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Fusion Beauty Lipfusion color shine Review

Im sure alot of you know about Fusion Beauty after all Kim Kardashian is one huge fan of the product and company but let me give you a little insite on the company and then what im reviewing 

Have you every wondered what she wears on her lips?  Her lips always always looks fantastic, full & glossy.  She has stated she has never ever had any work done on then so how does she keep the so full looking??? Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion thats how ans i will post a video link on the bottom of this review with her sharing that but enough about Kim for Now and back to my review about this fantastic product......

Ok about 1 year ago i got my hands on a sample size Lip Fusion Lip Plump which at that time was the only one available now to buy the Full size its $48......here is the pictures of that one on my lips.....
This is only the sample size which was gone in like 2 weeks 
Now you can imagine my disappointment when this sample ran out :( .  As this is so expensive i really couldnt afford to buy another.............1 year later to my surprise i come across an updated Lip fusion Colour shine on Brands Direct for only €20  i was amazed they sold this for this price i was literally jumping around in my seat :) 

Lip Fusion Lip Plump Color Shine 

Fusion Says:  Achieve maximum volume and brilliance for a truly stunning pout. This formula contains tiny, dehydrated, marine collagen micro spheres that absorb instantly and seek out the body's natural moisture. As soon as the spheres become rehydrated, they plump and hold onto the moisture they've collected, creating a mild "swelling" of the lip tissue. The result is fuller, smoother, perfectly plumped lips in seconds. Results can last for up to 48 hours.

Size: 0.29 oz

Please excuse the box i accidently spilled tea on it :) This is my new one i got from Brands direct  

This is in the Shade "Kiss" 
Looking at it at first i thought WOW this is extremely pink lol....... baby baby pink isnt even the word my first impressions was oh no with my pale skin this isnt going to work....WRONG.....Trust me it isnt as pink on the lips as it is in the tube.......but doesnt the tube of gloss look fab!!!!   One of the great things about this gloss is the little mirror on the applicator handy for times you are not near one to apply some on those fab lips :)

"Kiss" is a fantastic baby pink shade with finely milled Golden shimmer Particles....They work fantastic together oh my god girls its just incredible on the lip and even before the collagen starts to work your lips already look more plumb because it's super-glossy & wet looking on the lip.........you are also getting a lovely light orange scent from it which i love.......

Swatch in normal light 
Now i know alot of people dont like the tingling/burning/numbing feeling you normally get from lip plumping glosses....but let me reassure you that you bearly feel this on you lips with Lip Fusion.....yes you do feel a little of course if you didnt you certainly wouldnt believe that it is working but you can bear it........ see with other plumping glosses there is menthol, cinnamon or irritants that cause the lips mucous membranes to swell temporarily which can cause redness and even burn your lips,  but with LipFusions active collagen makes the lips plump more naturally without irritation.... 

Swatch of "Kiss" on my lips this gloss has surely filled in any lines on my lips making my lips look smoother and a small bit fuller 
In person this gloss looks absolutely AMAZING my lips feel so moist.....It doesnt feel overly thick but you will notice my feel and vision it on you....its not sticky......it justs feels so so good.........when i look in the mirror i feel like i have lips like some film star :) :) I love it :)

I am so glad Brands Direct has started selling this....like they are selling it at the minute at 43% off for €20/$27 which is extremely cheap because its normally selling everywhere for nearly double the price......Click here to take a look yourself at the price and they also offer different shades :) 

Everyone out there need to slurge on something....and if you are looking for the right lip plumping gloss thats not going to effect you in any other way only to do what its supposed to do well then this is the right product for you.......I love it and will buy again !!!!!

thats it from me today 
hope you found this useful 
take care 
Nina C xoxoxoxoxox

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