Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Essence Fruity Eye-shadow Sorbet review

Hey everyone how are you all doing 
Today is Part 2 of my Reviews on the Essence Trend Edition "Fruity" collection 
If you missed the first one 
So todays review is on the Essence Fruity Eye-shadow Sorbet's 
There is 3 shades to the collection :) and they cost 2.79 euro each and you are getting 4g in each jar  :) 
The packaging is so darn cute i have to admit when i seen them i thought nnawwwwww 
they are so small and cute :) :) i just had to have them :) 
They each come in a glass jar and different colour lid to represent what shade your buying as again like the nail polishes the shades are not written on them only numbered 
When you open them you will see a mousse like eyeshadow.  The only way i can describe the texture of them is that they are more of an over whipped mousse texture :)   Before you ask no they dont smell of anything lol i checked :) :) 
01 Peach Beauty:  This is a peachy shade with a slight pink undertone and contains gold shimmer very fine glitter.  If you are one who doesnt like shimmery eyeshadows these are not for you.  Ever though all these eyeshadows are moist this seems to more moist than the others. Which mean it leaves it more awkward to work with i found.  I had to apply a light layer of this let it dry and apply another layer before i seen even a light colour payoff with it.  When packed on it looks beautiful 
02 Banana Joe:   This is a lovely light yellowy gold shade :) This is a perfect highlight shade i actually like this one the most as its a great multi tasker the only thing i found is its a bit on the glittery side :) :) more than the rest :) but i still like it :) I have also used this to highlight the top of my cheek bones and boy does it make me glow :) :) I love it 
03 One Kiwi a Day:  A pale green with multi- coloured shimmer very fine shimmer.  This is such a pretty colour 
You are wondering whats the cons and pros at this stage of these well i will tell you now.  You most definately need to wear a primer with these eyeshadows for sure to make them last and not crease especially if you suffer with oily lids.  I have found using your finger to apply these is much easier than a brush its almost like applying another eye primer to your lid when using these.  You can wear them on their own for everyday wear or use them as a base for your eyeshadows but if you are using them as a base you will be turning your eyeshadows into shimmery eyeshadows :)  Another good thing about these is that they dry quickly on the lid but you do have enough time to fix the shadow up before they set but when they set THEY SET.  They are in now way waterproof or water resistant but they do last all day if used with a primer :).  You will find them sheer but build-able.  I just advise you dont build them up too much as put them to the test by applying 3 layers on my eyes by letting each layer dry before applying another layer and it ends up feeling like you have cement on you lids but that was just for my reference and experimental purposes that i layered 3 times lol you wont need that 

In all i am not disappointed in these products if you like fun shimmery eyeshadows you will like these and they are most definitely not a waste of money 
Have you tried these?
What is your thoughts on them 
I really hope you enjoyed this review 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 


Giada Beauty said...

These looks really shimmery!
I will goto check them out :)
thanks for sharing xx

BeautybyPaula said...

Hi Nina,i have put together a little post to show you the Barry M polishes i was talking about.
Love the eye shadows,my favourite one is Peach beauty. So pretty. xx

Chloe said...

I picked up the sorbet blush & didn't know whether or not to try the eye sorbets, but I think I might get No 2 now & use it as a highlighter, it looks amazing!

Just to let you know, I'm giving away Catrice Million Styles Topcoats on my blog if you'd like a chance to win :) xi

Anonymous said...

Cute shades, they sound a bit tricky but for the price they're really nice:)

tizzy_bb said...

My lids do tend to get oily but I like these shimmery eyeshadows that you can pop on wih your fingers (super easy way to do makeup when in hurry - just to add some dimension to your eyes). I guess I'll have to try at least one of them, the golden one i think :)

Nina said...

awwww great hunny thanks for the link i am checking it out now :) :)

Nina said...

Chloe i never seen the Catrice Million Styles Topcoats are they new

Chloe said...

Nina,they were supposed to come out in April, but most places haven't got them - Sam McCauley's are the only places that have them in stock as far as I know, some people are going crazy trying to find them!

Nina said...

oh chloe i need them all lol

CuteandGirlyDMS said...

omg they look soooo nice...want them all!!!!!!! hope they will come to greece...!!!!!

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