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Essence Stay With Me Long Lasting Lipgloss Review

Hey everyone 
hope you are all well 
Today I am doing my review on these 
Essence Stay with Me Long Lasting Lipglosses.  This is a follow up review on
I have decided with the help of all of you that i will review all the items separate So that it is not too 
Much to read on one blog post lol And with the way i talk you would be asleep half way through my review hahahaha
So on with my review im babbling :) 

First of all for all of you who dont know what Essence Makeup Is or where its from i will explain
Essences is originally made and from Germany.  Its said that Essence and Catrice Cosmetics are like sisters.  I am not 100% sure about that but its said.  Essence is very like Catrice as in price.  I have actually found Essence is a little cheaper but less selection and also some of the products from Essence is smaller in quantity so maybe thats why its cheaper.  
Essence is not available in every country yet but here is a list of where it is available 
 germany, the netherlands, belgium, ireland, spain, croatia, italy, switzerland and austria.  It is also available on Ebay.  They do not as of yet have an online site as they feel that because the cost of the products are so cheap postage would be too expensive.  So i hope that fills you in.  If not check out their site.  

 So i Got these 3 Lip glosses from Dyna and I was instantly excited when i seen the shades.  They look so bright and cheerful in the tube and the exact shades i would normally go for. 
So basically what you see in the picture as to packaging is exactly what you get.  The Tube is a nice sturdy plastic tube and the lid is quite sturdy too so not fears of leaks from this lipgloss i tell you.  

The applicator is a little different than normal lipglosses i have tried.  Its like an hour glass sponge applicator now its ok but im not sure about it to be honest i would have prefered the normal brush but hey its not a major problem to be honest lol.  Thats just me been fussy.  Like the applicator does fit your lip perfectly and you can use the end of it to go around your lips perfectly but i found i spend longer applying the lipgloss with this applicator than any other one.  Anyways enough about that 

As you can see you are getting 4mls per tube and these only cost €2.49 each I thin prices vary in different countries.  As far as i know there are 6 to 7 shades available of these glosses.  As you can see i got 3 
The shades are 
03 Candy Bar
02 My Favourite Milkshake
01 Me & My Ice cream 
Candy Bar first thought was wow a red.  But its actually not a red its more or a Coral shade than red.  A very bright coral i have to say.  This is the most pigmented out of the 3 i have and looks pretty on the lips.  
My Favourite Milkshake this is a nice peachy shade.  I found this quite sheer but looks fantastic over a nude lipstick.  Or just to wear on its own is just as nice
Me & My Ice cream This is a pale baby pink shade.  It too is fairly sheer on the lips.  If you don't have highly pigmented lips (like i do) you might get some colour pay-off from it.  
Candy Bar, My Favourite milkshake & Me & My Icecream 
 About The Gloss 
The texture of these glosses have actually pleasantly surprised me.  The one thing i have noticed is that they are super creamy and non-sticky.  They have a thick consistency which is great as you know these are going to last a while on your lips.  They feel so moisturising on the lips and your lips feel so smooth and soft after wearing them i love that.  
They smell sort of sweet like berries.  Not overly sweet though and the scent wears off after about 5-10 minutes so anyone who doesn't like sweet glosses doesn't have to wait that long for it to go away.
This i have to say is a builable lip-gloss.  The pigmentation is very good for a cheap gloss.  Plus you can layer it up to make it even more pigmented.
These lip glosses without a doubt last on my lips for a good 3 hours depending on if i have eaten or drank something.  Pretty good in my book. 
Candy Bar 
My Favourite Milkshake
Me & My Icecream
Overall I think these are well worth trying out they are great on their own, over your favourite lipstick or even over a lip liner.  You are getting way more than what you are paying for with these.  
Have you tried these glosses yet 
Whats your thought on them 
comment below :) I love to hear from you 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C


Dyna said...

awww babe :D im soooooo glad you like them :D

Ashley Tiernan said...

I have the 03 and 02 and i like them a lot :) great review nina.

Jeffrey S.Wolf said...

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