Saturday, 25 February 2012

Wet N Wild 6 Pan Palette Review

Hey my beautiful, fabulous, brilliant friends how are you all doing.  Today i am reviewing the Wet N Wild 6 pan Palettes i own.  As you can see i own 2 of them and there are 4 different 6 pan palettes to choose from.  I got these off the NonPareil boutique website about a year ago.  The reason why i am reviewing these in particular is that i actually came across site that stated Wet N Wild decided to discontinue them at the end of 2011 :O.  I was like WHAAT why ?????
I was totally shocked and i will tell and show you why in my review. 
Now if you are in the Beauty blogging world you will know what Wet N Wild range is but for those of you who dont know this brand is an extremely affordable makeup brand which is actually an American brand.  More to the Pity Wet N Wild do not have an online website :( but there is one site i did find them on who sell and ship internationally which is NonPareil site.  This brand is extremely popular in America by many beauty gurus especially the eyeshadow palettes and i have to admit i understand why.  I should have really reviewed these palettes before now but to be honest i had them that long i actually did not realise i didnt.  
I bet you are wondering "why is she reviewing them now when they are been discontinued" well they are actually still available to buy on that site i bought them from plus they are still available on ebay so i say if you like the look of them GET THEM NOW you wont regret it!!!!
Here I go again yapping sorry lol when i start i find it hard to stop so on with the review :) 
Lets talk a little about the packaging first.  As you can see the packaging doesnt exactly say you have spend alot of money on this product but its sturdy and the lid once closed its closed tightly so you have no fear of it breaking.  You dont get a mirror with the palettes but to be honest thats not an issue either.  You get two little brushes in this palette which i never use but for people who dont own brushes these are handy as you are getting an ordinary sponge tip brush and then a little sort of blending brush.  But for the price which is $5 for this palette the brushes is certainly not an issue.
The product itself is well worth the money you are getting 6 fairly good sized eyeshadows for $5/€4/£3 each so that works out about 60cent per eyeshadow wow amazing right?
This is Lust My favourite out of the two if you know me you know I love purple eyeshadows :) 
As mentioned already you are getting 6 eyeshadows in total.  The left side is all matte and the right is shimmery.  I love the idea of this as its great for day time and then you can jazz up the day time look with a night time look from the right side 
Starting from the left side which is all matte you are getting 
  1. A creamy light pink shade which is perfect for the brow bone or as a highlight
  2. Medium Plum 
  3. A blackened Burgundy shade but when swatched it does look more black on the pictures but in person you can see the burgundy undertone to it this is said to be a dupe of Macs Sketch

The right side is the shimmery side 
  1. A Cream shade with shimmer not exactly a favourite for the browbone but works for a highlight is also supposed to be a dupe of Mac Vanilla 
  2. A Gunmetal shade with bluish and purple undertone to it also suppose to be a dupe to Macs Beauty Marked 
  3. A Deep Purple but looks more black on the photos has a purple shimmer to it and is a little on the chalky side

Introducing "Pride" :) this again has 6 eyeshadows.  On the left is 3 Matte and on the right is 3 shimmery :) 
Now if you love greens and blues you will certainly love this.  Normally i wouldnt go for blues too often but this palette was really calling out to me.  I loved the whole idea of green an blue together and im glad now i have it.  
Starting from the left side which is all matte you are getting 
  1. A Very Pigmented Matte White shade perfect for highlighting the brownbone
  2. A medium green-teal not as pigmented as the white but still pigmented enough be careful not to over blend with this shade as you can make it fade away 
  3. A dark Matte Navy shade very pigmented and beautiful 
The right side is the shimmery side 
  1. A shimmery white which i wouldnt really use on the browbone but this is perfect to highlight the inner corners of your eyes  
  2. A Medium- dark metallic mint green boy i love this shade its fantastic 
  3. A Dark Navy with a shimmery finish this is said to be the exact dupe of Macs Deep Truth beautiful shade i love it
My overall opinion 
Well what can i say these palette surely did surprise me in a good way.  I am definitely going to purchase the other two palettes in this collection before they are gone forever.  These eyeshadows are extremely pigmented for the price and very soft and creamy to touch.  One word of advice is when using these use them gently as the slightest touch with the brush is all you need.  I love them and i can assure you that you will love them too.  These shadows with a primer last literally all day long which is an extra bonus.  So if you have not got these already grab them while you can :) :) 


Simera H said...

Wet n Wild has really improved their quality of make up. Their shadows are so pigmented and so affordable too. Great review hun.

Nina said...

thank you very much for your comment Simera yes i have to say i am 100% impressed with these and will continue to purchase them in the future have you got any palettes if so what is your favourite

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