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e.l.f 32 Piece Eyeshadow Collections Review

"Our 32-color Professional Eyeshadow Palette is the all-you-need eyeshadow assortment, perfect for on-the-go beauty! With endless colors & textures to choose from, this professional eyeshadow palette lets you create your own personal look whenever you wish, wherever you are! All the must-have eyeshadow shades are here, along with a built-in mirror and double-sided applicator for flawless application". By e.l.f 
Starting from the left "Everyday Basics, Everyday Bright & Everyday Classics"
I am a very proud owner of 3 of e.l.f 32 piece Eyeshadow Collections......
Everyday Basics 
Everyday Brights
Everyday Classics (Limited Edition) 
Over a Period of time I purchased these off for £9.00/$6/€10.....Everyday Classics was a Limited edition and is not available anymore to buy off the UK or US sites.........
Im Going to start off by talking about each one individually and then share my honest opinion about these.....let me just add that i purchased all of these out of my own pocket as i do with every product unless stated otherwise....oooookkkkkkk :) let me begin :) 
Everyday Basics Palette 

This Palette comes with obviously 32 shades of more neutral everyday wear shades....ranging from matte, shimmery and glittery shades.......I Think this would be my Favourite out of the 3 for Pigmentation i mean only one colour out of the whole palette i have to practically scrape to get some pay off.............

In this Palette you are getting in the 1st and 2nd row:
 some highlight shades which are glittery and shimmery, 
some browns light, medium and dark which are nearer to matte than shimmery
in the 3rd and 4th row you are getting:
a few blues, a couple of silvers, purples and dark shades which are both shimmery and matte .
The 1st and 2nd row
The 3rd and 4th row 
As you can see by the photos these shadows are highly pigmented and literally a little goes a long way, these swatches were made without primer.  If you use a primer with these they colour payoff is incredible and very long lasting. They are not the highest standards but they are excellent for the value.  One Downfall i have about this palette is that there is only one matte shade which is a brown shade on the top row the rest are glittery or satin shades but i suppose its not the end of the world eh all you will be crazy to pass this without buying it. In all i would give this palette 9/10 

Everyday Brights Palette

Dont it Look Pretty!!!! Now this is more Bright and Colourful :) Perfect for the Spring and Summer even nights out :) :)

In this Palette you are getting in the 1st and 2nd row:
 A Couple of highlight shades the white has chunky glitter Some Neutral, which are satin shades.  You are also getting some light blues and greens which are satin shades and a black glittery shade.
in the 3rd and 4th row you are getting:
We got a couple of light pinks with glitter in them, some satin purples, a couple more blues.  You are also getting some silvers, greys and dark greys one black on the bottom which are satin.

The 1st and 2nd Row
The 3rd and 4th Row 
 I do like this palette mainly for its bright colours.  There is no matte shades in this one only glittery and most satin shades......the bright colours obviously are not going to be as pigmented as the dark ones......but if you wear a good bright base the bright colours will come out nice and vibrant!!!!! I use my shadow stick in "Glow/pearl" as a base to bring out those beautiful bright shades even more. Another thing was i found about 5 of the shades on this pallete i practically had to scrape a little with my nail to get some payoff. In all i would give this palette 6/10.

Everyday Classics

If your havent noticed This Palette and the Everyday Basics are somewhat similar the two top rows are practically the same shades all more neutral shades.....but the 2 bottom rows are totally different......

 In this Palette you are getting in the 1st and 2nd row:
 some highlight shades which are glittery and shimmery, 
some browns light, medium and dark which are nearer to matte than shimmery
in the 3rd and 4th row you are getting:
A couple of satin pinks, purples, greens and blues and then some silvers greys and darker greys some satin some glittery....

All 4 Rows as you can see the top two are exactly the same as the everyday basics palette 
To be honest i was a wee bit disappointed that i paid money for a pallet that was almost identical to another palette.......but i suppose for the price i cant complain and they colours that are the same i will definitely use more as they are everyday shades so i suppose i cant complain.......The last two rows are definitely not disappointing they are very pigmented and a little goes a long way....i know you are probably thinking but the last row shades she has got in the other palettes YES i do but these shade are much more pigmented !!!!! But as for rating this is definitely the lowest rating at 5/10 just didnt excite me at all so the fact that its a limited edition girls dont be disappointed if you dont have it the EVERYDAY BASICS is better !!!!

My overall opinion   

Well dont get me wrong i know i rated some of these at a low rating simply because i was comparing them to each other but these are still good for the value and i think they are perfect for anyone who wants to play around with colours and get used to different looks........they definitely wouldnt be suitable to makeup artist or anyone who is used to more expensive not regretting buying these palettes but it probably would have paid off waiting to get the 100 piece palette which is still on my wish list.  But if you are not an experienced makeup artist or dont expect big expectations when it comes to these palettes i say grab them as they are cheap and fun to play around with :) also very handy to carry around in your over night bag :) 


Ida Pie said...

My elf Everyday Basics Palette is NOT well Pigmented at all. Worst palette ever for me.
My Everyday Brights is way better pigmented. Not that it is the best I used.
How weird that they can be so different

Nina said...

yes and they almost identical that is questionable i wonder has anyone else got them to see what theirs is like :)

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