Thursday, 30 June 2011

One of Irelands Talented Make-up Artists

Hi all i just want to tell you all a little about this very talented Make-up Artist as i feel she deserves to be broad-casted more for her incredible work.   

First of all Sarah is orginally from Portrush and is married with two beautiful boys so you can imagine how busy her life is without mentioning her been self employed :)  She moved to Kells Co Meath where she secided early this year to open up her own Make-up Studio in the town of Kells.  I say fair play to her as anyone opening up a business is taking a risk these days with the tough recession happening.    She has over 10 years experience and boy does it show. 

Her new studio which is called Enhanced Beauty is a beautifully decorated little studio, when you walk in you feel nothing but warmth and a sense of peace.  You are automatically greeted with a huge smile and you feel like you have known this woman all your life.  You feel so comfortable talking to her and she always has something to talk about (which is a great thing) of course.  You literally feel you have only entered when your make-up is finished and your walking out the door.  She is fantastic.  Here is just some of her own work 

Before and After Photo
Sarah Butcher herself busy doing what she loves 

She is also doing Make-up Lessons for such a great deal here is what your getting :

Learn new tricks, tips and techniques for applying everyday Make-Up.                                                            

Bring along your Make-Up bag and brushes so you can be advised on which of your existing products really work for you.
You will learn how to create a professional look with your Make-Up to enhance your natural features.
Lesson covers the following;
1. Skin routine
2. Discuss concerns about your own skin type
3. Demo on cleanse tone and moisturise
4. Brow Shaping
5. Make-Up demo
6. Tea break and chat with the group
7. Recreate demo on yourselves
3hr lesson €30
TIME: 7-10PM

For the price your are getting alot.....She also takes part in alot of charity work which i highly respect her for....she does various competitions in which one of them i won a whole make over for absolutely nothing and all i had to do was enter and sit and wait lol.  This is my make-over by Sarah butcher......

The before and after make over some difference eh? 
She also does Wedding Make-up which is incredible and at amazing prices she surely takes pride in her work....she makes sure every bride does not have to worry about her Makeup on the day !!!!

As you can tell yourself Sarah is extremely Talented so down to earth, so generous, kind and caring also extremely selfless in doing what she loves and i feel she deserves this posting in my opinion ...she has no idea im doing this and im super excited to show her when im finished i can imagine her sitting reading this and not knowing what to say but Sarah your an inspiration to me the fact your are a wife and mother and still going out there showing us mothers that IT CAN BE DONE THAT WE CAN STILL ACHIEVE ARE DREAMS AND AMBITIONS IN LIFE NO MATTER WHAT....Thanks Sarah You have certainly shown me and all i have in life is dreams and I KNOW I CAN ACHIEVE THEM :) 

So girls Thats only a little about Sarah butcher on who and what she is to see more of her fab work click here or on the right hand side of my blog.....
hope you all enjoyed this write up and let me know what you think 

until next time girls 
cya soon lots of Irish kisses 
Nina xoxoxoxoxox

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