Thursday, 12 January 2012

Travalo Excel Review

Available in various colours

Hey everyone hope you are all well 
I recently done a review on the Travalo Excel the Refillable Perfume Atomizer bottle spray. 
If you want to see my video review and demonstration on it check it out below 

So here is some photos of it and i will tell you a little more about it in-case I missed anything :) :) 

Travalo Excel is finger-sized at a convenient 8.6cm long and weighs only 20 grammes, yet when filled it gives over 65 sprays of fragrance, in a wonderfully fine mist spray.  
The included case provides protection from scratches and dirt when carrying your Travalo in hand bags, sports bags, rucksacks or travel baggage.  It also prevents in the case of any spillage (which will not happen) any of your luggage or items getting destroyed with perfume.  
Travalo is made from the same aluminium material as high tech aircraft, making it extremely light and strong.
To buy this on line it costs £12.99 and £2.50 postage as the Travalo Excel is only new its only available on line at the moment but the Travalo Classic which is a little small(has 50 sprays in it)  is available on-line and in stores everywhere on the site it costs £9.99 and £2.50 postage here in Ireland it costs €8.99 to buy in selected stores.  

This is so easy to fill up.  The best way to fill this is on a flat surface and also with the lid on.  

So if you need more information on this Fabulous creation check out their website 

So that's my review for today everyone 
hope you enjoyed 
Until next time Take Care 
Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 
Nina C

Disclaimer:  This item was in fact sent to me for review but I was in no way obligated to give this a good review.  The review I gave it was simply my utmost and honest opinion as I would never lie about a product.  I would never let my followers down by lying about anything I review and you can trust me 100% Im also in no way getting paid for this review i only got this for free to review.  
All you gotta do is check out reviews and you will see anyone who has this loves it 


Glitz Glam Budget said...

great review, ive seen a lot of reviews on this product, but none are so pretty like the purple one you're showing here!

Nina said...

awww thanks very much hunny yes its so pretty and so girlie i love it the pink one is lovely too :)

Joanna Louise said...

Hey, I've given you a blog award - !! :) <3 xx

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