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Catrice Made to Stay Highlighter Pen

Hey my Beauties.  I hope you are all well.  
I hope you are getting some sunshine where-ever you are :)
Here in Ireland we are not getting much of a summer one day its sunny and the next few days with thundery showers.  I love to take pictures in the sunshine as they cant be more perfect but with out weather its so bloomin' hard.  If you saw me some mornings at 6 am if the sun is out im out taking pictures.  I was actually caught one morning in my nightie by the postman sitting on the ground outside organising items to take photos.  He looked at me like i had 50 heads lol ah well it has to be done and i love it :) :) 
Anyways had a little ramble there back to business :) :)
Today's review is on the Catrice Made to Stay Highligher Pen.  This was first release here around May of this year :) 

Catrice claims :
This Highlighter Pen is the ultimate must-have for every eye make-up look. The long-lasting creamy and powdery formula sets radiant highlights under your eyebrows or the outer and inner corners of your eyes. Application is totally easy and practical thanks to the retractable pen mechanism. A new highlight for highlights!

I can safely say this pen is AMAZING!!!! Just to ease the suspense :) but read on to find out more about it :) 
Now the reason i got this in the first place was i wanted a highlighter for the inner corner of my eyes something quick and easy especially for the hot days and when im doing my "no makeup days". 
This little beauty cost me the sum total of 3.75 euro which was darn cheap.  Now correct me if im wrong but i immediately thought to myself "why would they call it a pen???" like its more os a stick than a pen in my eyes but anyhuuuuu thats not an issue just thought id put that out there.  
The packaging is pretty straight forward....a plastic pen with a good sturdy lid that clicks shut so no fear of it coming off in your bag.  To use you simply twist it so that the product twists up for usage :) 
As i said very simply :) 
What i love is that this is so so handy for travel or even placing in your purse :) :) 
The product itself is a sort of pearly cream shade.  I thought it would come out darker on the skin as it looks dark in the package but i was wrong.  As you can see in the photo it turns out to be a lovely light creamy shade this photo is taken in natural sunlight.  I absolutely love this as i use it in my inner corner of my eyes, under my brow and sometimes even as a base for my eyeshadows.  I have even tried this on the tops of my cheek bones and it gives such a fabulous glow.  
The texture feels pretty nice on the skin its creamy and soft and so easy to apply.  I use a brush to apply this then spread it out with my finger tips.  A little of this goes a long long way.  
I also found that when this dries it lasts all day long when they stated the name "made to stay" it really does stay.  
Now I dont have a problem with this but some people might but there is a little shimmer to this product.  I find i dont even notice it but i have been told by some people that they dislike the fact that there is shimmer in the highlight but i think that's what makes this product work :) 
the above picture is the highlight completely blended out and taken in direct sunlight to show you how it looks on the skin :) :) 
I am so happy i got this and i literally use it everyday mostly for the inner corner of my eyes it makes me look fresh and wide awake :)
Would i recommend this?  100% if you are looking for a good drug-store highlighter that lasts all day I definitely recommend trying this one :) 
In this photo im wearing it in the inner corner of my eyes do you see how wide awake i look and believe me everyone i dont look like this without some help lol (well i do have 5 kiddies among and i roughly only get about 4 hours sleep a night)  :)   I actually dabbed a little on the middle on my lips to make them pop :) 
Well I hope you enjoyed this review everyone 
Hope you are all well 
Leave me some comments even if its just to say hello :) 
I love when you all write to me :) 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 


adoreabubbles said...

Soooo getting this! Fantastic review Nina x

Nina said...

you wont regret it hunny its so good for the price :) :)
And thanks for the comment :) :) i cant believe you got your glossybox already im still waiting it soooooooo better come here tomorrow :)

JuicyBeauty said...

wow, You are so beautiful woman :))

Nina said...

JuicyBeauty thats really sweet of you hunny xxxxxxxxxx

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