply be there to listen and I am for all of you :) 
I hope to hear from you all soon 
Dont forget email me on 
This email is set up just for this blog post :) 
I am really looking forward to hearing from you all and looking forward to my 1st official Wednesday Whispers next week :) 

Thanks to everyone on facebook who participated of voting the name of this all important new blog post for me 
The winning vote was obviously 
Nina's Wednesday Whispers :) I love it 

See and hear from you soon 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Adel said...

Finally the tittle of this post is chosen! I saw your post in facebook about this. lol I like it and I hope this will be a popular weekly post on your blog :)
Have a nice day, Nina.

Anonymous said...

Oh great idea!!

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