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Sleek Makeup Bare Skin Foundation Review

Hello my beauties I hope you are all well :) 
Today I am reviewing the Sleek Makeup Bare Skin Foundation in which I have been wanting to try for some time.  
Its actually by chance I got to try this foundation.  In May I went on holidays with my kiddies down the country and thought I had all packed in my bag only to realise I had all my makeup apart from my go to foundation :)  I know I know total shock but when you are packing for 5 children and yourself you will end up forgetting something :) 
So When we arrived to our destination I went foundation hunting only to find no where around was selling my go to foundation so I took the opportunity to try a foundation i never tried before and as you can see i picked this one :) 

Now to be honest depending on where you buy this foundation from you are not going to have much of a selection of shades to choose from.  I was only able to choose from 5 shade from where i purchased mine but on the boots website you have 12 shades to choose from. 

Sleek state:  Bare Skin Foundation's unique light foundation gives skin a barely-there no-makeup feel, whilst delivering a beautifully even and natural, flawless finish.
The innovative, moisturising formula also assists in evening out skin tone, whilst concealing blemishes and imperfections.
This superlight base feels weightless, allowing skin to breathe.
Each foundation costs about €11.99 for a 30ml bottle which is quite reasonable for the amount you are getting :) 
The shade I chose was shell because to be honest I am quite pale even in the summer this year due to me staying in from the sun (exposing your skin while pregnant to hot summer weather is more dangerous as your skin is more sensitive)  
Shell isn't the lightest shade available its the 2nd lightest.  White rose is the lightest but it has a pink undertone to it so it would not suit my skin tone.  Shell has more of a neutral undertone so its perfect for anyone who naturally tans in the sun :) 
The foundation itself comes in a glass bottle with a pump which I do personally like as its more hygenic.  The pump gives just the right amount of foundation without giving you too much.  You can also twist off the lid so when you start to run out you can scrap out whatever is left in the bottle :)  making the most out of your money 

When I first pumped a drop on my hand I found the foundation seemed thick in consistency which is not a bad thing but I was a sceptic due to the fact that it does say on the packaging that this is lightweight.  Spreading it on my arm was a different story as it felt more light weight and just from this single pump it spread alot 

Applying this foundation to my face was also a breeze.  It feels very lightweight on my skin. So lightweight that I did not find alot of difference in my skin after one layer.  The coverage was near none existent to be honest and I found that it barely covered what I wanted to cover which was mostly pigmentation.  I didn't expect full coverage as I do not wear full coverage foundation but what I did expect was a little more cover up.   
So I applied another layer and it did build up a little to more of a light to slight medium coverage on my face.  I could see some of my pigmentation peeping through but felt satisfied with the coverage as i was just wearing it during the day.  Here is a picture of before and after two layers :)

To me the coverage is like a BB Cream.  
I also found that throughout the day say about 4 hours after wearing this foundation it looked like it was wearing off my skin.  I felt like I wasn't wearing any foundation at all and it seemed to look patchy even after me setting it.  
I really hated that. 
I have tried everything to make this foundation work for me from applying primer to applying 3 layers to mixing it with another foundation and even though it does work with a different foundation its defeating the purpose really !!!! Why go buying a foundation to mix with another foundation .  
It really is not all that bad though if you are starting to wear foundation or have not got many complains skin wise this would work for you as its more like a BB Cream than a foundation but if you are looking for more than that I would recommend giving this a miss :) 

I really hope you enjoyed this review.  Let me know if you have tried this foundation yet and what your thoughts are :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Karis Brelsford said...

Oh no, doesn't sound good, if it only last 4 hours. It looks nice on your skin though. KBxx

CollectiveBeauty said...

What a shame about the coverage and the wear time!

Jess | Just Jesss said...

This sounded so promising, what a shame the coverage wasn't great and didn't last! Thanks for the review Nina!

Jess xo

Laura - Alagoz said...

Its a shame the wear time is only 4 hours :(

Pink Frenzy

Nicol said...

the bb cream like feel isn't something id like! aww sleek! i thought they'd do better

Louise Smith said...

I've never tried any foundations from Sleek before, but have considered it. So glad I read this review as I've now saved myself some cash and disappointment! Great review :)

Louise x

With love from Lou

Kristina Maggiora said...

I tried this and I definitely wasn't a fan. Good and honest review though :)

Creepers & Cupcakes

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