Monday, 16 January 2012

Essence Bronzing Compact Powder Matt Review

Essence state:  the bronzing powder is perfect for those who prefer a bronzed matte finish. it gives the face a subtle tanned look, for sun-kissed skin all year round!

A good bronzing powder is hard to find.  Especially if you are looking for a natural look one that is not going to make you look like you were dipped in carrot juice lol ok ok im exaggerating a little but you know what i mean.  I like a good bronzer for everyday wear that make me look naturally tanned or for contouring lightly without making it obvious but a cheap one is always hard to find for sure.  I have bought many cheap bronzers that either end up having shimmer or give an orange payoff or even has a reddish undertone but not one that actually look NATURAL.  

This is why i was completely shocked when i got Essence Bronzing Compact Powder and i shall tell you why!

Well first of all this little compact contains 10g of product and only costs €3.49.  There are two different types of these there is 01 which is the shimmery one and then there is no 2 which is the Matte one.  The Packaging is fairly good for such a cheap bronzer nothing special but it good enough.  This product also last for 24 months after opening which is also great for a cheaper brand.  
Now the first thing i have to say is look at the design of this isnt it cute i love it.  
Now onto the bronzer itself.  I can safely say that this is the safest bronzer to use all year round.  Its actually ticked all my boxes.  I love the fact that this bronzer is 100% natural looking.  There is not really orange undertone to it and its so so easy to use.  This is perfect for anyone with fair to medium skin tone.   Its actually not overly pigmented when you swirl your brush around it but thats what i love, i love the fact you can build up the colour.  Which is exactly what you can do with this bronzing powder.  
Swatches taken in daylight and this is two layers 
Another thing i love about this bronzing powder is that it doesnt make you look dirty.  The lasting power on the other hand is not brilliant it certainly doesnt last a 12 hours shift so make sure to have this in your bag for a touch up if you are out of the house all day but it does last a good half day i mean a good 5 to 6 hours before you do start noticing it fading but to be honest any powder product needs a little touch up thoughout the day especially if its rubbed off for some particular reason and there is many reasons :) 

So overall i am very pleased with this product for the price and the fact it gives me a natural looking tanned complexion it does exact what it says it does all for as little as €3.49.    
You wont be disappointed with this especially if you are fair to medium skin tone you will love it.  

Do you own this bronzing powder? What do you think of it :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love, Luck & Laughter 
Nina C.


Sandra said...

That is a one gorgeous bronzer. Hopefully i can find it around my area.
I love your blog :)

Nina said...

awww thank you Sandra it is gorgeous and even though it looks strong in the package you can build it to that strength otherwise you have control of how strong you want it. i use this mainly for day time contouring and it works brilliantly for the price its a steal

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