Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My 50% Off e.l.f Haul

Hey Hey Everyone :) yesterday i finally got my big box of joy from e.l.f and here is what i got:

I knew something big was coming up when e.l.f facebook page reached 200,000 but didnt think we would get 50% off so i had saved for a good while for this day and was delighted that i was able to get so much for so little......even tho the there was alot of items out of stock i still managed to buy hehehehehe so anyway here is the list of what i got:

Click on the picture for a closer look  

When i got the box i didnt know where to start lol anyway thats my order girls so keep any eye out for Reviews on all of these items :) :)

take care
and let me know if you got anything 
lots of Irish hugs & kisses 
Nina xoxoxxoxox


TheOtherSideofCool said...

Ohmygod look at all that stuff!! I bet you can't wait to use it all, I am so jealous! xx

Nina said...

lol i know i saved up for it and glad i did lol some of the items i have already only got different shades but alot of it i dont have i have been playing with my "new toys" since i got them lol im in heaven :)

ABI said...

Oh wow!! You bought a lot of stuff!! :)

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