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Nivea Q10 In Shower Firming Body Moisturiser

Hello my beauties How are you all :) 
Skincare Skincare Skincare is all Thats important to me lately!!!  Been 29 weeks pregnant my skin is going through the mill literally!! 
I am suffering with severe dry skin alot and to be honest its been getting me down alot.  My hands are looking like a 60 year old womans hands (but I am trying out a product for them for the past 2 week in which I will be reviewing very very soon)  My legs , underarms and neck especially my collar bone area is very dry and also making me look older than I am :(  I have been playing around alot with products I have already been using some are working and some are not.  My skin is very mixed up part of my body is normal and parts are to the extreme dryness.  There is one area I do not need to worry so much about and that is surprisingly my stretching tummy at the moment.  I have never really had to worry alot about that area and never suffered with stretch marks after having all 5 of my children.  I got 3 stretch marks after the twins and that is it :)  I never used anything to stop that I just have been lucky enough to get away with it.  
This pregnancy is a little different though.  I have been noticing some white stretch marks forming on my sides where stretching is happening I do not want to go to the extent of using oils as I cant stand my skin been damp while wearing clothing but I have found something that has been helping my skin keep moist and also helping firm up that area preventing anymore stretch marks forming.  
Believe me it works as I have been using this for well over a month now and not one more stretch mark has appeared :) 
The product I have been using is the Nivea Q10 In Shower Firming Body Moisturiser which is the newest edition the the Nivea Q10 range since April 
You may reconise the word Q10 and that is because I have been recently using the Nivea Q10 range on my face and have been loving it :)  the reason I am loving it is because of its main ingredient !!! 
Q10 Coenzymes :  
Well Q10 is a natural Coenzyme present in all cells of the body.  As the outermost layer, the skin has a constant need for Q10 to work as an antioxident to battle against everyday harms that causes our skin to age aka Sun rays, toxins in the air etc.  As we get older the natural Q10 that is in our skin begins to lessen leaving that natural defence to lessen which causes every day harms to take effect on our skin.  This is why its so important for us to replace the loss of Q10 to keep that strong defence up :)  and thats why I love the Nivea Q10 range as it contains the main ingredient which is very important to us. 

Nivea State:  
We have invested a lot of research into the development of this unique formula. NIVEA has been able to find a way to combine convenient moisturising with firming. We took NIVEA body firming to the next level by bringing it into the shower.
Combining one of the skin's own substances – Coenzyme Q10 – with refreshing menthol, the unique firming formulation penetrates deep into the skin. The lotion contains unique Q10 massage beads that literally melt into the skin when applied under hot water, making skin feel tightened with a slight cooling sensation.
Q10 is an essential part of the metabolic process for energy production, helping protect skin from oxidative damage. As the skin ages, the level of Q10 decreases, leaving skin susceptible to increased stress and damage, which ultimately leads to sagging. NIVEA In-Shower Q10 Firming Body Moisturiser helps replenish Q10 levels, supporting surface skin cell renewal and improving the appearance of skin

You are getting 250mls per bottle which is a huge bottle and will last for at least a month if used everyday :)  At the moment boots is doing a deal on this for only €2.34 which is almost half of the price it normally sells for :)  The price of this may range from €4 - 6 depending on where you get it from but Boots sell this full price at only €4.69 even at that full price its worth every cent 

The consistency of the lotion is quite thick so you will not need alot of this to do you entire body :)  I especially love that this one squirt spreads out evenly and most of all alot :)  You will also notice from each squirt that you will get little beads which is not there to ex foliate your skin but there to help you firm up your skin :)  The beads infact dissolve slowly while you are rubbing into your skin :) 

As the directions say you should shower with your normal shower gel or whatever you normally use to wash and after rinsing and before you are ready to hope out of the shower apply this all over and rinse.  When you step out of the shower simple make the most of the product by dabbing dry your skin.  
I like to take my time using this product :)  I shower like normal and step out of the shower, while my skin is still wet I rub this into my skin concentrating on the areas I want to firm up the most which is my thighs, legs, tummy hips and chest area.  I wait until the beads dissolve fully and then rinse.  The scent of this product is amazing and I have found that while rubbing this in I feel a sort of cooling sensation all over which I love as I shower in the morning and feel it helps to wake me up more :)  I must state that while rubbing this beautiful product in you do not feel the beads they are so so gentle on the skin.  My skin feels smooth soft and amazing.  I find my skin is moisturised full and looks amazing when I hope out of the shower :)  I even feel that moisturised that I can afford to pass afford to pass on applying more moisturiser before getting dressed :)  
Now the subject about either my skin looking firmer or not is another story :)  I cant really tell if my skin is firmer but I can safely say after using this for almost 2 months I have not gained any more stretch marks nor does my tummy look in anyway saggy near the bottom like it normally does while been pregnant.  My chest area is not looking as dry either.  I can also say that my neck and collar bone area is looking more healthier and moisturised :) and not so old looking :)  
I absolutely love using this in the shower and feel most days I do not need to further moisturise my skin :)  I skin feels smooth and soft even on my none shower days and if I do feel I need a little more moisture I simply apply my normal body lotion :) 
I highly recommend this to anyone looking for that healthy glowing looking skin you desire for the summer and you are simply going to love the scent its amazing is so refreshing and really makes you feel more wide awake when used in the morning :)   There is also another thing I love about this product is that even though its a cream it doesnt feel oily one bit and doesnt make your shower area slippery :)  Safe showering all the way :)  
Thumbs up from me :) 

Thank you so much for coming by :)  
I really hope you enjoyed this review :)  Have you tried 
this product yet ?  Do you think its something you would 
use in your daily shower routine :)  
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


beautyqueenuk said...

I really like the smell of this but my Skin is not a fan at all x

Ellie Dickinson said...

I love the idea of an in shower moisturiser!

Karis Brelsford said...

I love the idea of an in shower moisturiser, I've only ever used one from Lush, I should try some more out really. KBxx


Laura - Alagoz said...

Sounds like a great product to have when you have busy morning x

Pink Frenzy

Kristina Maggiora said...

Ah will definitely give this little number a go :)

Creepers & Cupcakes

Louise Smith said...

I tried this a few months ago and I absolutely loved it. It's perfect for older women with it containing Q10 :)

Louise x

With love from Lou

Nicol said...

i need something like this! i get so lazy to moisturise after a shower

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