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Sleek MakeUp Ultra Matte i-Divine Palette V2 Darks Review

Well hello there Beautiful's :) :) 
I hope you are all well 
Now as you can see by the title I am reviewing 
Sleek MakeUp Ultra Matte i-Divine Palette V2 Darks :) :) 
Now you can imagine the excitement I was in when I first found out Sleek was bringing out 2 new all matte eyeshadow palettes in May this year :) 
I have always wanted to add more Matte eyeshadows to my collection as they are hard to find especially good ones :) 
Now if you have been following my blog for a while you will know i have 3 sleek eyeshadow palettes already to my collection and i absolutely adore them.  I think they are amazing for the value and the pigmentation of them are super amazing :) 
So this made me even more excited i just couldnt wait to try these to see if they were as good 
I purchased my Palette from Beauty Emporium  which is an Irish based company who sell different brands of beauty products including Sleek Makeup There was free shipping for the month of June so i took advantage and went CRAAAAZZZYYY shopping :) :) As you do.  
This palette cost me 8.50 euro which is a great price.  Beauty Emporium Ship World Wide which is excellent.  I love shopping there as you can get alot of products you would not be able to find elsewhere.  
The packaging is exactly the same as the rest of the palettes.  It comes with a nice sized mirror inside and a dual eye-shadow applicator which i always get rid on.  There is a plastic covering over the eye-shadows on which has the name of each eye-shadow printed it.  
The moment i seen this palette i fell in love with it.  If you are a matte eye-shadow lover you will love it too.  As i mentioned before in my other sleek palette reviews these eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented.  They are beautiful smooth and creamy and go on like a dream I literally have nothing bad to say about this palette if i had to pick out one flaw it would maybe be that the white shade is not as pigmented as the rest but thats about it :) 
So starting with each shade 
Orbit:  A beautiful deep teal i love this shade especially as an eyeliner its great for a pop of colour on a "no makeup day"
Ink:  A Fab Royal Blue even though i am not a huge fan of blue's i love this shade and it works for me 
Highness:  Well now this has to be one of my fav's :) a fab fab Purple i find myself using this alot lately it makes my hazel eyes pop
Thunder:  A mid tone Grey 
Maple:  A beautiful burgundy brown I love this shade especially when creating a smokey eye :) 
Flesh:  Well the name speaks for itself i think :) a tan shade great for blending out harsh lines or under the brow or on its own if you were doing a no makeup look 
Noir:  A simple black....whahooo i love getting black eyeshadows in palettes but to be honest it could be a little more pigmented in my eyes :) 
Dune:  A true sand shade another blending eyeshadow i use alot 
Pillow Talk:  This is the white i was talking about its not hugely pigmented but works 
Paper Bag:  A lovely chocolate brown i sometimes use this on my brows and as a eyeliner 
Villan:  Another beautiful violet purple hehehe im been spoiled in this palette :) :) 
Fern:  A lovely deep green i love this as a pop of colour on a "no makeup day" also :) 
Row 1 
Row 2 All swatches are made with no primer :) 

My overall opinion is some of these shades would not satisfy everyone.  Especially people who like to play it safe when it comes to eyeshadows.  People who like to play around with shades will love this :)  Personally i would not wear all matte on my eyes but i love the fact i finally have a true matte palette.  With a primer these will last a good 6 + hours depending on how oily your lids are.  As i do not suffer to very oily eyelids i found these lasted all day on me but i did do a look on someone with very oily lids and i have to admit they didnt last as long.  
For the price i think this palette is well worth its money but if you are someone who like to play it safe with eyeshadows or if mattes are not for you i think give this palette a miss.  

So have you tried this palette or have you tried the other one V1 or V2  ?
What do you think of it :) 
This palette is also available in Superdrug for around £7 and on the Sleek Website for 10 euro 
Well as i said above i kind of went a little CRAAAZZZY Shopping on Beauty Emporium mostly buying Sleek Makeup so keep an eye out for more reviews on that :) :) 
Until next time i hope you are all well 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

P.S  I thought bigger pictures would be better let me know in the comments what you think :) are they too big or just right :) Thanks everyone for reading :) 
***Update*** Since posting this review up a couple of people messaged me saying they could not find the palette on Beauty Emporium.  So i emailed them and as always i got an instant reply stating that they have ordered more but that Sleek has ran out of them and expecting restock within the month Stephanie the lady who runs Beauty Emporium said she will contact me when they are back in :) so i will let you all know on facebook when they are available again :) 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Dyna said...

oh my lord gurl I'm so getting this thanks for the review!

Nina said...

Dyna You will Love it especially you as you love to be adventurous :)

MsDarkFairy88 said...

I love the bigger pictures hun! thanks for the great review :D

Anonymous said...

Cute colours, don't think I'd wear them but would love them on someone else if that makes sense:)

Nina said...

Thanks so much marianxxxxx

@makeupmonster i know exactly what you mean :) :)

adoreabubbles said...

This palette would be wonderful in the Autumn. A fantastic review as always girl. Hope to see you soon :D

Chelsea said...

I want it so bad! Seriously, matte eyeshadows are so hard to come across these days and that palette is amazing.

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