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e.l.f Studio Single Eyeshadow Review

e.l.f states:  The beautiful soft texture melts into the skin for a vibrant color that lasts. Convenient and easy to apply, just layer the color to achieve the desired intensity. Apply wet or dry for a fabulous look that never creases or fades. 

I got all of these shadows on the 50% off on there is 10 shades to choose from i have a picture of 9 shades and unfortunately misplaced the 10th :( but hey i will definately purchase the last shade and post it up when i get it......These originally cost £3.50/$3/€4 each which is excellent for the amount of product you are getting....
The Packaging 
As you can see these eyeshadows look alot like the e.l.f Studio Blush packaging only half the size....the studio blush is  0.168oz (4.75g) and the eyeshadows are  0.097oz / 2.75g.  They are so cute i love the size of them....They have a small mirror inside them and the best thing about these shadows is if there is any fallout at all it does not stick to the packaging.  So no mess no fuss.  They are so handy to pop into your bag you could nearly carry all 10 shades and they wouldnt take up alot of space.....As for amount of product there is loads and you are guaranteed  that these are going to last you a long time.  
The Shades  

Butter Cream:  This is a nice creamy goldy shade with a bit of shimmer.....This is the least pigmented eyeshadow in the pack but it is buildable.....i use this as a highlight...This would be absolutely perfect for anyone who is medium to dark skinned who dont like using white highlights 

Wild Wheat:   This is a Very Light nude eyeshadow its almost invisible when swatched but dont be put off by that....Alot of people don't be happy with this but i am as its a great transistion---fading out from the crease to highlight.....its a perfect match to my skin tone....its not highly pigmented but its sheer that's why i like it 

Saddle:  This is a perfect mid-tone coppery/brown shade with a little shimmer.....a perfect neutral everyday eyeshadow....This is nicely pigmented and easy to use 

Amethyst:  This is one of my Favourites.....You wanna hear me trying to pronounce this lol its hilarious....anyway this is a beautiful mid-toned purple with light shimmer.....It is sheer and is lovely for everyday wear or build it up for night time look :) 

Raspberry Truffle:  Ok this is kind of a surprising eyeshadow in the pan it looks more of a burgundy brown shade with wine shimmer but after been applied its more muddy brown with dark purple undertone......This too is one of my favourites i love how highly pigmented this is.......I use this for a nice smokey eye look  

Coffee Bean:  A Bronzy brown with gold sparkles....... The sparkles dont show up when applied....This is a perfect crease shade ......This looks fab over primer and should be worn that way to show its true beauty the same with all the single eyeshadows from the studio line.....

Sand Dollar:  Well im sure i dont need to tell you that this is a perfect highlight shade and is my go to highlight.......This is a pure white shade and very pigmented to my surprise i do find it is a wee bit on the chalky side but you can work with it in fact its that pigmented you wouldnt need a primer......this is fab as a highlight above the cheek bones too....

Mystic Moss:   This is another Favourite of mine its a beautiful deep forest green with a slight shimmer to it....its highly pigmented and perfect for making my hazel eyes pop.....this too is a perfect crease shade love it!!!!

Charcoal:  I have noticed alot of people are disappointed by this Shade simply because they presume its a black but i think by the name of the product it shouldnt be disappointing because to me when i first read the name i presumed it was going to be a dark grey instead of black ........It is in fact a Dark Grey with Slight shimmer its beautiful and very pigmented i love this shade for a smokey eye look.

The Swatches 
"Butter Cream, Wild Wheat, Saddle, Amethyst, Raspberry Truffle, Coffee Bean, Sand Dollar, Mystic Moss & Charcoal" ***Click Image for closer view***
Swatches in Sunlight 
My overall opinion 
Well im going to be open and honest here im not one that would have high expectations when it comes to make-up or anything really and i had the "Judge a book by its cover" thing.....So i basically buy wait and see what i get if i get more than what i think im getting for the product HAPPY DAYS!!!! Im not one who is used to high branded make up wither so i cant compare but with these shadows i have to say i was expecting less than what i got...
I am not disappointed with any of these shadows in fact i love them if worn with primer they are not going to let you down at all......They are soft and creamy like shadows and very easy to work with....some of them are a bit powdery but i dont mind.......for the price of them they are worth having in your collection.......
I was actually disappointed there wasnt more shades to choose from but in fact The US Site has just got 5 more shades in :) i cant wait to get my hands on them 

Here is the 5 addition Single Eyeshadows i got From the US Site :) 

So in my video review i stated that these eyeshadows are only available on the US Site at the moment but hopefully they will arrive to the UK Site soon.  So Here is Pictures and Swatches of my 5 new shades :) :) 
Totally Teal:  This is so highly pigmented a little on the chalky side but doesnt make too much of a mess.  Its so smooth and soft to apply and a little goes a long way......Its not exactly a teal shade i would say this is more sky blue with  a little silver shimmer to it beautiful shade.  

Purple Passion:  This again is a little chalky but highly pigmented and the texture is so soft and creamy i love it.  Anyone who like purple shades will love this its a fab lilac purple with bearly there shimmer you wouldnt actually notice the shimmer.  I had to do about 3 swatches of this to come up on the photo so its not just as pigmented as "Totally Teal" but its builable. 

Sea Blue:  Wow this blue is sooooo pigmented this eyeshadow will last doesnt really compliment eye colour but im in love with this shade......The colour is so deep i love it....This shade looks to have shimmer in the pan but when applied its almost matte :) : 

Oatmeal:  This is a sand light shade with a slight golden shimmer to it.....I couldnt show you a swatch on the video as it was a match to my skin tone but i did do a heavy swatch of it on my arm to show you what it looks like......It is a lovely shade and nice for everyday wear, also nice to blend with other neutral shades.....I found this very chalky i wouldnt purchase it again as i have so many eyeshadows that look like this shade.

Sunset:  Awwwwwww this shade is my new favourite its soooooo pretty........This is a beautiful orangy/coral shade with gold shimmer its fantastic.........Its so pigmented and looks fantastic in person......I highly recommend this shade :) 
Swatches :) 
Swatches in Normal Light
Swatches with Flash 

Swatches in sunlight 
Ok That it from my everyone until next time 
Cya Soon 
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Anonymous said...

I've never tested them...but they same very good..

Christine said...

I have the eyeshadow "Sand Dollar" and it's nice :)

Kelsey said...

Do you know if Wild Wheat could be a dupe for Urban Decay "Naked"?

Nina said...

To be honest with you hunny i do not know as i havent had a chance to get the naked palette but i could find out for you if you want me to

Guin said...

Great blog, I am a bit of a an elf fiend like you!

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