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Catrice Limited Edition "Nymphelia" Review/Swatches Part 1

Soft and feminine yet strong and sensual – this is the perfect description for the world of nymphs. A mysterious world that hovers between nature and mysticism – a world shaped by goddesses and embodied by natural forces. This is reflected in the color scheme of the Limited Edition “Nymphelia” by CATRICE. Warm red, orange and brown shades from the forest combined with green and nude tones bring the spring season to life in February and March 2012. The result: a natural yet modern and sensual make-up collection inspired by the international catwalks. The ideal make-up for delicate but strong ladies. Nymphelia – mystical and mythical. - Catrice EU
Hey my beauties 
Hope you are all well and enjoying what finally is Spring time weather.  Pure sunshine and bright clothes and makeup been worn these day I LOVE IT!!!!!
Ok so no point in me telling you a whole story about the fact i jump to chance to get every limited edition from Catrice cause ye already know i do hehehehe
& of course i am about to show you the next Limited Edition Just out which is "NYMPHELIA"
(Somebody asked me why i dont do seperate post on each product from the Catrice Limited Edition and the reason i dont is because you only have a LIMITED amount of time to get your hands on these so when i get them i use them constantly for a while so i can review them as i show you :) :) )) 
I am going to make this blog post a part 1 and part 2 so that it wont be too long for you all to read :) i will link part 2 at the end. 
So here is my video for you guys to have a watch and also below will be pictures swatches and my thoughts on each product :) :) 
My Lovely Haul 
The packaging is quite impressive on this collection :) The eyeshadows, blush and Lipglosses are very sturdy which i love and i hope they make this a regular thing :) :) 
So starting with the nail polishes 
There are 5 different shades from the Nymphelia collection i chose 3 shade in which i know i would wear but the other 2 shades are a sort of light and dark green 
Fred Said Red - This is a Fantastic shade i love how bring it is.  Its a beautiful bright red with orange undertones i got quite a few compliments wearing this.  The formula is thick for a cheap polish it only took 2 coats and with a topcoat this lasts a good week on me.  These polishes cost  €2.79 each :) 
Salmon & Garfunkel - This is certainly a pretty shade....At first i wasnt sure about it as its paler than most nail polishes i wear if you have very pale hands this will not do much for you.  I am warming to it though.  Its a pretty salmon shade with a tad tint of peach :) this too take 2 coats and a top coat to last a good week before chipping 
Dulce & Havanna -  This is a simple chocolate brown shade quite different to the rest of the shades i own there is nothing much to say about this but it took 3 coats and top coat and lasted a week and half before chipping :) :) 


Ok not beating around the bush i was a wee bit disappointed with these.  I suppose when i seen them first and read that they were "Lip Creams" i presumed they were literally Lip Creams.  After i swatched and tried them i realise they were nothing more than a typical lip gloss!!!!!!!!!!! Thats not saying that they are not good or nice they ARE but why call them LIP CREAMS!!!!! These cost €4.29 each 
Blossom:  Is a fairly sheer gloss.  Its a lovely orange peach shade and the fact i have good pigmented lips as it is the colour doesnt show too much on the lips :) 
Spring Kiss:  This is a little more pigmented and i do get a nice colour on the lips with this gloss.  This is a nice medium red with a slight orange undertone and golden shimmer even though the shimmer is not visable on the lips but does give a nice sheen to the lips i like it.  Nymph's Glow:  This is a nice nude salmon shade with gold shimmer again the shimmer is very tiny.  This shade is pale but not too pale for anyone.  It will pale out my lips slightly but not much.  I think this is perfect for a smokey eye look.  I like it :) 

Spring Kiss
Nymph's Glow
Dancing Nymph marbled baked blush  

This is the first ever baked blush i have seen from the Catrice range :) This blush cost me €4.99 and worth every cent!!!!!! I was so excited to try this especially because of that reason and because i really like baked blushes.  Now when i got it in my hands and noticed it had shimmer in it i thought "Oh no" as im not a huge fan of shimmery blush but i do in fact like this blush.  This blush is a combination of orangey reddish brown tones which is nicely pigment.  The fact its marbled it is a little dusty when applying but a nice tap of the brush sorts that out.  This is well suited for anyone with fair to medium skin.  Anyone with a darker skintone might not get much colour pay off.  I love this blush and a little goes a long way with my complexion.  The shimmery part is actually nothing to talk about as the shimmer does not even show up on the cheek in fact the shimmer help give you that beautiful healthy glow you want.  Its just a pity this is limited edition and the fact there is no more left in my local pharmacy shows its ended up been quite a hit!!!! 
So that is it for part 1 i think this post is long enough :) I dont want you all falling asleep on me now.  So take a breather and come back for Part 2 which i will post up HERE.  
I hope you enjoyed this post and are interested in seeing more.  Has anything caught your eye so far ?
See you soon 
Lots of love luck and Laughter 
Nina C


Kellina's Thoughts said...

really great collection!

really tempted in getting the baked blush!


fluff and fripperies said...

The blush looks great. I have 2 of the shadows and love them.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could wear lipglosses (hate the texture and feeling and always just end up wiping them off) as I love 'spring kiss' colour!

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