Saturday, 20 August 2011

Primarks/Penneys New Autumn/Winter 2011 Clothing

Now who can tell me they dont like Primark/Penneys.....I know i love it and cant resist walking in to my local store to have a browse and always always end up walking back out with something.......if not from me (well i never ever come out with nothing for myself) but for my kids too....I just love the kiddies clothes in there im obsessed lol.......They just have everything you need and more for such cheap prices what more do you need......

Today im going to show you some of the Autumn/Winter collection for 2011........Primark/Penneys are always coming out with new trend clothing and most of the time there is always something for everyone so here im going to post up some photos of some of the new stock in see what you think :) 

I must admit im surprised with the bright colours i was expecting more medium to dark colours for the winter but i like the idea of keeping up the bright not (am) looking forward to going into do a nice shop hehe........ok on a personal note some of these trends wouldnt be appealing to me but others are :) the shoes and accessory look fabulous.....
So here im just going to post up some picture and you can be the budge of the latest new trends Primark/Penneys has come up with.......tell me what you think 

Alot of the style is inspired my the 60s 70s......What i have noticed is that the coats and jackets seem expensive for Primark/Penneys something from €60-€80 now they would want to be very good quality if you were to part with that sort of money especially  as its in the middle of the recession and times are heard also if we are going to have the bad Winter that is suppose to happen you will need a good quality warm jacket that is going to last all through the winter months ........

Check out this video i came across on Xpose about the penneys Coloured Stiletto's @€10 each happy days :) :) I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Xpose on TV3 on Penneys New Coloured Stilettos

These are €3 each :) 

These are €4 each 

New for the Autumn €19

Clutch Bag for €7

Cute Slouchy Bucket Bag  €11


Pink Stiletto 

Platforms €15
Well Ladies im thinking there is something on this page that will catch your eye and make you march all the way to your local Primark/Penneys store.....i know there is a few things that have caught my eye doing this review hehe and if by chance i purchase anything else(which i know i will ) i will be sharing with you all :) :) YOU JUST GOTTA LOVE PENNEYS :) :) 

Thats it from me 
let me know what you think of this blog.....would you like me to keep this as a regular thing ???

Lots of Irish Hugs & Kisses 
Nina Carry 

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