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Blank Canvas Cosmetics E28 Ultra Fine Liner & E39 Bent Liner Brush Review

Hello My beauties I hope you are all well 
Wow I think its been a while since I did a Review on Blank Canvas Cosmetics which is surprising as I have a good few new brushes that I added to my collection and haven't shared with you all tut tut naughty me. I have been asked so many times whats eyeliner brushes I recommend or what eyeliner brushes I use.  
Well today I am going to show you 2 brushes in particular that I have been using on an everyday or near everyday basis.  
Both of these brushes are especially for gel liners, but to be honest I have found myself using these instead of the brushes that come with liquid liners aswell :) 

Both brushes cost only €6.99 each and I personally think everyone should have these in their collection, if you cant afford the 2 there is one in particular you should definitely go for :)  If you are one who finds applying gel liner hard one of these brushes are going to make your life so much easier I promise :)  I know what its like to apply eye-liner, its one of the most hardest part of makeup we can go through and to be honest even to this day I go through my hardest days.  Its all so easy with pencil or even with felt tip but when it comes to use gel liner which is my favourite liners its so so hard to get the flick right or the cat eye look right without making a complete mess.  Having the right brushes is one of the steps to that perfect look 

First of all we have the E28 Ultra Fine Liner Brush 

This brush is every newbies answer to achieving the perfect percise line.  This hugs your lashes allowing you to achieve the thin line you want.  With its dense bristles you will find you will not go wrong when tracing you lash line but it also has a little flexability to allow you to achieve that perfect cat eye flick you dream of achieving.  I especially love using this to create the flick perfectly because there is no way you can mess it up with this brush 

The way I use this is simple.  I pick up just the right amount of liner be it gel/cream or liquid and sit the bristles on top of my lashes starting in the middle.  Then I run the brush along my lashes which instantly gives me a nice thin line.  Then I move the brush with the remaining liner to the inner corner of eye and run that along to meet with my starting point.  The best thing about this brush is that you can build the liner up to achieve a thicker line depending on what you want.  The size of the brush allows you that control.   I like to use this when I just want that simply thin line and thin flick.  

Next up is the E39 Bent Liner Brush 

This brush is a legend !!!!! Honestly Ladies Fear not anymore on doing your eyeliner perfectly !!!!! This brush is amazing and really only for it I wouldnt be so good with my eyeliner today.  I have to admit this liner brush will be a god send to anyone who does their own makeup.  

So lets talk about the bristles first they are firm unlike some liner brushes which come off as flimzy.  They are not overly firm but firm enough to create the perfect thin or thick line you desire.  This brush contains more bristles than the E28.  Having more bristle mean more product is picked up and enough to create your perfect line and flick.  
I also have to add these bristles are synthetic which means not only can you use this with gel/cream and liquid liners but also with any eyeshadow colour you desire.  How?  By simply dampening the brush and dipping it into whatever eyeshadow you want to use.  

Now for the purpose of the bent liner brush !!! This allows you to hold the brush further down instead of literally sticking your nose to the mirror and holding your breath and hoping you do not breath while drawing your line lol yes i know you all do it I do it too.  With using this brush you can stand back away from the mirror and still be able to see what you are doing due to the bend.  The curve of the brush when you hold it up to your cheek literally sits on top of your lashes and allows you to create you line without you dodging to see what you are doing when using a more straighter brush.  I know what its like my hand gets in the way of my vision sometimes and its literally hit or miss when you end up in that predicament.   

These brushes are my favourite eye liner brushes of all time and I would honestly be lost without them.  I honestly believe if you have the right eyeliner brushes you will in time be able to achieve whatever liner look you want.  For the price they are both amazing and well worth buying.  They are so easy to clean and have never let me down. 
Have you tried these brushes yet?  What are your favourite liner brushes :) 
Dont forget if you are thinking of buying these brushes From the Blank Canvas Cosmetics site Stick in the code "NINA" in the discount code box for a little discount xxxxx

Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Leelo R said...

I haven´t heard about this company before! Your eyeliner looks perfect!

Shannon Boyce said...

These look super handy for applying liner!

Sílvia said...

Hi there Nina! Thanks to your great reviews I am seriously considering buying some BCC products as they seem amazing. I'd like a bit of advice regarding this liner brushes if you don't mind :)

I'm a complete nitwit at applying liner. I use the essence gel liner and it is absolutely amazing, but it takes me ages to apply since I'm always in fear of making huge thick lines. I have to take my time so I can get it right.

I like to have a thin line since I feel my eyes get overpowered by thick liner, especially in black. And I'm no good with the flick either. Bottom line, which brush do you recommend for me, between these two? I'm more inclined for the E28 as it seems to achieve thinner lines but I'd like to know whether I'm right or not ;) Thanks in advance!

Nina s said...

Silvia Hey hunny thanks for you question I would actually recommend the bent liner brush to be honest because only for that I would be totally off with my liner I love it so much and it can still give you the thinnest liner you want and the perfect flick you desire :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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