Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Essence Multi Action Mascara Review

I love mascaras and most of all love trying new mascaras.  The thing is any mascaras i have liked and i mean really liked has always cost me €10 or more.  Anything cheaper has always ended up just not satisfying my needs or wants out of a mascara.  Thats not saying all mascaras that are over €10 are great either no no i have had my fair share of disappointing mascaras that i have paid what i call good money for and ended up throwing it in the bin.  
Even if i had to leave the house for some apparent reason and had no makeup on i would still have to have mascara on.  Mascara has to be one of my top favourite beauty product of all time.  How many of you out there reading this agrees comment below.  
I dont want to get it in my head that any mascaras cheaper than around €10 are all bad so i will still to this day try cheaper mascaras as i know in my own heart and soul there is good ones out there.  
Well this is where you will find out has Essence Multi Action Mascara Proved me Wrong !!!!!!
So lets get reviewing shall we. 

I have to say one thing this packaging does not look as cheap as it was. Its not the best but not the worst.  To be honest who really actually cares about the packaging REALLY!!! I know i personally dont.  I feel what more important is the product.  

I was instantly impressed by the wand and brush.  As thats the first thing i look out for.  this size brush is perfect for that perfect appliction.  
I have big enough eyes and this brush is perfect for me but to be honest its a perfect sized brush for anyone.   What i love about the brush is that the bristles are close together which means ever lash gets separated evenly love it. 

So lets talk about the pro's & cons 
Of course its cheap and affordable at only €2.79
It lengthens 
It adds a little volume 
It holds the curl on you lashes 
It doesn't clump as the formula is slightly watery more than other mascaras 
It doesn't flake 
It doesn't smudge even though its not waterproof 
The brush is perfect and doesn't make you make a mess while applying 
doesn't feel heavy on the eyes no matter how many coats you put on.  

It doesn't work straight away to be honest.  I found it showed its true potential a week or a little more after use.
It doesnt add a huge amount of volume but does a little( this is why i have it in both pros & cons)

Thats basically all the cons i have on this mascara.  Like for a cheap mascara you surely wouldnt have extremely high expectations would you?  
Overall im actually amazed my this product i am perfectly happy with it and its perfect for everyday use.  For the price what more would you be looking for.  I love the fact it doesnt flaske or smudge and its not even waterproof.  Would i recommend this mascara??
Of course if you are on a budget this is 100% perfect i love it and shall continue to purchase this one.  I am eager to try more of essence mascaras now. 

Sorry about the bad photo i was tired that day and it was night time .  I had to show you guys this photo in particular as this was a photo taken of me wearing the mascara literally all day.   I wore the mascara from 9 oclock that morning and this photo was taken at 9 that night 12 hours not bad for a cheap mascara eh? 
So i hope this was helpful to you all.  If you have any questions please comment below as i love hearing from you. 
Until next time 
Take care 
Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 
Nina C 

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InspirationBeauty said...

I love this mascara too! I think it does get better the older it is, because I've had it for a while and recently picked it up again and it works really well!

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