Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Catrice Limited Edition "Hidden World" Haul/Review

"Dreamlike - yet confident. Soft – yet by no means fragile. Mysterious – yet never shy. Subtle – yet totally present. In January 2012, the Limited Edition “Hidden World” by CATRICE loosens the boundaries between fantasy and reality, between heaven and earth. Powdery rosé shades and earthy browns merge with cool shimmer effects to create a soft harmony of color. This make-up is seductive, feminine and airy. An interplay of warm and cold. Far too beautiful to hide…." - Catrice EU

Hey everyone how you all doing?  Well as you know im a big fan of Catrice and anytime something new comes in I'm the first to go get it.  Well call me a little obsessed but im always on the wesite keeping an eye out on whats to come as a means of new stock or Limited Editions.  So when i seen that there was the New Limited Edition "Hidden World" coming i couldnt wait but of course when its shown on the website we in Ireland have to wait at least 2 months before it arrives.  So anyways on with the review. 
Check out my video Review on this below and of course pictures and swatches for you :) 

My Lovely Haul
Dont they look amazing in their packaging so appealing.  They look so bright and cheerful ready for the Spring/Summer months. 
Liquid Metal Gloss
Shades "Yes I Wood" & "Rosy & Cosy" 
This is certainly a lipgloss you will have a love hate relationship with.  I in fact like them applied sheer on my lips.  If you apply them heavy on the lips you will have very metallic looking lips.  Some people like that but me im quite happy with one layer and even at that you are getting a good colour payoff from it.  There are 3 shades in this range altogether.  They feel so smooth and creamy on the lips i love them.  
What i love about these glosses is the wand itself.  It makes applying the gloss so easy you wont even need a mirror to apply it.  Its mess free and easy to use 

Made to Stay Eyeshadow Souffle
These have definately surprised me.  I actually have to admit it is the first time i ever tried eyeshadow souffle.  So you can imagine me and my excitement with trying these out.  These eyeshadows come in a sort of moussey texture.  They are super light.  when you touch the eyeshadow it feels all airy and sort of deflates in the jar.  So beware please be careful and gentle with these because you can take alot more product than you need.  I prefer applying these with my fingers as you have more control.  I can say that once these dry and make sure you let them dry they are staying put!!!  They are water resistant but not 100% waterproof.  and they do not crease.  Its a pity there is only 3 shades available in these.  I love them.  

Blush Mousse

Ok why this is called a mousse is beyond me to be honest.  Like as you can see its far from a mousse its more a an over whipped mousse lol.  Thats not the point though as i am extremely happy with this blush.  There is only one shade available and this is not even named.  This blush is matte.  Its very sheer but buildable as you seen in the video the first layer was visible but not strong then i applied another layer and its got even stronger.  A little of this goes a long way.  It applies so so easy.  You can apply with either your fingertips or a flat top brush :)  This gives a beautiful natural look.  

Illuminating Base
Ok this can be used under your foundation, mixed with your foundation or seeminly on its own.  Catrice also claims that this evens out small irregularities of the skin (now i dont notice that one to be honest).  Now i have worn this a few times all over my face under my foundation i do like it in some way but in others i think wearing it all over the face would be for someone very very young.  Reason i say this is that this has shimmer to it.  I have applied this very very lightly on the face before my foundation and made sure it was very evenly spread out and it did give my face a nice glow.  A very smally amount of this goes a long long way.  It comes out like a whitish liquid but blends out really nicely.  When blended it looks light a beautiful highlight.  Another way to use this is on the cheek bones or anywhere you want to highlight.  

Ultimate Nail Laquer 
Well i have always been a lover of Catrice Nail polishes.  I love how they apply.  I love how quick they dry and i love the lasting power on them too.  I love the brush on this polish as i have fairly big nail beds and it just make applying the nail polish a dream.  But anyone with small nail beds might find this brush to be a little big and awkward.   This is a lovely peachy pink colour with pinkish shimmer to it.  I love it i love the bright colour and its perfect for Spring/ Summer:) 

Over all i am really happy with these im so glad i got them :) :)
Have you tried the "Hidden World" yet?
Hope you Enjoyed my review
until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C


biancaprincipessa said...

unfortunately not in Slovakia :(

Alisha said...

Ahh must go and find these... the colours are amazing!

sasdothat said...

As fantastic looking as the products are there packaging just reminds me of my teenage days and I cringe at the thought so I cant go near them.

Nina said...

@ sasdothat awwww why is that hunny

Sarirah said...

Those eye souffles look gorgeous and the lipglosses look really creamy. I've been wanting to try something from this brand but I'm just not sure where to find it, perhaps ebay is my best bet.

Found your blog on the Monday beauties blog hop, you have a lovely blog that I look forward to reading more of. :) x

Nina said...

@Sarirah thanks so much for your comment hun where are you from as Catrice is only available in certain countries for the moment......Yes the souffles are lovely ebay does sell Catrice but be careful as ebay sells alot of old makeup from catrice if you decide to buy some and need help in figuring out if its new or old as me :) :)
Thanks so much for letting me know how you found me :) :) and clicking the follow button mean alot to me too thanks again

Sidrah!!!! said...

i LOVE Catrice but its not available in my country..I had a friend send me a few items. These are soo cute

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