Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Lush Swap with Beauty bits & bobs

So Mary From Beauty bits & bobs and I were writing to each other on Facebook one day and she was telling me she spotted a lipstick from Catrice that she would love to get in time for her prom, that it would be so suitable for the type of make-up she was going to do.  Unfortunately Catrice is not available in England where she is from and i suggested to her as we are friends for a while now that i would get it for her and send it over :)  Thats where she suggested we do a swap and i thought YES id love to.  So i would send her over some goodies from Catrice and she would send me over items i cant get my hands on easily and the first thing i though of was LUSH :) because I only ever tried lush once (Shock) as The nearest Lush to me is about 40 miles away 
So we agreed to spend £20 each and this is literally what i got :) :) 
I told Mary i wasnt fussy about what she got me as i haven't really tried anything from there so i was curious to try anything :) 
She chose to send me the Very Berry Gift Box which contained 5 items :) :) Oh the Scent of the package when it was handed to me by the postman was out of this world and i asked him was his van all smelly and nice he replied "yeah it smells girly lol" 
Soooooooo what did i get in this box i hear you ask me :) 
Lush state:
Very Berry is a rock star among our gifts; it seems all we have to say is ‘sweet blackberry fragrance’ and everyone has to get their mitts on one! Every product in this fruity box can be layered with the other; hop in the bath with fizzy Blackberry Bath Bomb, cherry infused Happy Blooming bath melt and The Comforter bubble bar. Wash with a slice of Sultana and soften with our hibiscus infused Strawberry Feels Forever. Voila! You’ll smell like freshly picked blackberries and cream. 

In this little box of joy you are getting:
Blackberry Bath Bomb:  This is supposed to be the 1st ever bath bomb to be invented in 1989. Its the most bought bath bomb from Lush :) 
So you will believe me when i say i loved every moment of my bath when i used this oh my goodness the beautiful fruity scent was amazing while it fizzed away in the water i could not wait to jump in.  My bath water had turn a lovely shade of purple My Favourite Colour :) I was actually expecting bubble but go none :( ah well :) Awww it was just heaven lying in fruity goodness i was so darn relaxed :) I slept like a baby that night :) and imagine i could still get the scent of blackberry in my bathroom the next morning :) :) 
The Comforter:  Oh boy for the last 3 weeks especially i have been suffering alot with bad tension neck pain some days it gets so bad i end up getting migraine.  One of them days i needed a bath just to wind down and calm down and i had nothing for muscle pain.  So i thought i would give this little baby a go.  I wasnt expecting it to get rid of the tension pain but i expected it would do something for me as the name "The Comforter" had to stand for something eh? Or did it? 
Well i threw this into the bath while it was running a low and behold i seen bubbles :) yeeeeeee Now i only used half of this as it was a good sized bar 200g to be precise and im so glad i did now.  The scent of this reminded me of my kiddies blackcurrant fruit juice :) :) the shade of the bath water was a lilac shade and well when i dived into the bath it was one of those moments where i literally slid down into "Comfort" oh my goodness the softness of the bubbles felt amazing and it literally felt like i was floating on clouds to tell you the truth i fell asleep in the bath for 20 minutes lol 
I gave me such relief i actually felt like i had a full body massage and the tension had almost disappeared :) :) I am going the keep the other half until i have tension pains again and im looking forward to using it again :) 
Strawberry Feels Forever:  Ok please do not laugh at me when i say this ok, you promise? But i actually thought that this was a soap and was actually planning on using it as a soap when i looked again at my card i got with the box a realised it said massage bar.  Now you can imagine how silly i felt lol ( well i am practically a Lush Virgin you know :)  Anyways this IS a massage bar mainly for dry skin but anyone can use this.  I dont think i have to tell you what scent you get from it :) :) 
Lush state:  Massage bars serve double-duty as luxurious massage oil or after-shower body moisturizer. Glide the massage bar directly over dry skin; it will melt upon contact. Massage or rub the oils into the skin. As massage bars are made with natural butters and oils, take care to ensure they absorb completely before putting on your best silk pj’s. Massage bars melt at body temperature, so be sure to keep yours somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.
Oh my goodness the first time i used this i was amazed :)  I used this straight after coming out of my shower i rubbed this between my hands and indeed within second the heat from my hand melted enough from the bar to moisturise both my arms :) :)  This is so super moisturising that it take a little longer than my normal moisturiser to absorb actually it took about 10 minutes to completely absorb enough for me to get dressed :)  I liked how soft my skin felt after i used it and how sweet i smelled.  To be honest the only downfall i would have is that its kind of awkward to find somewhere to put it after using it but if you were a regular buyer of the massage bars you could buy a little container to store them in :) 
Happy Blooming Bath Melt:   Now Guess what i actually figured out on my own that you get 3 baths for the price of one with this one (awww i bet you are all so proud of me hehehe)  lol 
I havent actually got to use this yet but plan soon so i will let you all know how i get on :) 
Sultana of soap:  It looks like a slice of cake doesnt it :) I wish :) or soft cheese :) 
Anyway there is Dried apricots, Dried currants, cranberries & coconut oil along with other ingredients in this soap.  Apricots are rich in beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, minerals and potassium,  Cranberries are known to contain anti-aging properties which is what we all like yes?  So you will understand it when i tell you that i love this soap.  Oh my goodness such a pleasure to wash with this little beauty everyday.  This is not like any ordinary soap you buy in your local store no way it gives the most incredible creamy lather and leaves your skin silky smooth mmmmm and the fruity scent is incredible this is definitely perfect for anyone who suffers dry skin as the coconut oil which is in this soap acts like a moisturiser so you will have no fear of feeling that horrible tightness when you jump out of your shower :) 
Oh dear words cant even explain the enjoyment i have had in the last few weeks in my bathroom ;) lol But sure enough my enjoyment will soon be coming to an end as i am nearly finished my Lush adventure.  *Sniff*
I truth enjoyed every one of the products from this gift set.  If you are a fruity/sweet scent lover you will love these too :) 
Thanks so much to Mary for doing this swap with me I really enjoyed trying all my new items :) 
If you have a moment go check out her blog.  She took a little break away from it but planning on hitting back at it with a review on the items i sent her :) :) 
Whats your favourite Lush product? I might get some ideas for when ever i do get to go there :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The Yellow Sunflower said...

I just love the comforter so much also! Haven't tried any of the rest but I like the sound of the bath bomb and the strawberry body melt!
Will have to try now and buy!


molly96 said...

i would love to do one of these swaps!
i have such a long essence and catrice wishlist haha:P

www.themake-upcounter.blogspot.co.uk :D

Nina said...

@theyellowsunflower you will love them hunny :)
@molly96 id be more than happy to do a swap with you hunny but i am just in the middle of another big swap that the moment

molly96 said...

thankyouu Nina! I might have to wait til i have enough money but thanks and i will keep you updated:P

www.themake-upcounter.blogspot.co.uk :D

JuicyBeauty said...

I love Lush !

MsDarkFairy88 said...

I love Lush! just so you know the Comforter can be broken into two, for two baths! still loads of bubbles.. its my favourite Lush treat ever :)

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