Friday, 29 August 2014

W7 In The Buff & In The Nude Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palettes

Hello My Beauties I hope you are all well :) 
Today I am sharing with you 2 new palettes I have added to my collection 
I am not going to compare these to the famous Naked Palettes but you will get the idea as you see the shades that they are yet another dupe form of them :) :) 
I was super excited to see these come into my local pharmacy as I have heard so much about the first palette been so good.  So When I seen the two of them there I just had to grab them.  
These palettes cost me €9.95 each but I think in some places the prices vary and I have heard people have paid up to €12 per palette.  Each palette has 12 eyeshadows.

Lets talk a little about the packaging which I have to admit is adorable and so handy.  The eyeshadows come in a tin case which is so reassuring as I know that if I drop it my eyeshadows will be as right as rain :)  Each eyeshadow palette comes in a different shade palette which is also handy as you can tell which is which.   I have to admit its obvious W7 are making dupes out of the Naked 2 & 3 simply by the shade of the other packaging :)

Starting with the first Palette "In The Buff"

Inside the palette you are greeted by a beautiful selection of neutral shades and also a plastic covering to protect you shadows.  Included is a double ended brush which on one end contains a sponge applicator and on the other end an small flat brush which is perfect for packing on eyeshadows :) 

This palette as you will see contains 3 mattes and 9 shimmery/satin shades.  

So starting with shades 
Buff:  This is a very pigmented matte yellow toned shade a perfect base for your look or brow bone shade if you are using alot of shimmer on the lid.  
Camel:  This is a nice shimmery gold shade but to be honest I found it less pigmented to Buff.  It is buildable and gives a lovely payoff after building 
Sand:  A Lovely champagne near white highlight shade.  This shade is very pigmented with tiny shimmers I love using this as a highlight on the inner tear duct or on the brow bone 
Dust:  A Deep shimmery rose gold which is veering towards a coppery gold.  I adore this shade on the lid as it really brings out the green in my eyes.  Hugely pigmented but I have found can be a little chalky so this shade is better patted on the lid for less fall out 
Chocolate:  This is another matte shade and as you can see the shade is true to what it looks like in the pan.  A medium brown and a perfect transition shade I also love to use this to blend out harsh lines.  The pigmentation is not a strong as the rest but is again buildable 
Topaz:  A Deep shimmery dark brown bronze.  This is hugely pigmented.  You only need a little for this to go a long way.  The only thing I have to say is that it can be a little chalky and you will experience fall out but once your careful there shouldnt be too much mess.
Earth:   A very light golden brown shade quite shimmery but highly pigmented for such a light shade :) 
Storm:  A deep shimmer grey with a brown undertone to it.  This is highly pigmented a little goes a long way 
Silk:  This is a very pigmented pale pinky silver shade a very unique and stunning colour I have never seen anything like it :) 
Wave:  A beautiful Bronze taupe shade with silver shimmers.  This is less pigmented than expected but buildable 
Thunder:  I love this shade :)  This is a deep dark brown with a purple undertone.  This is so pigmented and yes there will be fall out but I just love it so much its stunning 
Onyz:  A Matte Black and surprise surprise a very pigmented jett black I am so thrilled with this shade :) :) 

All swatches are made with no primer underneath :) :) and of course in natural light :)  Click on the photo for a closer look :) 

Here is a simple look I created with the palette :) 

Last but not Least is the 2nd palette "In The Nude"

I have to admit I prefer the packaging on this pallete over the first one.  Its prettier and I love the rose gold colour on it :)  It actually looks a little more expensive :) 
So let me begin by saying that this is my most favourite simply because I love the shades.  Pinks and purples are my most favourite because they work better for my eye colouring.  They have always been my favourite shade and they fact that they are all in one palette make me a happy girl ;) 

Stunning Right?!
Well lets begin with 
Latte:  A Stunning Matte champagne shade :) a perfect highlight shade or even a perfect lid colour to make you eyes more wide awake :) 
Angel:  This shade is absolutely stunning and one of my favourites :)  A stunning baby pink with silver shimmer.  I have to admit you will have glitter fallout from this shade as the glitter is a little chunky but I tend to do my eyes before my face makeup when using this shadow :) 
Venice:  A Stunning satin peach pink another great shade and looks stunning on the lid very pigmented and no fall out 
Marilyin:  A Matte pinky mauve shade this I have to admit is not very pigmented its very sheer and maybe best used just to blend out harsh lines 
Copper Pot:  A stunning shimmery Copper Rose shade I am in love again this shade can be a little chalky and will cause glittery fall out but hugely pigmented 
Sun Kissed:  A metallic copper gold shade with a slight hint of rose in there this is stunning and very pigmented 
Alice:  A pinky Mauve matte shade very pigmented and blends like a dream.  
Bad Manners:  A shimmery medium golden brown with a hint of mauve going through.  The more of this shadow you use the more the mauve shows :) :) 
Coffee Cup:  A Deep brown with golden shimmers and also when caught in the light you will see pinky shimmers this is a stunning shade and very very pigmented 
Mud Slide:  A Satin Taupe with a slight greyish finish this is less pigmented than I thought but build able 
Tokyo:  A Deeper Taupe with more of a grey effect this has very little shimmer going through it and alot more pigmented that Mud Slide.  A little goes a long way with this baby 
Fashionista:  A very deep blackened browny/purple I say this because it looks purple in the palette yet I get more of a dark brown with a hint of purple when I swatch it.  .  This shade has red shimmer going through.  A lovely shadow to use but has fallout and can be mess as its a dark one so eye makeup before the face make-up I would advise 
All swatches made with no primer underneath 

This is a simple day time romantic look I created using this palette You see how the 2nd shade in this palette brings out the green in my eye This is why I love that shade so much :) :) 

Overall The pigmentation is pretty good for the price of the palettes.  I have to say there is alot more fallout from these palettes than some cheaper palettes I have used.  I have to say the 2nd palette is my favourite out of the two as the colours are warm romantic and alot more fun.  The lasting power is great on these once you use a primer you will find they will last all day long 
  I have some better news for you all. 
 If you like what you see I have found a website that sells these palettes for an even more affordable price.  Cara Pharmacy Website are selling these for only €6 each Happy days :) :)  W7 is also coming out with a new palette in which I can not wait to get my hands on and will surely be grabbing the moment its available, its looks so beautiful.  Clue: its called " In The Night"  I will let your imaginations take over now :) ;) Until I get my hands on it and do a review of course ;) 
I hope you all enjoyed this review and I just want to add that I finally got my hands on a brand new laptop so you will now see plenty of posts for me again from now on xxxxx
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Millie C said...

Love how the second look really makes the green in your eyes stand out. Shame about the fall out with these pallets

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Sarah Barton said...

OMG Naked copy or what! Shame to hear about the downside, but they really do look amazing on you <3 xx

Shannon Boyce said...

These shades look so so so pretty! I love neutral colours, I have to admit.....Gorgeous!

Julie Bardoe said...

I've been wanting to try these out and you have made me decide to finally pick them up! Your makeup looks fab to x

Kelly McKenny said...

They're nice looking palettes, tis a shame they're not the best x

Rachel Brennan said...

Wow those colours look AMAZING! I cant believe how cheap these palettes are I definitely need to invest in these! Thanks so much for the great review!!

Esha said...

I love how you came out with such pretty looks with the palettes. :) Sad that they fall out so much.

Kristina Maggiora said...

love the looks you created with the palettes :) great review!

beautyqueenuk said...

I have in the buff and love it, for the price, I didn't expect it to be as good as it is x

Achilipú said...

The palettes are really nice!!

I'm going to have a look on line to find them [W7 is not available in Spain :'( ]


Adele E said...

The shades in these palettes look so pretty! Remind me of the urban decay naked palettes. adele

Anonymous said...

I seriously don't need another neutral palette, but the swatches of In The Buff are absolutely lovely. I don't mind the fallout that much because some really pigmented drugstore eyeshadows tend to have that issue. When it comes to eyeshadows, I'd say pigmentation is king. :)

Kristyn said...

these palettes looks so GORGEOUS!


lovely review.thanks a lot. i have ordered the palette in the nude. i cant wait

Yvette Mariexo said...

Loved this post!! Now purchase some palettes from w7 thanks to your write up :)

Alyanna said...

Thank you for the very informative post. I purchased the Naked 3 and regretting it. :(

Western Dawn said...

Loved This post! I just wrote my own review today on my blog I can't wait to buy the other two palettes in the collection.

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