Sunday, 7 August 2011

One Lovely Blogger Award

Hey Hey everyone im honoured to have been selected for a One Lovely Blogger Award from LiveLaughLoveSOJO ......Thanks chic so so much im super excited......

So here are the rules:

01. Link backto the person that gave you this award.
02. Write seven random facts about yourself.
03. Nominate other bloggers.

MY Seven Random Facts!:

01. Im a Sweet-a-holic....I love love love sweets especially hard candy mmmmmmm..... Im addicted to bread....i have to have bread everyday.......
02. I always always have to try something new it doesnt matter what it is i have to try it!!!
03. I hate people putting themselves down nothing annoys me more.
04. I love love love to talk you would find it hard to shout me up
05. Im super obsessed with make-up and fashion and love reading mags and watching shows related to them
06. I cant stand pretty good at knowing if someone is lying to me or not
07. I have been told i have too much of a soft heart but i just cant help myself.....i take after my daddy!!!!!

I nominate:

Dyna from
Emily from    she is FAB!!!!!
Chrystal from
Sineady from


Dyna said...

awh you're the sweetest ever!! xxx

Nina said...

no probs hun you deserve it :)

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