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My Avon Lipstick & Lipgloss Collection Review

Hey all my Gorgeous followers.  I hope you are all well 
Todays review is on my Avon Lipstick & Lipgloss Collection which was requested.
I have a Video Review done about these so you can take a look :) 

My Avon Collection Pictures & Swatches

So Here is my Little collection of Lipsticks and Lipglosses 
Its not much but most of them i have had for a while and a couple are new.  The one thing i have noticed about the prices of these is that they change from brochure to brochure so i cant really put a price on them but i can give you a rough estimation on what i paid for them as i have and always do buy Avon products when they are on sale.  
So I shall Start with the Lippies:
PRO_TO_GO Lipsticks 
In Shades "Perfect Pink & Provocative Plum"
Perfect Pink is sort of misleading by the name i would actually call this a light pinkish/brown shade with a gold undertone to it.  Its a beautiful shade and i love this with a dark smokey eye or as an everyday wear. 
Provocative Plum is a pinky/plum shade sheer but nice colour payoff at the same time. 
I quite like these lipsticks they are super moisturising, so easy to apply, handy to carry in your handbag without you fretting about the lid coming off.  Im glad i have these and when i run out i will try these in other shades for definite.  The one great thing about this lippie is you can apply with one hand i mean there is no lid to take off just s slide button on it which opens the lid and pushes up the lippie all in one go.  The one thing i would advise is dont push this lipstick up fully as it will break.  

Perfect Pink 
Provocative Plum

Ultra Moisture Rich 24K Gold Lipstick 
24K Pink
24K Pink This is a sheer pink with golden shimmer.  It applies sheer on the first application but the more you layer the more pink it gets.  It a perfect MLBB lipstick with shimmer.  
I quite like this lipstick the one thing i found is that when it does wear off the glitter is left on your lips so you have to make sure to have this in your handbag for top up.  This lipstick does give your lips the ultra moisturised, 24k gold look.  I like it but the glitter is my put off.  Even though you dont feel the glitter on the lips you still see it.  I got this on sale for about €4 

 Avon Smooth Mineral Lipstick 
Pink Quartz
Pink Quartz this is a very very sheer pink This is almost unnoticable on the lips when applied its almost like a slightly tinted chapstick in my eyes.  A really great thing about this lipstick is that it has SPF15.  You can wear this shade on it own with no makeup and it will instantly brighten you up.  It does have a little gold shimmer to it and to be honest is the lighter shade of the Ultra Moisture Rich 24K Gold Lipstick in 24K Pink.  

Pro Luscious Lip Colour 
Plush Rose

Plush Rose yes another pink lol this is a lovely pink This lipstick is a little different to the rest though.  Its not as creamy which is actually a good things as it lasts longer.  Its alot more pigmented that the rest of the lipsticks i have too.  It applies really smoothly i love it.  The topcoat aka the gloss on the lip is especially designed to be applied on the middle of the lips to give you lips the illusional pout and trust me it works.  There are 3 different types of topcoat available on these lipsticks there is the gold which is on this lipstick then there is rose and silver.  These originally cost €11 each but do be on offer alot.  
Lipstick & Topcoat

Glazewear Lipstick 
Coral Bliss
Coral Bliss again the name is a little deceiving as its more pinkish than coral.  There is a coral undertone to it though.  Of course there is a slight gold shimmer to it :) 
This lipstick amazed me when i got it first.  Its so slim but yet looks alot more expensive than i paid for it.  This is more of a gloss lipstick but is moisturising and nicely pigmented to last a good few hours.  This is so handy as you wouldnt need a gloss with it.  What i also like about this lipstick is the scent its smells of tropical fruit not strong but nice.  I dont think this lipstick is available from Avon anymore as i have been keeping an eye out for it to buy more but if you do come across it i recommend you to try it :) I think i only paid €4 for this on sale 

Avon Twist & Glide Lipgloss
Caramel well this is actually true to its name "Caramel" is actually the shade and it has a slight gold undertone to it.  What i found different about this gloss is the flexible plastic applicator.  I suppose in some way it would be more hygenic than the normal brush or or doe-foot applicator.  "Caramel" was surprisingly very pigmented i mean one application and its enough plus this gloss last for quite a few hours.  I cant remember how much i paid for this as i have had it for at least 9 months now and i have noticed its not available anymore but thats not saying it wont be back as its a great gloss.  

Avaon SpectraColor Lipstick 
The Nudes 
This is a miracle in a Tube!!!!! its Basically 7 different lip colours in 1.  Every womans dream eh?
The Nudes Is basically browns and nude shades.  Now to be honest there is pros and cons about this. Pros you have control of what lip shade your are going to wear all from one tube.  The pigmentation is actually quite good and it lasts a good few hours on the lips.  
Cons the applicator is way too big to apply straight from the tube its not possible without smudging.  I have had this for quite some time now and the Lighter shade no1 has ran out so im left with just the darker shade.  In a way i really only see the colour changings on setting no1 no4 and no7.  In all its a great invention.  its a Lipgloss and Lip Colour all in one :) 
Shade no1(lightest) & no 7(darkest)  
Darkest shade on the lip sorry it was a quick application lol 
Glazewear Sparkle Lipgloss (New)
Shimmering Amethyst
Shimmering Amethyst This is new to Avon i got it with my Christmas Catalogue i got it free with a mascara and a perfume when i spent €15 on makeup NICE!!!.  Orginally this costs €8 each.  
I have to say i was quite surprised by the pigmentation on this gloss the shade is somewhat a pinky/purple with different colour glitter.  The best thing about this is the glitter wears off with the gloss you are not left with lips that look like a disco ball lol.  Its not at all stick but yet thick enough to last a couple of hours.  This is perfect to jazz up your favourite lipstick. 

Avon Glossy Delight Lipgloss
Succulent Peach & Juicy Cherry 
Succulent Peach is a very sheer gloss almost unnoticeable also smells like peach :)  Juicy Cherry this is a bright cherry red with gold shimmer again sheer but more noticeable on the lip than Succulent Peach.  This definitely smells like cherries. 
I got these glosses for a bargain 2 for €3.  Im not sure if they are available from Avon anymore.  They are a great gloss i have to say.  They are thick but not overly thick they are not sticky in anyway.  They last not more than any other gloss but for the price i definately got a great bargain for them.  

For lipswatches check out this link 

So that completes my collection finally lol.  Thats literally all of my Avon Lipsticks & Glosses i own.  As i said on my video i havent anything really bad to say about these only that the lipsticks i own were a little disappointing as to the actually full price of these they should be alot more pigmented than they are.  There is cheaper lipsticks out there that have more pigmentation in them than these ones I OWN but thats not saying all the lipsticks from Avon are as sheer as these ones as there is quite a selection of different types of lipstick available 
So i hope in some way this review was helpful I know some of the lip products i have is not available at the moment but thats not saying Avon wont bring them back and at least this way you will know what they are like eh?
I hope you enjoyed my review 
Any questions?
Comment below I am more than happy to answer you

All these lip products were purchased out of my own pocket :) as always 
Hope your well 
Until next time 
See you soon 
Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 
Nina C

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Forever Miss Vanity said...

Lovely post! I love the provocative plum, it looks fabulous.

Lovely blog, I'm following :)



Nina said...

thanks so much hunny xxxx

Blush and Barbells said...

Great swatches! I'm a huge fan of Avon lippies, but why or why are they constantly being discontinued?! It's kind of sad when you find a favorite, use it up, and then it's gone :(

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