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e.l.f 6 in 1 Beauty on the Go Palette + 25% off Code :)

Hey everyone first of all i just want to say that i won this product from e.l.f ( to review.  They basically had a little competition for beauty bloggers to get this palette for free to review and swatch.  All we had to do was post of blog link on the page and then e.l.f team chose 5 bloggers to win this and as you can see i was one of those winners.  Please note I am not been paid for this review or video or anything like that i only got the product for free.  The rest is up to me.  Even though i want to pay a special thank you to e.l.f for giving me the opportunity to do this.  I am not obligated to give this a good review or anything. 

So i done a video on this and telling you basically my first impressions about this palette as i only have it a week not but e.l.f gave me a code to share with my wonderful followers to get 25% off this palette 
The code is NINA476 
This code is valid till midnight 31/1/2012 British time. Min spend £10/€12.
This Palette costs £10 to buy but with the 25% off your getting it for £7.50
This code is only valid for the UK site which

As i stated in my video i have literally only been using this palette for a week now non stop and I am only giving my first impressions but even at that a week of using this palette i still havent changed my mind but its early days :)
So what you are getting in this package is
60 eyeshadows 
10 lipcolours 
4 blushes 
2 bronzers 
in which are divided into 6 mini palettes 
and a travel compact to store and of these mini palettes in 
I like the idea of that.  Its quite handy for travelling or school or college something like that.  

The Compact 

The compact is nice and sturdy and comes with a nice long mirror which is always handy.  You basically get to choose which ever palette you want for that day and slot it into the compact.  It clips in so you have no fear of it falling out.  When you want to change it you have a space on the back of the compact as you can see in the photo to basically push the mini palette out.  Great idea. 
The down fall to this is there is only one compact but 6 mini palette and the worst thing is that unless you keep the other palettes in the box you have no way of covering them up or protecting them.  Its a pity to be honest.  

The products and swatches 
Starting with eyeshadows:
Overall you are getting a good selection of shades, you have golds, neutrals, purples, blues, greys etc but no true black.  You have a mixture of shimmery, frosty and matte shades.  Some of these eyeshadows are decent enough you are getting ok pigmentation from them and some of them are not so pigmented as i said in the video 70% of the eyeshadows are good enough and 30% are a fail in my eyes.  The one thing i found is that these are not over chalky which is quite good.  I do recommend this for anyone who wants to experiment with different colours.   I have been using the eyeshadows this past week now and i have found myself using shades from different mini palettes rather than one.  So in a way anyone who likes to use a number of different shades in one look will find that this wouldnt be much use to them just bring one palette in the compact.  With a good primer and a base you can achieve some really nice looks with this.  I will post up one look i did with this palette including using one of the blushes. 
The Blushes & Bronzers 
I personally like all 6 of these they are highly pigmented and you get a good colour payoff from each of them.  As always i do like the blushes from e.l.f.  There is one in particular that is a little on the light side for me and i have to really build it up but the rest i like and will use.  There is some matte and some shimmery ones.  In the picture above i am wearing the pinkish blush as you can see its not a bad colour payoff.  

The Lip colours 
As i said in the video are a no no from me.  I dont really like them i find my lips are naturally pigmented and even the darkest shade in these palette have no colour payoff on my lips watsoever.  To me they are a very sheer lipgloss and basically a waste of time in the palette but to someone starting off with makeup could find them handy but i do see eventually fallout from the eyeshadows destroying the lip colours.  Thats just my opinion.  
Swatches from the left are the eyeshadows and the last swatches is the bronzer 
From the left is the blush, eyeshadows and last 2 swatches is the lip colours
From the left, Eyeshadows, lipcolours and Bronze 
From the left: Blush, eyeshadows and lip colours
From the left: Blush, eyeshadows and lip colours
From the Left: Blush, Eyeshadows and lips colours
These swatches were made with no primer underneath and pictures were taken in daylight.  Also in the first picture swatch you will notice i did not swatch the lip colours as they were that light they would not show up on the picture.  
My overall first impression 
As i stated in the video I am basically going by first impressions as i have only got this a week now and only using it a week.  The way i like to review a product fully is by using it for a good while before i give my full review. 

 From using this continuously over the past week i feel comfortable in saying that this would suit:
anyone who likes to play around with makeup and try new looks 
anyone who goes to school and college and likes to bring makeup with them this is handy for you 
anyone who wants to buy a gift for someone
Anyone who wants to introduce their sister/cousin etc to makeup you have literally everything in this palette they need. 
Anyone who has time on their hands to build these shades up as i have noticed using this palette it take me longer to do my makeup as i need to build the colours up to get the look I want to achieve.  
Someone on a budget 
This wouldnt suit anyone:
Who likes a good strong Pigmented eyeshadow 
I feel a makeup artist would not like this palette 
Someone who doesnt have alot of time on their hands to use this palette.

I dont want to give the impression i dont like this palette.  It just wouldnt be one of my favourites from e.l.f.
There is some great things about it and some not so great. 
So what do you think? Have you got this Palette
Watch out for a more updated review on this in the future 
Hope i cleared up some of the questions you had about this 
Take Care until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina Carry 

**UPDATE** Friday 3rd February: Since my blog post on the 6 in 1 on the go palette.  E.l.f Cosmetics has informed me that they have ordered the 6 in 1 Beauty on the Go Storage cases to store the rest of the palettes and should be arriving on the UK Site in the Next Couple of weeks :) :) So no need to worry anymore about where to store the rest of your palettes :) 

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