Friday, 3 February 2012

MUA (Makeup Academy) Out there Plumping Lip gloss Review

Hey everyone how are you all doing?
Today i am Reviewing the New MUA Out there Plumping Lip glosses which were released on the MUA site in November '11.  I purchased these around christmas time and was super excited along with many MUA lovers out there to try them.  I ended up purchasing two shades.  
MUA States:  Make a statement this season with these pout perfect plumping lip glosses. Follow the catwalk craze by keeping your make up neutral and pop those lips with these pout pleasing products from MUA Professional. Whether you’re after a bold Shocking Pink, bang on trend Sienna tangerine tone or cotton Candy Pink hue; these seven sensational shades cover the looks for less this season. Each sensuous shade contains maxi lip© plumping agents for a natural looking pout with a non sticky formula

Now i have a slight fasination with lip glosses and the main reason i went for these was because it was a new gloss and the look of the shades.  There are 8 shades available on the site and they cost an amazing £2 each.  The Packaging is pretty cute too is a simple plastic very skinny tube of lipgloss and quite handy for any sized handbag with is an up of this gloss.   
The applicator is quite nice its a a doe-foot applicator which makes applying the gloss so much handier and evenly.  I like applicators like this :) It picks up just enough product to cover your lips which is also an upside for me.
As i said above i got 2 shades "Sienna" & "Buff". 
Sienna:  As you will see by the swatches is a beautiful orange/coral shade very pigmented on swatches and nicely pigmented on the lips 
Buff:  This is a lovely medium brown shade on the swatches and on the lips is a beautiful nude brown . 
Another plus side of these glosses is that they are not at all sticky or gloopy.  They are water based but last for some time on the lips.  The fact that they are water based means instantly the minute you apply them on your lips it will give the illusion that your lips are plumper looking.  The fact you get a beautiful tint with these is great as they are pigmented enough to wear on its own.  
Sienna & Buff
Normally i can wear plumping lipglosses and 9 times out of 10 they dont really annoy me.  The tingling or minty feeling on my lips feel quite good normally.  With these glosses you dont get a tingling feel as such but more of a burning sensation.  The burning sensation isnt exactly strong and does wear off after about 5 minutes.  I didnt like it to be honest i found the burning sensation a little distracting and annoying even though it did eventually wear off but it did put me off these.  If you dont mind that well go ahead and buy these because they are worth it the colours are amazing (as i googled some of the other colours swatches) but i just personally didnt like the feeling of these its not even that i would put up with it but to be honest to go through that and have no visable plumping effect its kind of a waste of time.  
As i said its just what i experienced and i have found alot of reviews that were all good about them.  Alot of people dont mind the burning sensation but me no i didnt like it and in fact will be giving these away to someone who will like them, but as you can see by my review that is the only downside i have more pluses than minuses about these :) 
Overall for the price of these glosses they are worth buying if you dont mind that sensation.  You are getting a non sticky lipgloss, that tints your lips enough to pass for a sheer lipstick.  Also it lasts for a good couple of hours before you have to reapply.  Plus you dont get any cosmetic scent from it.  
So thats it everyone.  I hope you found this review helpful 
Until Next time 
Take Care
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C


Dyna said...

Finally - allowed to comment haha. Great review babe !! I love how truthful you are !! xx

sammycx said...

MUA is my favourite brand! :) great value for money!

Sidrah!!!! said...

These look amazing! Ive never tried any of their lip products yet

Nina said...

@Dyna thanks so much hunny thats what i am all about chic HONESTY i tell it how it is

@Sidrah Their lip products are good for the price these wouldnt be my favourite but i do like the lipsticks and the other lipglosses :)

Loevens said...

I have the gloss in buff as well. The colour is nice but something must be wrong with my applicator because I have to dip it like 20 times to get enough gloss on my lips. The gloss itself is nice enough but I can't be bothered with the slooow application LOL. Thanks for the review sweetie.

Kiran Imtiaz said...

The tingly feeling is a bad burn for my lips. I have two shades "nude" and "buff" and both of them burn my top lip. I don't like this stuff at all.

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