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Hey my beauties how are you all doing 
As you can see today i am Reviewing the Newest addition to the MUA Site :) :) 
Created with Alexandra Burke by MUA!! Lipstick and highlighting gloss that creates fuller curvaceous lips for a dramatic illusion of volume. There are 4 amazing ways to transform your lips and give them some Boom! 
1. Lipstick alone for a matte look. 2. Lipstick with highlighter applied just to the centre of your lips to create a full volume illusion. 
3. Lipstick with highlighter all over for a super-glossy look. 4. Highlighter alone for a sheer pearl finish. There are 8 amazing shades in the range so grab yourself some  by mua
These cost an amazing £3 each which in my book is very affordable !!!!
So i just had to see what all the hype was even though i hated the idea of glittery lipgloss as its not a favourite of mine but i did like the idea of a matte lipstick and for £3 you are still getting a bargain even if you didnt use the gloss well thats what i thought before trying them anyway :) 
The packaging on these are fairly simple.  They are not overly sturdy but i havent lost any caps off them yet in my handbag which is a good sign.  Another thing i love is that these are named :) i think Alexandra was behind this as all of them are named after what she says (or more like her favourite sayings).  I love that :) 
So on with the shades :) 
VIBE:  This shade in my eyes is a beautiful everyday shade :) Its a nice light ( nude) brown with pinkish undertones and the gloss is sheer brown shade with multi-coloured shimmer.  On Alexandras picture this looks like a MLBB shades and its perfect nude for darker skin tones for me who has a lighter skintone its more visable and as i said a perfect everyday shade.  It looks fantastic on its own and surprisingly enough the highlight makes it look even better :)  I certainly would wear the highlight on its own but i would with the lipstick :) :) 
I have done lip swatches of the lipstick on its own and the with the highlight all over and then the gloss on its own :) 
Click on the photo for a closer look :) 
Bring it 
BRING IT:  Now this is a shade i love :) :) its a very very pigmented bright red with sort of a blue undertone to it.  Its definitely more on the cool side.  The highlight is a more peachy tone with golden shimmer to it.  This shade would look great on any skintone and would probably even suit people with the palest skintone better.  If you were looking to make it warmer the highlight will do that for you as the gold shimmer will warm it up instantly.  This is a perfect party lipstick no need to go crazy with the rest of your makeup because once you have this on your lips this is all that will be noticed.  
I can believe how easy this shade is to apply in just one swipe you are getting instant colour.

Doin Good
DOIN GOOD:  This is another shade that will suit all skintones.  Its a lovely pink shade and the highlight is a sheer pink with golden shimmer.  This is a perfect date night colour :) ;) If you didnt want to go crazy with your lippy but stll wanted your lips to be noticed this is the shade for you i love it.  This is quite pigmented and a little goes a long way :) 
click on the photo for a closer look 

O.M.G:  I actually loved the look of this colour in the tube :)  Its a bright coral shade.  The highlight is a sheer peachy shade with gold shimmer.  i love the shade but i have found this one in particular to be hard to apply for some apparent reason. Its like oil in water thats the only way to describe it spreading the lipstick is actually hard as it appears clumpy.  It definately needs the warmth of your finger to even out and even at that it sinks into any creases on the lips.  I found the gloss helps alot.  I also tried this lipstick after ex foliating and moisturising the lips and it went on alot smoother 
This is such a pretty colour and the gloss over it is amazing :) 

So thats it thats all i got so far :) there is another 4 shades to get so if i do get them i will surely update you all.  I found this lipsticks to apply a real pleasure especially for a matte lipstick even though in my eyes a couple of them appear to me as semi-matte.  They are really creamy and so easy to apply.  I know i will probably be asked are they drying ....yes they are drying but isnt that with all matte lipsticks :) the lipgloss itself is a little on the glittery side which at the beginning i told you i wasnt fond of but to be honest it works with these lipsticks and i like the option of either wearing the lipstick matte or livening it up with the gloss.  Another plus side is each gloss is made to suit the lipstick shade.  Top marks to MUA for thinking of this :) and for £3 you really cant go wrong :) 
So i hope you enjoyed this review if you have any questions please comment below.  Have you tried these yet ??
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina :) :) 


Beauty Fiend said...

they all look really nice and such a bargain i never see them at my superdrug though got to keep a watch out
Beauty Fiends blog

About me said...

Great review, I love mua products n the red looks fab!

xo, Jersey Girl said...

I really need to try MUA products!!

Awesome review!! I love all the pictures you added :)

Happy to be your newest follower from the bbloggers group :)

xo, Jersey Girl

Nina said...

hey Jersey girl thanks so much for your support glad to have you on board darlin :)

Kirsty said...

I bought Vibe and OMG the other day and I just love them I will be going back to try out some of the other shades.

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