Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Essence Limited Edition "Fruity" Nail Polish Review

cherry, apricot, kiwi – fruit, smoothies & co. are all the rage this spring and put us in the mood for a colorful summer. the new essence trend edition "fruity" is fruity-fresh and creamy-seductive as it presents itself with a powerful cocktail of colors containing strawberries, bananas, kiwis, oranges and berries of the forest in april 2012. wonderful sorbet colors and gentle textures for your eyes, lips and face guarantee high spirits in springtime! by Essence

Hey my beauties 
So i was in my local pharmacy collecting so items when i came across yet ANOTHER Limited Edition on the Essence Stand and sure well it was like Xmas all over again , as i was not expecting it at all :) 
Well then i couldnt just pass it and it was so cheap i just picked up the lot :) :) 
So obviously when i got home i started playing with my newbies straight away.  

I decided i will do the reviews on this seperate as there is a few items i found a little disappointing so i wanted to go a little into detail of why so stay tuned as i wont keep you waiting on the blog posts for too long :) 

Starting it the nail Polishes :) 

Dont these polishes look dam pretty :)  Each nail polish cost me 1.79 euro each.  
One thing is they dont have names or even numbers on them but they are named on the site 
Starting from left to right
01  One kiwi a day:  This certainly lives up to its name its a pretty green shade with little shimmers of green glitter in it 
02  Mashed Berries: This is a pretty berry pink shade with dark pink sparkles 
03  Very Cherry  Beautiful shade looks the same as mashed berries on the first coat but looks different more lighter than mashed berries after third coat
04  Banana Joe:  This does look like a banana shade in the bottle but to be honest i would go with lemon than banana :) this has no sparkle in it :) 
05  Peach Beauty:  This is my favourite shade out of the bunch i think.  Its a beautiful shade of peach and a perfect shade for the summer this has no sparkle in it either.  

What i found with these nail polishes is that they are very sheer which i think is the whole idea for summer time but to be honest if i was was applying nail polish i like it to be noticeable.  I found 2 coats of this nail polishes very sheer and i could still see my nail through it but after the 3rd it was fine.  I also found even with a top coat with my hands always been near water the nail polish chipped after 2 days :( boo.  
Even though the shades are lovely i found them way to much hard work especially on busy days.  They are good polishes if you want to wear with an outfit for a wedding or meeting or something like that but dont expect them to last longer than a week :) 
 I have swatches of two of these nail polishes and when i wear the others i will post them up in the future too but this is just to give you an idea of how they look on the nails :) 

Also available in this range is the Scented Top Coat 

Well now you can imagine me been sceptic of this as i have never heard of nail polish been scent Have you?  Well i needed a top coat anyway so i went ahead and bought it out of curiosity.  I had to open it there and  then to see could i get a scent and to be honest all i got a the typical nail polish scent :( but the fact it was cheap and i needed a top coat i went ahead and purchased it anyway :) 
When i applied it on my nails and let it dry i could get a slight scent of strawberries and cream :) :) i realised the top coat was in fact scented :) wow :) a great change from that strong nail polishy scent eh?  Now the scent doesnt last too long but its still a change :)   For less than 2 euro i am not going to complain about the lasting power of the scent as long as it protects my nail polish :) 
The top coat itself is good too it leaves a nice shine on the nail and does protect the polish from chipping after two coats.  I applied two coats of this due to my own personal preference :) 

So thats my out take on these polishes 
Have you tried them ??
What do you think of them 

Stay tuned for more reviews this range :) :) 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 


Sidrah!!!! said...

Gotta love Essence and their trendy collections! I wanna try out the scented top coat!

Cristina said...

these colors look gorgeous :) I hope i will find these nail polishes also :) Enjoy them x

Chloe said...

I haven't tried out the scented topcoat, but I have a scented polish from Revlon :)
I wouldn't pay extra for the scent, but they're nice!

BeautybyPaula said...

Love these colours.Reminds me of the ice-cream colours from Barry M.xx

Nina said...

Thank you all for your comments @Chloe i totally agree with you i would never pay extra for a scented nail polish but this was so cheap i just had to get it
@ beautybyPaula i never tried the Barry m ice-cream colours have you got them on your blog :)

BeautybyPaula said...

I don't have them on my blog.But i shall do a special post tomorrow just to show you :)

Nina said...

awwww dont feel you have to hunny :) if you ever do just let me know :) :) leave me the link :) xx

Krystal Caracol said...

These seem so fun! I wish we had this line! :)

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