Monday, 30 January 2012

MUA Single Eyeshadows Review Part 2

Hey everyone Hope you are all Good.  
So in my last MUA Review Haul i talked about how much i loved loved loved the MUA Single Eyeshadows 
To Refresh your memories click here to see that review 
In that review i got some single eyeshadows in Shades 6 (pearl), 11(pearl), 16(matte), 18(matte) & 20(matte) and loved every one of them 
So this time i got 5 more shades and again im very pleased with them. 
Whats amazing me more about these shadows is the fact that they only cost £1 each £1 like thats seriously great value for an eyeshadow.  
Shade 1
Shade 1 has a pearl finish.  Its a lovely cream shade.  This is such a soft creamy eyeshadow the texture is incredible it almost feels a little wet when you swatch and apply.  I use this for a highlight for my browbone, inner corner of my eyes, even on the top of my cheekbones for a light highlight during the day.  There is a slight shimmer to it but the shimmer is so finely milled in this eyeshadow.  Blending this eyeshadow is like a dream.  For a light shade there is quite a bit of pigmentation from it which surprised me.  I love this shadow. 
Shade 12
Shade 12 is again another pearl shade.  This has actually been compared to Mac's "Club" eyeshadow.  I dont own Mac Club to compared it myself but to be honest looking at the swatches when i googled it i have to say it does in fact look very very similar.  This eyeshadow in my eyes is a very unique one.  The best way to describe this shade is a Chocolate brown with green and brown specks of shimmer to it.  I love this eyeshadow it really makes my hazel eyes pop.  and the special thing about this eyeshadow is that can be worn on its own and appear to look like you have more than one eyeshadow on.  10/10 in my eyes 
Shade 13
Shade 13 is another pearl eyeshadow.  Well now if you are a follower of this blog for a while you all now i LOVE my purple eyeshadows.
So you can imagine how i feel about this shade :) 
This is surely a beautiful eyeshadow.  Its a Dark velvet purple with a black undertone to it.  I can safely say when i wear this beautiful eyeshadow my eyes surely pop.  It applies brilliantly and i get no fall out.  I love to create a smoky eye with this.  AMAZING
Shade 14 
Shade 14 i have to say is another of my favourite :)  This is a beautiful forest green, with brownish blackish undertones to it.  Im in love with this shade its so pretty it has the same uniqueness as shade 12.  A small amount of this goes a long way and you can achieve a beautiful smoky eye with this eyeshadow 
Shade 19
Shade 19 is a matt chocolate brown.  This is one eyeshadow that should be in everyones collection.  Its such a handy shade to have.  This can be use as a brow colour, in the crease etc.. I  also love that it is matte.  This is even dark enough for me to achieve a daytime smokey eye look.  This can also be use as a contour powder for some people.  This i use as an eye-liner as well if i dot want the strong black look i go for this shade I love this and a good blend-able matte brown is hard to find most times especially if your on a budget.  Get it you wont regret it. 
Overall I think these eyeshadows are amazing for only £1  The pigmentation on these are really good and with a good primer underneath they last all day.  I will surely be purchasing more of these and when i do i will update this blog post with them.  They are well worth your money and you wont be disappointed.  It just a pity there is not more of a selection in the Matte eyeshadows that is the only downfall i have with them.  
So you own any of these eyeshadows?  What is your favourite?
Until next time my beauties 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C


Artemi said...

Wow they look sooo pretty!

Lara said...

Shades 12, 13 & 14 look lovely :)

Jelena said...

Beautiful shades,shade 12 is really nice!

Kim said...

I agree they are bargains

I found your blog on the beauty blog hop and am now following, check out my blog & follow me too!


Sidrah!!!! said...

omg I am in love with shade 13!! its gorgeous

Nina said...

yes i have to say shade 13 is one of my favourites :) :) thanks everyone for your comments i love it

Basma said...

I loved yuur review. I have recently ordered for MUA eyeshades. waiting to receive my parcel :)

Anna Cubana said...

Thanks for the swatch and review.
I bought the shade 19 not too long ago but I haven't started using it yet and I was wondering about the contour part which I must still experiment with.
That's the only matte brown shade I own so far lol.

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