Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in Over the Taupe Review

Hey everyone I hope you are all well
Todays review is an over due one to be honest as i have has this little palette of joy for a good month now.  I actually posted up a picture on my Facebook Page last week of a look i done with this palette just this palette alone and quite a few of you liked it well this my beauties is the palette from Essence i used.  I think anyone loves a nice neutral look or even a nice neutral palette they can use on an everyday basis.  Well this palette here is ideal 
the Essence Quattro Eyeshadow Palette in "Over the Taupe" (cute name) 
This only cost me €3.49 which is super cheap for 4 shades.  I must admit i was unsure about the pigmentation because the worst thing was that there was no samples to swatch before buying it so i had to take the risk and that is why i only bought one.  To my recollection i think there is 4 different shades of these palettes. 
The packaging on this is actually ok for the price but i can imagine if you are not careful the lid can easily break because its not exactly sturdy but its not too loose either.  As i said above you are getting 4 different shades 
The first shade is perfect for the brow bone or blending out any harsh lines - this is a lovely cream slightly frost finish its a little lighter than my skin tone but does nothing for the inner corner.  
The second shade is a nice greyish taupe shade this is perfect for the lid its bright enough to make your eyes look bright and awake.  
The third shade is more of a medium taupe with a little shimmer to it this is perfect for the crease for a bit of definition 
Lastly is the forth shade with is obviously a dark almost blackish taupe with a slight bit of gold shimmer to it which is perfect for the outer V of the eye perfect for that smokey effect and even perfect for a light eyeliner if you didnt want to use a strong one :) :) 
These swatches are very pigmented which was a huge shock to me to be honest but a pleasant shock might i add and the swatches are made with no primer underneath just to show how good this palette actually is.  I do advise if you use this palette to use with a primer or a good eyeshadow base and they will last all day long.  I love using this for a day time smokey look which would be light but noticeable.  I thin for the price this is definitely worth getting and i am definitely going to try more of these in different shades :) :)  

This was the look i posted up on facebook its just a light smokey eye for daytime using this palette.  
I even used the darkest colour in this palette as an eyeliner which stayed put all day :) not bad for €3.49 eh?
Have you tried these Quattro's yet which one have you tried?
I hope you enjoyed this review :)
Until next time Take Care 
Lots of love luck & Laughter 
Nina C


Christine said...

I have some of the essence single eyeshadows that are made for those small palettes, and I don't like them, there's no pigmentation at all!

These look great though :D

Nina said...

some of the single Essences eyeshadows are actually ok depending which ones but most of them have no pigmentation
this quad is actually good tho

Sidrah!!!! said...

the pigmentation is really good! I rarely try their shadows because they are a hit or miss. I like this one, its cute to carry around for touch ups!

fluff and fripperies said...

Hi lady, thanks for stopping by fluff and fripperies, I'm following you now and look forward to your posts! xo

SiSi Sparkles said...

i always see these at Rite Aid but never buy it because i always felt that maybe if the price is so cheap, the product might be cheap. after reading your post, i might have to pick it up myself!

new follower here~

Nina said...

yes they are good hunny just be careful with the single ones as some of them are not as pigmented as others :)

Thanks so much for following hunny i really appreciate it :)

Nina said...

@sisi im following back hunny

Ori said...

Those look amazing! Where can I buy these? I've never seen them before.
Also, I love your blue nails! What color is it?

Nina said...

@Ori hi hunny thanks very much for your comment my nail polish in the picture is also from essence hunny its called "choose me"

Im afraid Essence is only available in limited countries for now but they do intend on expanding to other countries in the near future and there is also talk that they are thinking of starting an online store.
you can purchase essence on ebay
and there is a site called Ultra (if you google it) that sells essence on it

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