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Essence Circus Circus T E Nail Polish Review

Well as you would have noticed I have taken into a fit of buying Essence Makeup after i got my first every Haul from the Beautiful Dyna.  It came to my town which is a good thing for everyone but bad thing for me lol as i will be haunting the stall.  Anyways while i was buying my bits and bobs from the Essences stand i came across a Limited Edition selection on it called Essence TE Circus Circus. 
Well alot of people have told me they are not fond of limited edition items because they are afraid that if they like something they wont be able to get it again which is totally understandable but me i HAVE to try Limited Edition items hehe i dont know why that just me. 
Anyways there wasnt much left on this section so i grabbed a couple of items that stood out to me the first two items where of course these Nail Polishes :) 
Seeminly there was 4 different shade but there was only two shades left on the stall. 

These nail polishes look amazing in their package.  I have never seen anything like it before.  To be honest when i first saw them i never imagined they were a nail polish i mistook them for a gloss or something.  You are getting two ends which contain two different types and both contain 4g of product each.  So for 8g altogether €2.85 or near enough is nothing for what you are getting.  you have basically 3 different looks in one tube.  The brushes of these nail polishes are all the same.  The brush is small and thin which makes applying very easy.  
01 My Sparkling Acrobat 

This is my favourite out of the two.  You are getting a plain black nail polish on one side and a gold glitter polish on the other.  When i applied the black side first i was pleasantly surprised of good it was.  So good you could actually get away with one coat of this but i applied two.  There is not shimmer whatsoever on the black side and gives a slight glossy finish.  Then applying the gold glitter on top automatically had me in awwwwwww.  The two polishes work and look well together.  The glitter side was a little thicker so took longer to dry but i didnt have to wait too long.  The glitter contains both chunky square and round glitter but looks amazing on the nail.  I love this and looks even better with a top coat over it.  I got alot of compliments wearing this.  


This polish lastest well over a week on my nails before it started to chip.  Impressive for the price i have to say.  The only fault i have with this one its a nightmare to take off unless you have an extremely good nail polish remover.  The polish was fine to take off but the the glitter remained on my nails it took me a while to try and get all the glitter off.  So i will be leaving this nail polish for special occasions.  

03 Applause Applause

As you can see on one side you are getting a red and on the other you are getting a chunky glitter nail polish.  The red is very bright and beautiful.  you would need two coats of this to make it look the red you see in the tube.  Personally i didnt think the red glitter on red polish would be as exciting as the black and gold.  I was wrong its look great.  Ok maybe not as great as the first one but its very pretty.  

They best thing about these nail polishes is that you can wear the solid shade on its own, wear it with the glitter or the glitter on its own over some clear gloss.  You can actually do alot of different styles with these which make it all more exciting.  The only thing i noticed with wearing the solid shades on their own is they chip quicker for some apparent reason but with the glitter over it they last well over a week.  

Overall i am impressed by these nail polishes.  They are perfect for that special occasion.  I wouldnt be pushed about wearing these on an everyday basis because of the fact they are hard to take off when you have the glitter over it and it cant be good for your nails.  Unless you have an absolutely amazing nail polish remover the will literally take it off in one swipe.  The price of these are well well worth it and im glad i have them in my collection. 

Have you tried these yet?
Hope you enjoyed my review 
Take Care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C

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Christine said...

Wow, these look so pretty. Wish we had these in Norway, loving the black and gold together :)

Xoxo, Christine♥

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