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Catrice Photo Finish Liquid Foundation 18hr Review

Catrice state:  For a perfect, retouched complexion: the Photo Finish Liquid Foundation 18h with a “Soft Focus Effect”. Thanks to light-reflecting pigments, it makes your complexion look smooth and radiant for up to 18 hours! The oil-free formula feels pleasantly light on your skin.
Available in five shades with a medium coverage, it comes in a high-quality, frosted glass bottle with a practical pump dispenser.

Before i bought this foundation i have to admit i never heard of Catrice Cosmetics before even tough i heard afterwards it has been out for quite some time.....but it only arrived in my local drugstore a few weeks ago and when our local makeup artist Sarah Butcher informed me it had arrived i just had to have a look.......I purchased this foundation for only €6.49 so you can imagine i was sceptic about it because of it been so cheap!!!!!!

The Packaging
First of all you are getting 30mls for your money which is a great amount of product......You are getting a round frosted glass bottle with a clear cap and a nice easy to use pump....I find it most hygienic when foundations comes in a pump and much prefer it that way....When you see this bottle there is in no way you can tell that you have only paid €6.49 for it, as it looks more expensive than even the top brand foundations out there.. one other great thing about Catrice foundation packaging is that you get a different type bottle for their different type foundations so you wont be confused or pick up the wrong one.....also the writing on the packaging doesn't look cheap either its the type of writing that wont wear off after a while i love that

The Product  

I got this in the lightest shades which is "Sand Beige".  This is a neutral shade with slight yellow undertone to it.  Now let me warn you quite alot of product comes out of the pump so be careful you dont use too much as i have to say a little goes a long long way......this comes out of the pump fairly light (as you will see in picture 1 above) and as you blend it in it gets a little darker (picture 2) and finally when you have it completely blended out it gives you that nice tanned i have to say for this been the lightest shade available i would say anyone who is very very fair might find this a little dark for everyday wear but for me this is a perfect shade for me for everyday.......
This has a nice thick creamy constancy not too thick but as i said a little will go a long way......i do find a weird light per fumy scent to it while applying it....its doesn't really appeal to me but it is light and some how disappears after a while.  The most weirdest thing about this foundation well i wouldnt call it weird i would call it genius but after applying this foundation to your face you will notice that after about 10 minutes it looks darker than when you applied it not much but a little ( its like it is working on your skin tone) my sister has the same shade and she is alot paler than me but the same thing happens and yet both finishes are a different shade it works for her and it works for me.....I hope that makes sense lol im just excited about this.....

This is a before and after picture of me after using Catrice photo finish foundation .....i have no concealer or powder over it :) 
In the photo above i only used a very small amount to my face....i applied this with my fingers i like to warm up the product before applying as it applies better for me but if i was using it on someone i would use a blending sponge.....The finish is a beautiful radiant flawless looking.....It definitely give medium coverage...oh the feel of this on your skin is fantastic girls it feels like silk against your skin......i mean it doesn't feel like a foundation in fact you feel like your not wearing anything at all on your face feels moisturised and smooth and also hides away my enlarged pores.....
I put this foundation to a humidity, sweat test as i wore this on a very hot clammy day and i have to say it never budged one little bit....when i dabbed my forehead with a tissue due to heat no foundation was visible on the tissue.....I cant say it will last 18 hours but i does last up to 8 hours before it starts to fade away a little....but while it starts faded it doesnt blotch....

This foundation is definitely 100% my top foundation for now im super impressed and amazed by how good this is i love it and highly recommended it to you all to try.....

ok you guys that it on this fantastic new love of my life :) 
if you have any question please ask
take care 
lots of Irish hugs and Kisses 


TheOtherSideofCool said...

Great review,thanks for sharing! This foundation looks really gorgeous on your skin, what a bargain!

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TheOtherSideofCool said...

Hi Nina, thanks for your lovely comment :) on the blog I use a mix of my iphone camera and a Fujifilm Z20 I think it's called.. it was only 100GBP 2 years ago so nothing fancy! On the illamasqua review it was the fuji I used :) xx

Artemi said...

What a great review!!
I'm thinking of buying it sometime..
Do you thing it's good for oily to combo skin?
I'm quite fair,150 Buff in Revlon Colorstay,do you think this shade is going to work for me?
Thank you so much!
New follower of course :)

Nina said...

yes this is suitable for oily to combination skin im normal to combo but get oily sometime on my tzone area it doesnt budge the foundation........and sand beige is the lightest shade available it will be perfect for you :) :)

Artemi said...

Thank you sooo much :)
I love your blog and your videos!
I seriously read all your posts,you are doing such a great job!!
I will definitely try some of your recipes!
Much love from Greece,

Nina said...

awwwww thats so sweet that means alot hun thank you :) i must actually put up more recipes soon :)

Carla said...

Hi Nina, Dyna just directed me to your blog as I was looking for review of the catrice foundations and was not sure whether to get the infinite matt or this one I'm definitely buying this one when catrice arrives in malta this week :) thanks so much for the review!!

Nina said...

awwww thanks dyna baby yes i do like this foundation i have been wearing it everyday for the past year its very good hunny you will definately like it what is you skin type :)

Esther García said...

That's strange. I couldn't wear this foundation because it appeared dark and too pink on my skin, though I must say that my face is often flushed.
But it's a great foundation, if only they had more colours.

Nina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nina said...

Èsther Garcia hunny thanks so much for your comment everyones skin type and colour is different so the foundation will probably react different to some people. Its does oxidise a little on me too i have actually starting mixing the normal shade i use with a lighter foundation from another brand or sometimes i mix it with my moisturiser to lighten it up and i get the perfect colour but now that its summer i find the foundation too dark as my face got a bit of a tan. It is such a shame there is only 5 shades to choose from im hoping they will come out with more :)

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