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e.l.f Flawless Finish Foundation Review

e.l.f states:  Achieve a flawless complexion with the silky smooth e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation. The lightweight and oil-free formula blends in naturally for a beautiful semi-matte finish. This liquid foundation applies easily and lasts all day for visibly brighter and radiant looking skin. Using our Flawless Finish Foundation not only restores uneven skin textures and tones, but most importantly, the SPF 15 protects your skin against harmful sun damage!
I would definately call myself very loyal customer as you all can guess reason been i have been buying all the time from them for a good year or more and ever since i started i always wondered when they were going to create their own foundation........after all they had and do have everything else but while i was waiting for this creation to arrive i was using the studio tinted moisturiser which i love ........Then......Finally in the summer they announced they had it in i was quick smart on the site to order :) ...........unfortunately when i ordered first i ordered "Buff"  thinking it would be perfect .....Wrong!!! shade too dark!!! So i had to wait a while more before i got my next order which i got "sand" so here they both are and here is my review on them .................

The Packaging 
I must admit i was quite shocked with this packaging.  
In this your are getting 0.8oz which is a wee bit smaller than your normal foundation which is normally about 1oz.........
Your also getting a pump dispenser which is great as it gives you control of how much product you want which means not wastage........its also more cleaner and more hygienic that way 
Whats best about these is they look more expensive than the price you have paid for them as you are getting a slightly frosted glass container for your foundation which mean no mess........The ld is also very secure because when you place it back on the bottle it *Clicks* so you know this is not going to fall off in your make up bag.......

The  Shades/Product
There is only 6 shades to choose from which is quite disappointing in some sense as there is alot of people out there with alot of different skin tones and types........

e.l.f should make more choices of shades i do find these shades are more on the neutral side.....there is no shades on the cold or warm side....thankfully these shades are ok for me but for anyone who is on the warm/cool side will find it hard to work with these.......
as i said i got my shade wrong the first time with "Buff" and had to buy a shade lighter which is "Sand"..I was sure this would do me but when i applied it was a shade too light so i mixed the two to get my perfect shade but that ment i spend £13 to get my proper shade ??????? see what i mean e.l.f really needs to make more shades.........

This foundation is medium to full coverage.....also when you apply it it feels very moisturising so if you suffer with dry skin you will find the benefits of this for sure....I dont care too much about the scent tough it kind of reminds me a little of sun lotion but it wears off after a while.....i have normal/dry skin and i personally found that this foundation was a little oily and the fact it says its oil free kind of shocked me....When i looked at the ingredients the first ingredient says Mineral oil???   Seeminly Mineral oil is good for you YES IF YOU TAKEN IT IN A MEDICINE FORM but not on your skin if you are prone to breaking out Mineral oil will make you break out!!!!!! Click here for information that i have found about Mineral Oil so you can make your own mind up .  Below im going to post a before and after picture of me wearing the foundation.  Dont Laugh at my before picture lol keep in mind im a full time mum of 5 young kiddies hahahahaha

As you can see it does give the flawless look but at what price ?????

I like the coverage it gives and for anyone who suffers alot from blemishes acne etc will benefit from this coverage but i have to say to me this is not my favourite foundation.  I just found it sticky and dont put powder over it unless you blot your face first.....otherwise you will end up with patches and and dry powder patches all over your face 

My overall opinion
To be honest i wont be purchasing this foundation again....I will use up the ones i have but i just doesnt tick the boxes for me....Its not all that bad...It can be suitable for alot of people but just not for me.......For the price its no harm trying it out yourself and at the moment is having a 50% off sale until monday 29th the Code is "CARNIVAL" so take advantage to try this foundation out for 1/2 price 
I am in no way recommending this foundation to anyone and i am not telling you not to buy it but if you are prone to breakouts or oily skin i would give this a miss to be honest.  Me???? I will be sticking to my current favourite foundation click here to read about it  I really hope this review was helpful to you and let me know what you think .  

Until next time girls
Take Care
Lots of Irish Hugs and Kisses
Nina Carry 

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Jessica said...

This comment is less on the foundation itself, but on the mention of mineral oil. Despite what you might hear, mineral oil is widely accepted in the scientific/medical community as one of the most gentle moisturizers out there- it is virtually non-allergenic, and is actually considered to be a ZERO on the 0-5 scale of comedogenic ingredients. That means it has the lowest potential to clog pores.

Unfortunately, the article you ran across is pretty irresponsibly written- not surprising since they're selling "natural" beauty products and have a stake in perpetuating the negative image of mineral oil. The articles they cite to support their hypothesis are not at all pertinent to every-day skincare. One is about the flammability of mineral oil in a pressurized, oxygen rich environment (and guess what? The study itself states that ALL products they tested under such conditions were flammable). The other study uses mineral oil as a CONTROL, and actually supports the fact that mineral oil *isn't* irritating.

The anti-mineral oil myth is of the oldest and most prevalent in the beauty industry, which is sad because it is a beneficial and inexpensive ( ie: accessable to just about everyone) option. Just wanted to spread the word. :)

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