Sunday, 24 July 2011

Avon Haul & Review

Hey Hey Everyone i just wanted to share with you my recent purchases from Avon.  I Got all of these on sale but even at full price they are very cheap first of all i will list what i got then tell you what i think of them :) 

Starting with the top left: 

  • Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in "Midnight Rose"
  • Avons Gloss Delight Lip juice in "Juicy Cherry & Succulent Peach"
  • Avons ColorTrend Great Lengths Mascara in "Black"
  • Avons Glimmer Stick Liqui-Glide Eyeliner in "Black"
  • Avons Glazewear Lipstick in "Coral Bliss"
Now as i said i ordered these off my Avon Rep but you can order online here are the addresses:

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo 

This is a look using Duo Eyeshadow in "Midnight Rose"

Avon Says:   Incredible smooth, blendable powder that glides over lids, Gives dramatic depth of colour in a luxurious, silkly texture. Crease-proof colour stays true for up to 12 hours* 

In this Duo you are getting a Satin Baby Pink and a Dark blue/purpley shade with a hint of shimmer...... The lighter shade is highly pigmented and creamy very easy to apply, the Darker shade is highly pigmented but not as easily blendable.  I do have to say the colours really are fab together, if you have Hazel/green eyes this will surely make them pop.....This is a great duo for a night out look and is so handy to carry round in your handbag.....another thing is you dont need a primer with this shadow but if you did wear a primer it would definitely intensify the colours.  :)  
If you are looking to buy more than one Duo you are better off having a look at the True Colour Eyeshadow Quads as they have more variety and only cost €3 more.... have a look first at the shade before buying.... 

Avons Gloss Delight Lip juice in "Juicy Cherry & Succulent Peach"

Avon Says:  The Smart Buy! Available in limited quantities. A burst of juicy color…a blast of fruity flavor! For a glazed, lacquered look. Flavored with real fruit extracts. Ripe for attention.

I Got these 2 for €3 each there wasnt many flavours to choose from so i got "Juicy Cherry" & "Succulent Peach".  I was kind of sceptic about these as they were so cheap.....I was wrong!!!!!  
"Juicy Cherry" is a lovely cherry bright red with gold shimmer......tastes and smells a little of cherry 
"Succulent Peach" is a lovely peach shade which tastes and smells like peach 
I love these glosses and pleasantly surprised with them!!!! they are thick in consistency but not too thick, they make my lips look a little plump and they are not a bit sticky which i love.  They last 2-3 hours before you have to top them up but the best thing about them is that they dont leave that unwanted dried in line you get on your lips with some glosses they just disappear which I LOVE LOVE LOVE 

Avons ColorTrend Great Lengths Mascara in "Black"

Avon Says:   Get fluttering with gorgeous lengthening mascara! 7ml

This Mascara actually shocked me honestly i thought because this has comes from the cheaper range from Avon that it would only be suitable for the younger teens who are starting to wear make-up......Well actually this is brilliant i mean the picture above is literally 1 application.  Look at the length of my bottom lashes i was delighted......This is not a waterproof mascara but it doesn't smudge, doesn't clump or doesn't flake.  Now i wouldn't wear it on hot days or days i think is going to rain but on normal days or evening outing its great.....and easy to take off with make-up remover.  This is definitely worth having in your collection.
Avons Glimmer Stick Liqui-Glide Eyeliner in "Black"

Avon Says:   This smooth, pencil liner gives the look of a liquid. Smudge resistant. Long wearing.

Ok its true it is smudge resistant and long wearing....It also does give the look of a liquid liner.  Im still not really pushed about this one simply because it made my eyes sting and actually made my eyes blood shot.....Maybe there is some ingredient in there that doesnt agree with me but im not won over......but that is just me.......Its super creamy and you have to be very careful with it as you literally only need to lightly touch your eye with this and the liner is on to me its nearly too soft and creamy but i can work with it........its not suitable for the waterline it smudges and you will end up with it inside your eyes.........but in all its not the worst product ive purchased but not the best either.........
Avons Glazewear Lipstick in "Coral Bliss"

Avon says:   Glossy vibrant lip colour that last for hours*, and has the high shine of a lipgloss. Sweetened with a peachy flavour, has a slimline design which is ideal for handbags.

There are 5 shades available for €12 i got this on  a 1/2 price sale......I love the goldy packaging on this lipstick it looks so sleek and expensive :) i love taking this out of my handbag and "showing it off hehehe".  This is definitely along with my top favourites from the Avon Products i have bought so far (i must actually do a separate review on my top 5 favourite Avon products :) keep a look out for that ) anyhow ye this lipstick is fantastic.... This smells so yummy kind of peachy scent only thing is that the scent doesn't last too long.......applying this is a dream it simply glides on so easily......the texture is so creamy and thick and the finish is a nice glossy finish its highly pigmented with means a little goes a long way......overall you wont regret buying this lipstick i probably wont pay €12 each for the rest of the shades simply because you are only getting 2gr for it but if they are on sale again i will certainly get the rest...... 

So everyone that is it from my little Avon Haul....If you have any questions please ask away id be happy to answer and please comment below and please please hit the follow button :) :) id love to see and follow your blogs 

Until next time 
lots of Irish hugs & kisses 
nina xoxoxoxoxox


Lara said...

The eyeshadow duo and the lipstick look great!

Nina said...

the lipstick is fab i love it :)

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