Sunday, 22 July 2012

My First China Glaze Experience :)

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Hey my beauties how are you all doing?
Today I am happy to announce that i am no longer a China Glaze Virgin Wahoooo :) 
You might find this hard to believe but i have never until now tried China Glaze Nail Polishes 
I dont know why to be honest as i have seen so many reviews , pictures, site etc with china glaze nail polishes.  I loved every picture i seen and heard so many great things about the polish.  They have been on my wish list for such a long time now these and O.P.I in which i have yet to try out.  
I think maybe the reason i havent tried these is because of the cost.  To be honest i got that used to buying cheaper branded nail polishes that i found it hard to spend up to 9 euro even more for one bottle from china glaze etc.  
Until one day i just took the plunge when i seen Beauty Emporium was doing a sale on some China Glaze and O.P.I Nail Polishes I just had to see what all the hype was about :) So i ended up buying 2 bottles from the site :) 
Blue Year's Eve was part of the 2011 collection :) Beauty Emporium had this on sale(in which they have ran out of stock) for 5 euro well i couldn't say no could I ? To be honest I am glad I didnt just look at that colour :) This is a very deep glassflecked blue.  In the sunlight you can almost catch the tiny speckle of purple in the bottle and if you are lucky you will see it on the nail too. I applied 3 thin coats and it turned out very opaque.  Absolutely amazing shade and i couldn't believe the amount of people that commented on my nails while i wore this.  They actually thought i got my nails done professionally :) Thanks China Glaze :) :) 
Sweet Hook:   I got this also on Beauty Emporium website on sale for 6.50 euro.  Now normally i dont go for a creme type nail polish but this caught my eye on the site as i was browsing i passed it a few time but i found myself going back to it and wondering will I or wont I.  Well you can see i did and i am glad i did!!!! This is part of the 2012 Spring collection and it looks amazing on the nail.  Its a pastel lilac.  Two coats is plenty as its a little thicker in consistency but not overly thick.  This shade would be lovely to wear if going to a wedding or an a family party or something like that.  
Lastly is CG in the City:  I got this little beauty on Ebay for 3.75 including shipping it was a bid sale happy days !! :)  I found out this was part of the Metro Collection in 2011
Just look at this nail polish in the bottle doesnt it look fab fab fab.  This is a clear nail polish with little gold, lavender, black and silver glitter.  I tried wearing this on its own and to be honest i thought it just didnt look right now dont get me wrong some people would like it on its own its just my person preference but i prefer it over a nail polish.   I have yet to try it over black nail polish in which I would say will look amazing :) I love this polish its great to have to jazz up you boring polish you might have in your collection.  :) 

Ok I can Safely say after my experience with these 3 polishes that im am LOVVVVINNNGGGG China Glaze polishes i mean wow.....
They lasted over a week on my nails which is pretty darn good as my hand are constantly in water.  Its crazy :) i put a cheaper nail polish on my nails in between wearing these polishes and all i wanted was the China Glaze on me :) :) I think i may possibly be starting to become a tad bit addicted lol.  Of course i will only buy China Glaze on offer as thats the sort of person i am....I'm a bargain hunter hehehehe  So keep an eye out for more nail swatches in the future from my blog as i have already ordered 2 more (i may be starting to build a little collection for myself ;) ) 
Another brilliant thing i love about these polishes is that there is Hardeners in them which is ideal for me as sometimes my nails become brittle and weak and i do find my nails feeling stronger while wearing these polishes 

Is there anyone else out there who hasn't tried China Glaze?  If you have tried them what are your Favourite shades....I have seen so many shades i want to try.  Have you tried O.P.I Is it any better or the same as China Glaze 
Well until Next Time 
Lots Of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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MsDarkFairy88 said...

love the blue polish! its gorgeous :)

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